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Domino’s Pizza Inc., which is often referred to simply as Domino’s, is a global chain – the second largest in the world – of pizza restaurants. At the present time, the company is present in 82 countries – it is represented either directly by the original company or according to the franchise. Globally, the company (both by the franchise and the original company) employs more than 200,000 workers. And there are many factors that prompt people to seek work at Domino’s.

Even though many people imagine that working at Domino’s means being constantly in a rush (something similar to having to work in a warehouse of Amazon), this assumption has been proven to be false. Basically, you become really busy at the time around the dinner and an hour or a bit later, after the end of the work hours. In regards to the rest of the time, you will barely be busy and you will have just to take up occasional orders.

Domino’s Job

While working at Domino’s, you will be really busy only during the lunch hours and after the work hours

The other common stereotype is that everything that happens in the kitchens of the Domino’s restaurants is hectic and hasty. This is also quite an exaggeration. Indeed, everything happens at quite a fast pace, yet it is an organized process that does not cause chaos or kind of a mess at the workplace. And if you have worries about being able to work cold-bloodedly in a rush, skip them. That ability can be acquired only with experience, and you can gain that kind of experience by taking up a work at Domino’s.

After all, many potential workers fret about the learning process at Domino’s and that they might be unable to acquire necessary knowledge and skills. Basically, the only thing that might be difficult for newcomers is mastering the chain’s computer system, yet you should not be concerned about this issue – you will not be the only person to deal with the computer systems, and your more experienced co-workers will surely help you learn the skills you need for managing the system on your own. So if you are ready to deal with all the above mentioned aspects, don’t hesitate and try your luck by applying for a work at Domino’s.

A Few Reasons to Consider Taking Up a Work at Domino’s

Even though quite many people consider taking up jobs at restaurants like Domino’s or McDonald’s somewhat not serious, there is a pretty impressive list of advantages about working at Domino’s. Besides, getting a work at Domino’s could be a pretty good start in your career, especially if you have no work experience. Getting employed by Domino’s will help you to comprehend the structure of the company, how the business functions, and grow your ability to be responsible.

Working at Domino’s

Work at Domino’s appears to be not so hectic as many people imagine

So, here is a list of reasons why you should consider taking up a job at Domino’s:

  1. Domino’s is a company with a great, friendly environment, where it is definitely easy to learn. Unlike many companies where you might be pointed to your failures or slow progress in learning, Domino’s can boast a friendly environment and an understanding of its newcomers. So if you have just got employed by Domino’s, you can be sure that you will barely face any problems in communication with other team members and your management. Though, there is a requirement as well: you must be an outgoing person too!
  2. Domino’s is a socially responsible company that allocates a quite noticeable share of its profits to charity. In particular, you can find out about the company’s partnerships on this page. The aspect that is definitely worth your attention is that Domino’s is a partner of several hospitals and foundations, and, especially, the company fosters medical researches that can be felt by children from all over the world. Besides, Domino’s also founded a foundation called “Partners Foundation,” which helps its employees who are in need of something essential and suffered, for example, from a fire, natural disaster, illness, or similar.
  3. The job is quite easy and you will not feel much pressure during the work process. Despite that there might be times when you have to be in a rush, it actually does not put an additional pressure on you and you still can enjoy your work. So if you have taken up a work at Domino’s, you are unlikely to suffer from a burnout or something similar – a common ailment that frequently occurs to many workers.
  4. You get a 50 percent discount on all the company’s products. When having a day-off, you want to come to a Domino’s Pizza restaurant along with your friends and order something? Well, your personal 50% discount will let you and your buddies save a pretty decent sum – and that is especially great if it happens to you to visit Domino’s often. Your discount can be used in any Domino’s Pizza restaurant at any location, but don’t forget to make use of your discount (many employees really forget to do so).
  5. The company provides a good, “arrangable” schedule and has a positive attitude if any changes are needed. Domino’s is an especially good place to work at if you are a student, who also has to study in the meantime. So while working at Domino’s, you can be sure that your manager is likely to give you a day-off when it’s needed (but tell about it in advance!) or change your shift with the shift of your colleague (if he/she agrees to do so).

How to Apply for Domino’s Job

Once you have made up your mind regarding the employment at Domino’s, you should apply for a job and get prepared for an interview. In many cases, there is only one interview, where a general manager questions you about your background, work experience, work ethics, etc. However, sometimes applicants are asked to come for a second interview, which, however, appears to be sort of an arrangement process, where a manager discusses all the details with you, makes all necessary background checks, sends you over to pass a drug test, and other procedures that are necessary for getting hired.

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Domino's hiring process

The best thing about working in Domino’s is the atmosphere among employees

So, here is a step-by-step guide to Domino’s job application process that shows how to apply for a work at Domino’s Pizza:

  1. First of all, decide how you want to apply for a job at Domino’s: either by visiting a pizza restaurant of this chain or at home. If you are going to apply for a job at a restaurant, the manager or his/her assistant will explain you all details.
  2. If you are going to apply from your home, go to this page.
  3. Click on the red “START JOB SEARCH” button in the right-upper corner.
  4. Select whether you want to apply for a job at Stores, Corporate, University Recruiting, or Supply Chain Centers. Click on “SHOW ME THE JOBS.”
  5. Choose your location (i.e. let the system to view your location), category of jobs (change it or leave untouched), job function and keyword (if needed).
  6. Browse the jobs the system has displayed to you.
  7. After finding a suitable job, click on the “APPLY NOW” button.
  8. On the next page, sign up (or sign in) to the website by using your LinkedIn, Twitter profiles or your email address.
  9. Send your CV over (find out how to make a CV here) and wait for a call or a message.
  10. After all, you will be invited for an interview. Keep in mind that it takes from a few days up to a few months for the HR managers to consider applications and send out interview invitations to favored applicants.

Don’t forget that new jobs at Domino’s Pizza appear every day (and also, someone new is hired every day as well), so you are likely to join this company if you do everything well.

Before You Will Start Working at Domino’s: Interview Questions

As it was noted above, you will have to talk face-to-face with a general manager during your interview at Domino’s. And even though Domino’s managers typically don’t question the applicants too much, we suggest you not to neglect the interviews and get prepared for them.

Here is a set of questions that are frequently heard by candidates during their interviews at Domino’s Pizza:

  • Who are you? Can you tell me about yourself and why should we hire you? You must be honest at this point and tell about your background, education, and work experience sincerely, without exaggeration. Tell only true facts. Also, think about what value you can bring to the company and why you are a better candidate than others. For example, you can name that you are available most of the time (if you don’t study) or you are a punctual person.
  • Do you know anything about Domino’s Pizza? The manager wants to know that this is not just another company where you have sent your resume, but that you are set to get employed exactly by Domino’s. You can tell that Domino’s Pizza was founded by Tom Monaghan in Michigan, though the founder later sold the chain of restaurants. Also, you can list the main groups of products/dishes served to the customers (not just pizzas!), say that the first store outside the US was opened in Canada, and that Domino’s Pizza tested robot delivery in Australia.
  • What is your reason to choose Domino’s? Why you want to work here? Tell the real reason about why you want to get employed by Domino’s (for example: “a flexible schedule allows me to combine my studies with a job”) and supplement it with additional reasons, such as you always admire the quality of products at Domino’s and want to be a part of a company that produces such high-quality products, tell that you are a gourmet and have a passion about food, etc.
  • Are you the type of a person who can deliver our products to the customers? Keep in mind that a large share of the company’s revenues comes exactly from deliveries. So if you have a driving license and a car and so you are able to deliver pizza, tell the manager. If you have just a driving license, also tell it.
  • Where you plan to be in 5 years? What a job do you want to have then? Indeed, tell about the inclusion of the company’s employees and opportunities for career growth, and think reasonable about a decent position you may occupy in 5 years within the structure of the Domino’s Pizza. Yet, only you are able to answer to this question, so think about it well ahead of the interview.
  • What are your major weaknesses? Perhaps, any interview contains such or a similar question, and be sincere when answering it. Yet, the answer should not cost you your work at Domino’s. If you regularly come late to various places and meetings, for example, it would be better to omit this fact (and change your habit as well!). Say something that will not harm your prospects of getting a work at Domino’s.
  • What is about your availability? When you are able to work? The principle here is simple: the more time you are able to work (i.e. giving the manager some room to adjust schedules between the employees), the higher your chances of getting employed. But only you are able to give an answer to this question.

What Can Help Obtain a Work at Domino’s

At the end, we want to give you some tips that might help you receive a job at Domino’s. Besides, here is an interview with the vice president of human resources of Domino’s, which might give you some insight about the Domino’s hiring policy.

So, the tips for a Domino’s interview are the following:

  • Don’t be late (it’s never good, but especially when it comes to a job at a company like Domino’s).
  • Have a good eye contact with a manager (don’t turn it away), which will show your confidence.
  • Try to control your pace of speech and voice tone, thus speaking not too fast and not too slow.
  • Don’t miss the chance to point out the advantages of the company.

By the way, you might also want to apply for a job at McDonald’s, and our guide will help you in doing so.


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