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Aldi is a global chain of stores that is available in a large number of countries and amounts to more than 10,000 shops in different locations. The chain was founded back in 1913 by brothers Theo and Karl Albrecht, yet later they broke their business up. Then, were formed two companies: Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd, which operated in the respective parts of Germany (i.e. Aldi Nord operated in the north, Aldi Süd operated in the south). Now, the chain is present in 17 countries and its stores never compete between each other – except for the United States, where both Aldi US (owned by Aldi Süd) and Trader Joe’s (owned by Aldi Nord) are present. Yet, there are many reasons that prompt workers to seek work at Aldi.

Working at Aldi is quite lucrative, not in the last place, due to the set of basic Aldi perks (such as 401k or persion installments to another system, medical benefits, health insurance, a stable income) that prompt workers to take up jobs at Aldi. Moreover, working at Aldi means that, unlike a number of other companies, you are unlikely to be too exhausted after your job and/or experience a burnout. Of course, it does not mean that your work at Aldi will be easy, but it will not drain you for sure.

Aldi perks

A pretty comfortable work, a good atmosphere, and packages of Aldi perks prompt workers to seek a job at Aldi

Apart from it, Aldi is known also as a socially responsible company that provides workplaces to retired soldiers and people with physical disabilities. A large number of pleasant bonuses are also available at this company, including discounts on its products to the employees, gym memberships, and employee assistance program, which is available to all the employees of Aldi. After all, the company does its best at promoting a healthy lifestyle, prompting its workers to get to the job by bike, whereas the company provides discounts on bikes and provides all necessary equipment and bike stops. So if all of that sounds great to you, you should definitely consider taking up a work at Aldi.

Aldi Perks: Why Employees Strive to Find a Work at Aldi

Despite the widespread stereotype that chains of stores typically don’t provide their employees with many benefits, a large number of Aldi perks are something that prompts people to seek work at Aldi. In the United States, for example, Aldi offers wages that are noticeably higher than in the stores of its competitors. So, getting hired by this company may be, indeed, a good option for entry-level workers.

Aldi hiring process

Working at Aldi is a perfect choice for entry-level employees

So, here is a short list of the main Aldi perks you can enjoy by getting a work at Aldi:

  1. Aldi offers its employees a stable (and relatively high, in comparison to other chains of stores) income, pension, medical insurance, and other benefits. Many former employees of Aldi acknowledge that this company offers a really great health insurance to its employees and pays pension installments. The package includes dental and vision care, short-term and long-term disability care, and many others! Besides, the company started (since not long ago, though) to offer its Aldi perks not only to full-time workers, but also to the people who take up part-time jobs.
  2. Aldi is a company that understands the need of its employees for a good rest. Once you have received a work at Aldi, you can expect to have enough time for rest. In the United States, for instance, the Aldi stores offer 5 paid vacations for all its employees per year. So you can really be calm about working at Aldi – the chances that you might experience a work burnout are very (extremely) low.
  3. This company is a perfect place for entry-level workers. Those people who have just graduated from college (or who are studying still) will definitely want to obtain a work at Aldi – the wages at this store are higher than the average in the market, and entry-level employees can expect to earn here more than elsewhere. Moreover, working at Aldi also means to gain the necessary experience, needed for building a further career at Aldi or elsewhere.
  4. Flexible schedule allows you to combine your studies with work. Indeed, this one of the key Aldi perks, though it is somewhat connected with the previously listed advantage. You can expect to work not only standard work hours and not only during workdays, but also over the weekend, which is not always good. But in case if you are still studying in a college and you wish to start working, it would be a good idea to start working at Aldis – you can be sure that you won’t miss your studies in a college if you will manage your schedule well.
  5. The company rewards loyal employees. The longer you work at Aldi, the more benefits you can expect to receive. And while many people fret about the fact that it is quite difficult to go on with an own career at Aldi – and this fact is partly (and unfortunately) true, Aldi rewards its loyal employees with an even bigger number of holidays and higher wages. Despite the fact that Aldi has not offered tuition reimbursement to its employees for long, it might change in the nearest future, since the top-level management of the company promised to change it.

Aldi Job Application: How to Apply for a Job at Aldi

So if you want to take advantage of all those Aldi perks and get hired by this company, you should do a simple and short set of actions. Yet, be prepared that it will not turn out to be fast – despite that it is a chain of stores, even the low-position jobs are a subject to a thorough, stringent selection process of employees. You can find a work at Aldi in such countries like: Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, Poland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Hungary, France, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, and  Australia.

Aldi job application

This chain of stores offers wages that are higher than the average in the market

So, here is what you have to do in order to get employment at one of the Aldi’s stores:

  1. First of all, you need to access the website of Aldi: click here.
  2. Choose the country of yours or the country where you want to find a job. Click on the link.
  3. After accessing the Aldi’s website in your country, find the “Career” text button, placed at the top. Click on it.
  4. You will see a search field for the keyword and location. Enter the name of the vacancy you want to find in the first field and your exact location in the second field. Also, choose the radius. Click on the search button.
  5. You will get to see the jobs at Aldi, which are currently available now. You can sort them out by using the filters, located on the left side. Choose the suitable vacancies for you.
  6. Open the vacancy page and read all the conditions and requirements, provided on the page. Once you are ready to apply, click on the “Apply Now” button at the top.
  7. Download the application form, provided there. Fill it out.
  8. Once you have completed the job application form, bring it to the shop. That’s all. After that, you should wait for a call and an invitation for an interview.
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Aldi Hiring Process: What Questions You Are Likely to Hear During Your Interview

As it was previously mentioned, you should not expect that a job at Aldi will easily turn out to be yours. You need to prepare well for one of the key stages of the Aldi hiring process – interviewing the candidates. Sometimes, the questions asked during the interview might appear to be somewhat tricky, so you must be ready to face them.

Here, you have got a list of questions you are likely to be asked during the interview:

  • Why have you decided to look for a work at Aldi? When you hear such a question, you should know that the employer tries to find out what exactly you know about the company, what are the company’s distinctive features in your eyes. So, spend some time on researching about the company and come up with your own answer. Though, the answer may sound something like this:

“I want to work for a respectable, established company with a long history, and Aldi is a company that can offer this to me. Especially, I admire how the company treats its loyal employees and how it strives to foster collaboration between the employees. Considering that I carried out a research before applying for a job at your company, I am sure that I share the value of your company.”

  • Let’s suppose that you have a noticed that your co-worker took a chocolate bar and started eating while working. What will be your next actions? As in any other company, the management of Aldi wants you (and the other employees as well) to stick to the work ethics and the company’s core values. Show that you would act the way how the protocol requires:

“Of course, I am aware of the fact that that is highly unacceptable. I would report about this occurrence to my manager right away, and so he/she will be able to deal with this issue fast.”

  • Do you have work experience that would be useful on your job at Aldi? Simply put, the manager wants to know whether you possess some real experience of carrying out the duties you will have during the work at Aldi. You should honestly answer this question. An example could be something similar to:

“I worked a few years at Walmart, yet I didn’t perform the duties of a cashier. However, I am a fast learner and can quickly master the abilities and skills, needed for doing my job.”

  • Where do you expect yourself to be within five years? Every company wants its employees to be loyal, and so an answer to this question may show whether the candidate is seriously considering staying at Aldi for long. Also, such a question helps to uncover whether the person is ambitious enough and confident in his/her abilities, so you should not speak about too low position for such a long-term period:

“Personally, I’ve heard from other people who work at Aldi that your company provides its employees with opportunities for career development and growth. I have plans to take advantage of it, prove that I am a fast-learning, skilled worker, and so I plan to become a manager of a store within five years.”

  • Are there any questions you want to ask me? At the end of the interview, the interviewer wants to find out whether you have been attentive enough, whether what he/she was has really interested you. So when you hear a question like this at the end, try to find out more about the company and your job, show even more interest in what you are going to do (probably). The question may be similar to:

“How does the company strive to provide the top-notch customer service experience to its clients?”

Jobs at Aldi: A Few Tips That Will Help to Obtain a Job

At the end, here is a couple of tips that will help you pass an interview better and will definitely increase your chances of getting hired. Don’t neglect them and follow these guidelines:

  • Build a good resume and bring it to the interview.
  • Dress properly – you are not going to go to a party! This does not necessarily mean that you should dress a suit, but be aware of where are you going and dress formally. Also, hide your tattoos, don’t use to much eau de toilette or makeup, and keep your fingernails clean.
  • Your handshake must be neither too strong nor weak. It should express confidence, and overdoing a handshake will not give that. Also, don’t avoid the eye contact during the handshake.
  • Express motivation and high willingness to work – it is something this company is looking for!

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