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GameStop is one of the most popular chains of toy stores in the world, having the number of shops exceeding 7,100. In particular, all of its stores are located in North America (Canada and the United States), Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. However, the brands owned by this corporation include Micromania, ThinkGeek, EB Games, and actually GameStop itself. Considering a large number of locations where the corporation’s stores can be found, it doesn’t come as a surprise that quite many people seek a work at GameStop.

Typically, GameStop stores sell video games and all toys that might be associated with them (like some video game heroes, for example). Many people – especially young ones – have a stereotype that selling video games and similar stuff is a really enjoyable job, the best one that can ever happen to have. Yet, it appears to be not always the way it seems. First of all, every seller at a GameStop store must be a “pro-active” seller who tries to sell more to every customer. The reason for that is that the company has a very thin margin from selling games and receives more revenues from selling add-ons and all kinds of similar products.

gamestop employee benefits

GameStop is frequently overflowed by visitors 

The other thing the company is often criticized for is the decrease of the GameStop employee bonuses. While the discount for the company’s products equaled to 20% some years ago, the company’s workers are able to enjoy the discount of only 15% nowadays. Besides, many former and present GameStop employees lament about a very low (even barely existing) correlation between the amount of sales brought and their payrolls – a huge increase of the sales you have brought for the shop is unlikely to bring a higher wage to you.

The reason that employees are often paid the same wage regardless of the revenues they bring to the corporation is discouraging to many workers. However, GameStop is quite a good place for kicking off your career. Here, you are able to master the basic skills of selling products, as well as you will learn how to sell supplemental products. In any case, there are solid reasons to seek a work at Gamestop as well.

Gamestop Employee Benefits: Why Should You Seek a Work at GameStop

Despite a number of criticisms towards the company (some of them were listed above), there are certain things that prompt job-seekers to seek a job at GameStop. Actually, GameStop can boast a number of employee perks that attract more and more to become the company’s employees. In this section, you can find a couple of reasons to consider starting to work at GameStop.

  1. All employees who work at GameStop receive a discount of 15% on all almost all products of GameStop. From the very first day of your work at GameStop, you receive a 15% discount on all the products sold at GameStop, excluding select accessories, gift cards, POSA cards, point cards, time cards, downloadable content, new tablets, and new video game systems.
  2. This is a perfect workplace for anyone who is interested in computers and games.
  3. You get to work in a company with a great atmosphere and coworkers. dresscode, coworkers, customers, etc.
  4. Employee promotion within the company is pretty fast, though mostly depends on performance.
  5. You are likely to have a flexible schedule if you take up a full-time job at GameStop.

GameStop Job Application: Submitting GameStop Application Online Step By Step

So, if you have taken all pros and cons into account and decided to seek a work at GameStop, you should complete a pretty simple set of actions. By using the following guidelines, you can easily submit a GameStop application online:

  • First of all, launch your browser and go to the following website:
  • In the upper part of that page, you will get to see two search fields: keyword and location. Fill either of those fields: you can enter a job position you are looking for in the first field or where you are seeking a work in the second field. Click on “Search.” There is also a way to view all the job postings on GameStop: click on “View all jobs at GameStop Inc.” below the search fields.
  • Once you have got to see a list of job postings, find a job posting that suits you. Open the page with that vacancy.

gamestop job application

Being pro-active is a key to the successful career at GameStop

  • On that page, read all the description and think once again about whether the job suits you. If you decided to apply for it, click on the “APPLY” button in the right-upper part of the page.
  • There, you will have either to log in to your account or to create a new account.
  • If you want to create a new account, click on the “Create Account” text button. There, you should enter your email address, password, and repeat the password. Click on the “Create Account” button.
  • Right after it, you can upload your CV or resume by clicking on the “Select files” button and selecting your CV (you can learn how to compile a CV here).
  • After doing so, you will be contacted and, perhaps, asked to have a phone interview before going to face-to-face interview.

GameStop Hiring Process: Frequently Asked Interview Questions

If you truly wish to get a work at GameStop and you have been accepted for an interview, you should dedicate enough time for preparing for it. It can be surely said that you will not be accepted so easily, and the interviewer must see your sincere efforts to obtain a job. We have prepared a list of interview questions you are likely to be asked, and your task is to think about how would you answer them (though, we have prepared examples of answers). So, the interview questions are likely to be like the following ones:

  • What prompted you to apply for a job at GameStop? It should not be surprising that the primary goal of the interviewer is to find out your genuine motivation. Don’t lie – it will be easily noticed by the HR manager. Tell the real reasons that have caused your decision to apply for a work at GameStop, though the answer shouldn’t be just “money.” Think about the positive sides of working for this company and how you can contribute to the success of this organization. Your sound may sound somewhat similar to:
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“If there is a company that can truly fill you with a spirit of gaming, this is no other company than GameStop. I have been a gamer for a long time and even the customer of your company. I truly like how everything functions here, but I am sure that, given my experience of gaming, I will greatly contribute to the overall company’s success. I think that my knowledge of the gaming world will benefit the entire company, and you will be able to judge about it by looking at the results of my work.”

  • What can you say about customer service? What meaning does it have for you? Considering that a job of seller in a GameStop store means that you also should provide a good customer service to your clients (if you really want to sell anything), it is natural that the interviewer wants to make sure that you are able of providing a really great, high-quality service to the customers. When answering this question, you should already know how the service at GameStop is and how you could improve it. Here is an example of an answer:

“I am clearly aware of the fact that it is truly important to provide top-notch customer service when working as a seller at GameStop. Without a high-quality service, it’s impossible to sell many games and other products. As for me, I think that providing top-notch customer service means helping the customer with anything he/she may have a problem with, regardless whether it’s helping to choose a game, giving a tip what game would better suit his/her needs, or just a simple smile you give while talking with the customer.”

  • So, you told us you are a gamer. Then, would games do you usually play and what are your favorite video games? When the interviewer asks you this question, he/she wants to know whether you are really familiar with the field of gaming or you are just trying to get some “bonus points.” Even if you don’t usually spend leisure time by playing video games, we suggest you to dedicate some time to researching about this topic and playing some video games, so you can answer the questions. The answers may be something similar to:

“What concerns me and my experience of playing video games, I have played video games on all popular consoles, including PC, PS4, and Xbox One. I have played in thousands of games and there are hundreds of games I like, but my favorite ones include Grand Theft Auto V, Warhammer 40000, and League of Legends.”

  • Do you know anything about the points system at our network of stores? The interviewer is likely to ask this question, as he/she wishes to know whether you have been a frequenter to GameStop stores or not. The reason for that is that a person familiar with the GameStop stores knows many things about how this company functions, including the information about its services, when sales take place, and so on. Therefore, your answer may be the following:

“Considering that I have been a loyal customer at GameStop for five years, I know pretty well how your system of points works. Personally, I’ve redeemed my points about a dozen of times, whereas I’ve received merchandise rewards and certificates in exchange. Therefore, I can surely state that I have a general understanding of how this system works.”

  • What are your expectations regarding the job at a GameStop store? It is rarely enough to find only whether you are suitable for a company. On the contrary, the interviewer may want to make sure that the company is suitable enough for, as he/she does not want you to disappear after working just a few months in a store. Therefore, we suggest you to have a clear understanding of what you expect to experience during your work at GameStop and share it with the interviewer. Here is a possible answer:

“I was hired by GameStop to work in one of its stores, my first and foremost expectation would be to gain more knowledge about the market of video games and stay updated about the news in the gaming world. Also, I would like to polish my sales and communication skills during my job at GameStop, and I am sure I will do so. At the end, I don’t plan to work as a seller forever and expect to develop my career within the company.”

GameStop Careers: Tips for Getting Employed at GameStop

Before you will go to the interview at GameStop, we recommend you to take it for serious and research about this company pretty much. Yet, some of these recommendations may eventually play a crucial role in your future (and feasible) career at GameStop:

  • When you think about what other questions you should expect during an interview, make sure that you have some knowledge of gaming trends, gaming systems, gaming accessories, and video games in general.

gamestop hiring process

After all, you have pretty high chances of getting employed if you follow the recommendations provided in the article

  • Be prepared for situational interview questions, as the GameStop HR managers typically strive to check how an applicant would behave in a stressful situation.
  • Even though the interview is going to be for the position of a seller at a video game store, you should dress for the interview appropriately. Suitable clothes include reasonable tops, khakis, button-down shirts, and polos.
  • Easy-going people tend to have bigger chances of getting a job at GameStop.

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