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Costco, fully known as the Costco Wholesale Corporation, is a warehouse club that sells merchandise goods and products (typically, in bulk) to people who have a membership in this club. Basically, it is one of the world’s largest retailers (beaten only by Walmart and Amazon) that, however, ranks #1 even in the United States in selling a variety of group products. What sets Costco apart from other companies is the favorable work conditions, which prompts lots of job-seekers to seek a work at Costco.

At the present time, the country is located in a variety of North American, European, and Asian countries, where over 730 warehouses with over 200,000 employees serve the needs of the customers. One may state with confidence that the work conditions at Costco are among the best ones, provided by European or American companies. In a number of surveys (where the respondents were the employees), Costco has been named as one of the best companies to work for. Glassdoor, a popular American employment portal, has generated the Retail Report Card for Costco – the card has been generated only to no more than 250 employers ever and recognizes the employees’ satisfaction with the company.

working at costco

Costco appears to be among the most favorable employers in the United States

Costco appears to be among very few companies that remain loyal to its workers, and you will face problems with finding negative reviews of the former employees about this company. For instance, Costco remains closed on the Thanksgiving Day, allowing all its workers to enjoy the holiday and share it with their families. While the CEO’s salary is quite moderate (in comparison to the CEOs’ salaries of other large corporations), it provides a decent living wage and helps its employees in a variety of ways. In particular, the company raised the wages during the 2008 Financial Crisis in order to help its employees weather the crisis.

Thanks to such a thought-out, somewhat “caring” human resources policy, the company’s employee turnover does not exceed 6%. At the same time, Costco offers decent opportunity for career development and growth within the company. Though, you should be ready to tackle serious challenges during the period of your work at Costco, but it also should give you a confidence that you will not get bored.

Costco Employment Benefits That Prompt to Seek a Job in This Company

When it comes to getting employment at Costco, the company can boast a variety of perks that barely any other corporation can offer to its employees. Such a large number of benefits is something that prompts so many job-seeker to look for a work at Costco, and this is more than a decent compensation for the challenging job.

  1. Getting a work at Costco means you are getting a real job security. Costco strives to ensure the loyalty of its employees and keep the employee turnover at a minimum. So once you have passed the probation period, you can be sure that your workplace is secured if you don’t make some really huge mistake, like breaking a law or attempting to steal something. The company does its best at keeping employees within the organization and promoting them.
  2. Costco is a company that embraces the inward mobility of employees. It would be difficult to find a manager at Costco that was hired off the street and the reason for that is simple – Costco strives to promote its employees from warehouses to the managerial positions. So if you feel comfortable with a rapid inward mobility and you perform your duties well, you can expect to be promoted. Once you are hired by Costco, you can notice that there are many postings for managerial positions that are being distributed between the company’s warehouses.
  3. Costco pays a decent wage to its employees, provides generous benefits, and even gives a free membership! Costco positively differs from Walmart and similar companies by providing decent wages to its employees, which sometimes may reach (for low positions) up to $16 per hour – the average wage in the company is $21 per hour. On the top of that, the company also offers generous benefits to all its workers, including the 401k savings plan financing and a very cheap health insurance that covers all treatments (including vision treatment, dental treatment, medical treatment, etc.). Besides, many Costco employees take advantage of it and insure their whole families as well! A nice bonus comes with a free membership that company provides to its workers. Even though it’s just 60 bucks in a year, but quite a good freebie as well.
  4. Costco appears to be among the companies that can offer best flexible schedules. There, you may find employees working in the Costco warehouses in anytime, and so you will barely find difficulties in changing your shift. Besides, the management is very favorable to the appeals of the employees and provides really great opportunities for flexible scheduling. On the top of that, one should mention that the company treats its part-time and full-time employees fairly equal.
  5. Costco is a company that is well-known for its activism. The company’s employees feel really positive about working for the company that supports a variety of green and charity initiatives, but which also cares about its employees. In particular, the company’s CEO has endorsed raising the minimal wage to $10.10 per hour, while the entry-wage at the company appears to be at the level of $11.50 per hour. Besides, Costco is an, indeed, progressive company that pursues equality. The Corporate Index Equality score for Costco is 90, showing that the company is doing pretty well with its policy of equality.

How to Submit a Costco Online Application

Once you have made up your mind regarding attempting to apply for Costco, you should prepare a CV and submit your Costco online application. You are also able to submit your CV and fill out the application in one of the company’s warehouses. Basically, submitting your Costco application online is the easiest way to apply for a work at Costco.

Jobs at costco

Working at Costco means enjoying flexible schedules

You should do the following steps in order to apply for a work at Costco:

  • The first thing you should do is accessing the company’s careers page:
  • Select a department (for example, “Warehouses”) where you want to work.
  • Look for the current job postings by filtering all useless vacancies with the help of location or category filters.
  • Once you have got to see a list of job postings for a certain department, select the vacancies that suit your qualifications, skills, and experience in the best way.
  • Find a job offer near you by providing your state, city, and zip code.
  • Once you have found a job offer you want to apply for, click on “Sign up” and register an account on this website.
  • After having done the registration procedure, you should fill out the Costco online application form.
  • At the end, click on “Submit.”
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Costco Hiring Process: Getting Prepared for an Interview

Considering the company’s attempts to keep the employee turnover at a minimum, there is quite a serious threshold for entering the organization. So if you are really set to get a work at Costco, be ready for a thorough process of employee selection. Being well-prepared for a phone and face-to-face interviews are a must, and this section will help you in getting prepared for your oncoming interview.

Costco hiring process

The process of employee selection is quite stringent at Costco, but fairly worth it

These are the most popular questions that the applicants frequently hear at Costco during their interviews:

  • What can you bring to our company? This interview question is one of the few questions that really differentiates suitable candidates from non-suitable ones. First of all, you should give a short list of clear advantages why you stand out among the other candidates. Also, mentioning that a job is similar to the previous you’ve worked on and enjoyed is helpful. Don’t forget to mention your goals and ambitions in case if you will get hired. Your answer may be something similar to:

“I’m a fast-learning, responsible person with a decent background in this industry. I always stick to the rules and I am able to deal with stressful situations, under pressure. Considering that I am able to learn new things fast, I am sure that I will successfully pass the probation period in your company and will be able to build my career within it. I’ve heard of Costco’s efforts to promote its workers within the organization, and this is something that prompted to apply for a work at Costco.”

  • What do you know about our company? Obviously, the manager will strive to ensure that Costco is not just one company in the list of many others that you applied for. So, you need to provide evidence that you are quite aware of what this company is and how it has developed. We highly recommend you to research about the company on its website, in Wikipedia, LinkedIn, and google it. Your answer may sound somewhat similar to:

“Well, I know that Costco has grown into one of the world’s largest retailers after being founded in 1983 in Kirkland (Washington). The company merged with Price Club in 1993 and started to grow even more rapidly. Beyond the United States, the company is represented in Canada (with over 80 stores in 9 provinces), Mexico, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and Spain. Costco is well-known for its human resource policy that is favorable to its employees. In particular, it is going about decent wages, employee promotion, and a variety of benefits that help its employees to make living.”

  • What is your schedule? When can you work in our company? Indeed, the manager will want you to be available as often as possible, allowing your actual chiefs to let you work at the time when it’s needed, when the other workers are unavailable. So, you should be available for work as often as possible, though don’t lie or exaggerate:

“I’m currently undertaking language courses from 2 P.M. to 6 P.M. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but, apart from that, I am able to work at any other time. Therefore, I assume that my schedule will be perfectly suitable for a work at Costco.”

  • What is your way of dealing with an angry customer? Considering that you will have to work with clients, the manager wants to make sure that you will do nothing wrong when dealing with the customers. On the contrary, the manager wants you to be able to handle a difficult situation. So, your answer may be something like:

“If I notice an upset customer, I would apolize from the name of the company in the first place and ask whether I can solve his/her problem. I would speak to the customer politely and nicely, even if he/she is behaving not in a good way. Once I have grasped the issue, I would either solve it or notify my manager (in case if solving this problem is not in my competence). Before finishing the conversation with the customer, I would leave my contact number and ask his/her number in order to notify the client once the issue is solved.”

Recommendations for Getting a Job at Costco

The overall Costco hiring process is stringent, but does not require any supernatural efforts. You need just to be a qualified person with a right attitude to your work. But if you want to get a work at Costco, take advantage of these recommendations as well:

  • If you want to obtain a work at Costco, be punctual and arrive to your interview 5-10 minutes earlier.
  • Don’t speak either too fast or too slow. The same stands for being too loud/too low. Your voice must be normal, confident.
  • Applicants who wear a respective outfit, who look clean and professional are more likely to obtain a work at Costco.
  • Prepare really meaningful questions for the interviewer, as you will be able to ask them before the end of the interview. They must be relevant to your job position, including availability, job requirements, work environment, and so on.
  • Don’t forget to connect your past work experience and skills you have obtained there with the job you are applying for.

Besides, you can try to find a work at Nordstrom or a work at Subway.


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