About Us

The Go Work Abroad Portal was created by a team of young enthusiasts, former expats, who had faced numerous issues before being able to start working abroad. This website is a result of much of an effort and obstinate commitment of the people, whose difficulties in starting to work abroad coincided with the difficulties of millions of other soon-to-be-expats, and so this portal will help you get your dream job in a desired country.

The mission of our portal is fairly clear: we strive to help dedicated workers to find better jobs in other countries and settle in those countries easier, without facing myriads of difficulties. The values of our team are accuracy, orientedness on job-seekers, and objectivity.

For the sake of convenience, we broke up our website into several sections:

  • The Countries section helps expats to settle in the new countries easier, providing information necessary for a better assimilation (namely, such sections as Learn Languages, Study, Culture, Housing, Travel, Health, and Gastronomy will help in doing so). The section of News allows you to keep updated about the recipient country, while the Work and Visa & Permit sections provide the information necessary for employment and settlement.
  • The Companies section helps expats in finding jobs at the world’s biggest or most known companies. Articles in that section contain information about the advantages and disadvantages of working for a particular company, benefits of a company, how to apply for a job, and how to pass an interview at that company.
  • The Education section is also broken up into two parts: MBA and Online Courses, both of which are of a crucial importance for expats (and for everyone who wants to stay competitive).
  • The last section – Resources – contains two important articles for job-seekers: How to Make a CV (there is no doubt about its importance, right?) and the information about Travel Insurance, which is necessary for visiting another country.

Our website is regularly reviewed and updated, so you can be sure that the information, provided on the site’s pages, does not get outdated.