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Amazon, a company that was founded a bit more than 2 decades ago as an internet shop of books, appears to be one of the world’s largest retailers nowadays (and the largest Internet-based retailer) and a direct rival of Walmart. Amazon and its warehouses are currently based in 16 countries, though it also supports shipping to a large number of other countries. It should not come as a surprise that many people strive to get a work at Amazon, which is considered one of the world’s leading tech companies. Yet, you need to be aware of certain aspects.

The company nowadays not only sells and ships products to customers in various countries, but also offers a number of services. In particular, Amazon appears to be the world’s leading company in cloud storage services and one of the most popular video streaming companies. This makes a work at Amazon to be quite appealing in the eyes of many workers.

Working at Amazon

Work at Amazon cannot be called easy for sure

Yet, there is a common stereotype (and it’s actually true) that Amazon is a company for workaholics, and as people jokingly say: “Amazon will kill you with the amount of work, but you will love it.” Definitely, there are two ways how employees work at Amazon: after several years of working at Amazon, you will either quit the organization (because of the large amounts of work) or you will get used to it and keep working. Indeed, working at Amazon gives a pretty good injection of ability to stand large workloads, allowing you to be more efficient, stress-resistant, and able to handle big tasks at other jobs.

At the same time, you might find yourself struggling to adjust to Amazon’s culture after getting a job at this organization. Indeed, it’s very tough, difficult, and you should not have high expectations regarding it. At the same time, you must embrace the company’s corporate culture and focus on the good things, while omitting drawbacks. Also, new employees sometimes face an issue when they see the thinking of many Amazon’s employees, who pose themselves as if they worked for the world’s best company and were better than anyone else. And, indeed, there are smart and easy-going people who work at this company too, you must be aware of such a feasible situation.

Why Many People Look for Working at Amazon

Despite the fact that employees at Amazon have to work really hard and solve big issues, it clearly remains one of the best companies to work for. A lot of people strive to get a work at Amazon, no matter whether it is going about unqualified workforce or skilled mid- and top-position employees.

Job at Amazon

In Amazon, you have got to solve really big issues

Here you have got a list of the most solid reasons to consider working for Amazon:

  1. At Amazon, you have got to solve really big problems. Working at Amazon helps you to master abilities that are necessary for solving hard, complicated issues. It is not the type of a company that looks for roundabouts, yet it prompts its employees to team up and spend all their talent, skills, and other resources (including company’s resources) on solving really sophisticated stuff. Moreover, the company’s core idea is the inclusion of all employees into the solution process, and you can be sure that there will be no dearth of big issues that have to be solved.
  2. You are surrounded by smart people. As it was previously noted, some people at the company may appear somewhat snobs. Yet, this company managed to gather a lot of young and talented people, who are able to work in teams and solve real issues. It means that you are offered an opportunity to learn something new every day from the people, who possess a really great expertise in certain fields. Though, the case is that you will work among highly ambitious people, so be prepared for it.
  3. Amazon provides you with an opportunity to solve issues and bear responsibility for your decision. The system of checks and balances, indeed, is present in every company, but Amazon prompts its workers to be responsible for their decisions, assess the risks of alternatives, and choose what’s best for the company. Also, you will not be pointed to the failures of yours, but rather be encouraged to proceed further and work on other issues while gaining some experience. Amazon truly wants its employees to act like if they were the company’s owners.
  4. Amazon is a company with a thorough documentation. This aspect of working at Amazon is frequently hated by many of the company’s employees. So, you might have a question “Why you have added this into the list of Amazon’s perks?” Well, documenting does not necessarily imply only negative aspects. While you have got to work with papers, you are able to understand the essence of your work, understand why you are doing something, and allows you to master the structural thinking.
  5. Amazon is a book company, after all. Right, the company is a retailer giant nowadays (one may call it a huge Internet supermarket), but don’t forget about its origins! Basically, Amazon’s offices are stuffed with bookcases that contain really myriads of books that you can take and read. They are not sorted by genres or selected in any way, so you may discover and be prompted to read something new each time you take a book from a shelf.
  6. Concerts and meetings that usually occur at Amazon are a great perk. Amazon, despite being a very result-oriented company, often sponsors small appearances of musicians, notable entrepreneurs, book authors, professors, and the company’s employees are free to attend them.

After all, there is no need to say that Amazon provides its employees with a stable income, allocated budgets for its teams, medical, 401k, and all other benefits, right?

Amazon Hiring Process: How to Apply for a Job at Amazon

So if you think that the above mentioned perks are worth of your very hard work and you want to get a work Amazon, you should follow the guidelines, published below. Also, don’t forget that there are opportunities for the employment of students, as well as you can work remotely!

  1. First of all, access the Amazon career page.
  2. There, look for a vacancy you wish to apply for by searching suitable location and job position (or other job keyword).
  3. Find one or few vacancies that are suitable for you and open their pages
  4. Sign up (or sign in, if you already have an account) for Amazon by using Facebook, Google, or creating a new profile on the website.
  5. Click on the “Send resume” button and send your CV over.
  6. You will be contacted later and invited for an interview.
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Get a Work at Amazon: Interview Questions to Be Prepared for

Once you have been invited for an interview at Amazon, you should really prepare well for it beforehand. Amazon wants its employees to be responsible, hard-working, and able to tackle big issues, and so it should not be surprising that its questions are aimed to find the people that are best at it. Here is a list of questions you should be prepared for in order to get a work at Amazon:

  • What is your opinion about the main qualities an Amazon employee should have? The key thing at this point is not just to say the things the interviewer might want to hear from you, but also to show that you have carried out a detailed, extensive research on this matter. Your answer might be something similar to the following:

“As far as I have learnt, people at Amazon are best at paying enough attention to details. They know how to work well in teams and meet the deadlines even while completing very urgent projects. So in order to work at Amazon, you have got to be really effective in terms of time management, being able to schedule your day the way that you will be the most effective. As far as I have managed to develop these qualities on my previous jobs, I think I will be a suitable person for your company.”

  • Safety is one of the key things at Amazon. So how would you stick to safety rules, even when having an urgent task? It is not normal that every company places safety as the priority issue, but it is more of a priority when it comes to warehouses. So, you should show that you are able to be aware of the environment and the things you are doing even when you are in a rush.

“Actually, I am very pleased that I’m being interviewed at a company that places safety as its main priority. Having a background with a work similar as at your company, I am very well aware of the safety issues that might arise. My abilities of self-control, attention to details, and cold-bloodedness allow me to keep safety in mind, even when having an urgent work or having to do something in a rush.”

  • Are there any physical limits that might restrain you from carrying out a work at Amazon? Amazon’s warehouses are known for being massive, large, and it often happens that employees must be rushing from one part of the warehouse to the opposite all the day long. If you have any real limitations, answer this question honestly. It does not mean that you won’t be hired, but rather that you will have to work at a department where there will be no problem for you. For example:

“I have read enough materials about what does it take to work at Amazon’s warehouses. Yet, I have been running marathons as an amateur for 5 years and I am sure I can keep up with the rest of the team. Yet, I have certain disabilities that do not allow me to lift something heavier than 40 pounds.”

  • Can you tell me an example of a conflict you have had on your previous jobs and you managed to deal with it? If it happened to you to work before, then you might surely have a conflict situation. If you will lie to your potential employer that you have had no conflict, there will be nothing good out of it. On the contrary, you must show that at least once you have had a conflict situation, but, after all, you managed to come up with a win-win solution:

“Actually, it would be difficult not to notice when a conflict is dawning. Judging on the basis of my background, I can say that all misunderstandings must be solved as soon as possible, unless you want an issue to get deteriorated. For instance, I had an occurrence on my previous job that one our co-employee did not do his work properly, which caused an increase in the workload of others. But instead of telling this to him I directly, I invited him for a lunch and discussed this issue with him over it, in a friendly way. This way, the issue had been solved.”

Recommendations That Will Help to Get a Job at Amazon

Amazon is a company that approaches the selection process of its employees stringently, responsibly, so you shouldn’t expect it to be easy.

work for Amazon

Amazon provides all its employees with generous benefits

Here are a few more tips that will increase your chances of getting a work at Amazon:

  • Be aware of the company’s stringent selection process and show respect for it. You must show that you have a respect that they don’t hire the first person they get to see on the streets and that you are ready to come through all necessary stages (sometimes it includes a few phone interviews, a day at Amazon’s office with an interview, and a final interview).
  • Know the Leadership Principles of Amazon. Amazon has published 14 Leadership Principles on its website, and knowing them and sticking to them is a must if you truly want to get a work at Amazon.
  • Be prepared to behave like an Amazonian. Given that Amazon is a result-oriented company, they strive to hire the employees they really need and who stick to their leadership principles.

You can also get to know more about the Amazon hiring process by reading this interview with Amazonias.

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