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Apple is a pioneer in the sphere of IT, hardware and software, and its brand is considered to be the most expensive in the world nowadays. This is also the world’s largest company in terms of market capitalization, while staying among the most innovative corporations. Besides, if you have had a work at Apple, perhaps the world’s best and most innovative tech company, such a line in your CV increases your chances of getting employes elsewhere anytime.

Besides, there are 4 types of jobs at Apple. The first type is the Corporate jobs, and this is the place where most of the things in the company happen. So far, Apple seeks talented people to fill all the positions, and here you got a place where the company needs not only developers, IT nerds, but all kinds of specialists, including HR managers, accountants, marketing managers, and so on. So, no matter what is your career or background, there is always a place and work at Apple for you.

Jobs at Apple

Work at Apple stores appears to be quite much of fun, it’s not the ordinary job of a “sales manager”

The second type of jobs available at Apple is the jobs in retail (Apple Store), and the work at Apple Stores is different from the “typical sales jobs” we can see in the majority of usual shops. So instead of trying to sell some stuff to the customers over and over (and who actually don’t need it), you can expect the opposite – you will get to consult your clients about any device, and you can be sure that this job will be fun for you.

The third type of Apple jobs is student programs, i.e. you can start an internship at the world’s leading tech company while pursuing your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Also, you can work as an AppleCare advisor or receive a scholarship. And after all, Apple jobs at home are also popular among the employees of this company. Basically, such works implies support of the company’s customers, and, in case if you take up such a job, you have to provide answers to their questions and top-notch service.

As you could notice, there is room for everyone at Apple. Yet, you must be aware that Apple strives to hire people with “non-standard” mindset and thinking, who can develop their own ways of solving issues. If you believe you are one of such people, then you should try your luck and apply for a work at Apple.

What Makes Work at Apple So Much Desirable?

Many people who have ever worked for Apple recognize that Apple is, perhaps, the best company to work for (or at least, one of the leading companies). There are many advantages described by different employees, and it would be difficult even to count them in this article.

Apple job application

Work at the Apple headquarters appears to be desirable for many talented IT professionals

Yet here, we will count the perks that attract outsiders to Apple the most, and here is the list:

  1. Apple provides its employees with all benefits, leaving them without much of a headache. When it comes to the issue of benefits provided by a company, Apple appears to be second to none, whereas this company provides high payrolls, 401k, medical benefits, and flexible accounts for childcare. Besides, Apple is one of the very few companies that provide benefits even to the part-time employees.
  2. You will be surrounded by smart, competent people. Once Steve Jobs made a slip in speaking by saying that he needs only A+ people to be in the stuff of his company. And while those times have gone, the company and its new CEO seem to stick to his strategy. You will be surrounded by really very smart people, yet it might be even quite of a challenge for you. No, of course they are not snobs or something similar, but you will have to work constantly over your development, learn something new, while being surrounded by such extraordinary workers. It’s not easy for sure, but you will get something you will be proud of in the end.
  3. If you have secured a job at Apple, you are more likely to get a work elsewhere. And even though it is not the main reason why people seek to work at Apple, it is quite a nice bonus if it will happen to you to quit the organization some day. Basically, it can be compared to something like living in New York – if you have ever lived there and managed to do it successfully, you can do it anywhere then. Apple’s products and services are well-known for their top-notch quality, so you are more likely to be hired by other companies if you have the line “Apple” in your CV.
  4. Discounts on tech gadgets. It is one of the very bonuses that are really beloved by the company’s employees. Any Apple’s employee gets 25 percent off the price of a whole computer system per year. Moreover, the friends and families of the company’s workers also can enjoy the discount of 15 percent for all gadgets, devices, and all other products and services produced by the company.
  5. Apple is a place where career expectations of employees match the opportunities. Indeed, this company offers fantastic opportunities for career development and personal growth. The upward mobility of employees within Apple has always been a key for many people who apply for a job at Apple. If you are talented, progressive enough and if you are ready to learn more as well as come up with bright ideas, you can be sure that your career development at this company will not be stalled.
  6. The company can boast to have a great leadership. If your company excels in management, the chances are high that it will succeed then. Tim Cook, the current company’s SEO, has an approval rating of 94% by the company’s employees. However, this stands not only for the company’s top-level management, but also mid-rank managers who give the company’s employees enough freedom to work and come up with something new.

How to Submit an Apple Job Application

When it comes to the issue of Apple job application, the company made it incredibly comfortable to look for vacancies in any part of the world and apply for them, as everything is clear and accessible in one single place. Jobs at Apple are available in more than 45 countries across the world, including Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Australia. So if you want to get a work at Apple, you should do the following steps:

  1. In the first place, you should go to this page.
  2. On the left side of the page, you will notice filters. So, you should filter the vacancies according to a few criteria, including your location, language skills, business line, and job functions.
  3. Go to the section “Keywords.” Select whether you want to search all jobs, corporate jobs only, or retail store jobs only. Enter the search keyword in the search box and press “Enter.”
  4. Below this search window, you will get to see the company’s available vacancies. Browse them until you will find suitable ones for you.
  5. Once you have found the vacancy (or vacancies) you wish and opened its page, click on the “Submit resume” button at the bottom.
  6. Then, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password in order to sign in. Do so.
  7. After signing in to the service, upload your resume and send it over.
  8. Once you have applied for a job, you should expect the company to contact you regarding it and invite you for an interview.
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What Questions Should You Expect During an Interview at Apple

When it comes to getting a work at Apple, you should not expect the entire process to be easy. And even though the company strives to get talented people to work for it, the process of selection is quite stringent and thorough. Second interviews are very frequent, though some present Apple’s employees had to go through 4 interviews!

Apple jobs at home

Apple excels in building micro-management processes

So if you are prepared for such quite a tough challenge (the reward is pretty worth it), check out the out-of-the-box questions that you may be asked during your interviews, below:

  • Let’s suppose you have faced a tough challenge, how would you explain the problem to your colleagues? The purpose of this question is clear: the company does not want you to deal with serious issues on your own, as it will take more time and cause delays in the processes. You must be able to engage with your co-workers effectively. At first, you should define who is able to deal with this issue better than others. Then, explain the problem completely, not just a micro-process, but give the “entire picture” to your colleagues.
  • How would explain to a 7-year-old child what is a router or a modem and how it functions? This question is aimed to prove that you are able to talk with people who are not familiar with technical matters on tech issues. So, you should explain step by step, without using unnecessary (in this case) tech terms, how these devices function in the simplest way.
  • Have you experienced disagreement with your manager? If yes, how did it happen and what was the outcome of your disagreement? Indeed, many people have had to face situations when they differ in opinions with their managers. However, the biggest mistake ever would be to be emotional about this matter and give a personal opinion about the manager’s behavior. You should reveal the issue in a technical way, explain why you stood by such an opinion, and show that, despite having differences in opinions, you did not take it personally and felt any emotions towards the manager. You should explain that you disagreed just because you thought your decision would be right and better off for the organization. At the same time, you should also show that you are able to deal with conflict situations.
  • Let’s suppose you are asked by your CEO to add 10 extra features while getting no additional time and resources. How would you handle that? In the IT sphere, teams are often asked to deliver more with less resources (money, time, efforts, etc.) being spent on work. But this question is aimed to uncover your ability to gauge the requests realistically, making you able to prove your point and give your realistic, practical suggestions to what can be done, instead of impractical demands.
  • When you have faced an unsatisfied customer, what is more important for you: ensuring a great customer experience or solving the issue of the customer? Indeed, both of these issues are important, and there is barely any person who can deny it. At this point, however, you are given a choice and you must be decisive in acting. This kind of questions are difficult because both of the issues are important, but only is given for selection. The purpose of such a question is to understand how an interviewee is thinking, how he/she makes decisions, and whether he/she is able to deal with tough tasks and questions without panic and rationally.

Tips for Getting Hired by Apple

If you truly want to get a work at Apple, you should be prepared well (and the above listed tough questions prove it). Here are a couple of tips you should take along with you:

  1. Know the company’s products. Basically, it stands not only for Apple, but for any company you are applying at for a job. You should not necessarily know all Apple products and services, but being able to recognize most of them and know how they function is a clear plus.
  2. Be a suitable personality to be hired. Even though Apple is a tech company, it doesn’t hire according only to the tech knowledge alone. You should be a suitable personality for the company. So, hang around Apple stores and find out what kind of people work there, what are their main traits, etc.
  3. You should always be outgoing. That really helps, and it should not be a mask that you will take off once you have gone out of the interview office. Being outgoing anytime – during interviews, at seminars and lectures, etc. – is really helpful, and Apple is looking especially for outgoing, positive employees.
  4. Find a referral from the company. One of the key things about the Apple hiring process is that your chances get higher once you get a referral from a company’s employee. So if you don’t have someone who can recommend you, you can talk to people who work at local Apple stores and try to work something out.

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