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Google, a company that has existed for less than 20 years, is nowadays often recognized as an ideal place for work. Indeed, Alphabet, a large American conglomerate that owns Google as well as a number of other services (such as Nest Labs, Google Fiber, etc.) and appears to be the world’s second-largest company, provides perhaps the best work conditions for its employees. This makes getting a work at Google quite difficult, though.

Google can be deservedly named as one of the leading companies in the IT sphere, along with Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft, and so it should not be surprising that the company constantly searches for new talents, who can bring value to the entire company. At the same time, Google, in view of the majority of people, offers fantastic opportunities for career growth and personal development, along with great conditions of work for all the employees.

Work for Google

Google has always excelled in the philosophy of team building

At the same time, enjoying such opportunities come at a price. And while there are such great conditions of work, you must also be aware that having a job at Google, aside from being highly paid, implies focusing on efficiency, which sometimes causes stress among the company’s employees. Moreover, such great conditions of work at the company’s offices are created because employees have to work really a lot – and, sometimes, the only place where they can relax is right at the office during a break. That’s why, if you are a highly qualified engineer or developer, it will be tough for you to work for Google from home.

Thankfully, Google is, indeed, the most global company one is able to imagine (perhaps, along with Facebook), and so it should not come as a surprise that it tries to attract young talended engineers and developers from all over the world. If you are one of such, you can be sure that you will be more than welcomed in this organization. Also, a great advantage of Google is that it has a clear explanation of its employment policy and FAQ regarding all issues that may arise, and you can find links to these sources a bit lower.

Working at Google Headquarters: Why Many Workers Strive to Get a Job There

When you think about the work at Google, you may imagine it as a paradise with a high payroll, amazing pastime during the work hours, and ambitions goals you seek to accomplish. And indeed, partly it is so. Here, we have gathered a collection of advantages of work at Google, reported by the present and former employees of the company.

Working at Google headquarters

Google is a place, where many bright minds gather and share their ideas

However, you may consider some of these advantages rather as drawbacks, because some people consider “facing tough tasks” as an advantage, while others would feel rather negative about it. So, below is the list you should definitely look at.

  1. This company is already an established brand. Basically, this is one of the most recognized brands in the world, as the verb “to google” has become a commonly used word in the vocabulary of many users across the globe – not just tech nerds. You are barely able to find a representative of a young generation, saying that he or she does not know what is Google. So if you have got a job at Google, it means not only that you are likely to have a high payroll, but also to work for a prestigious, popular brand.
  2. Google is a cool place for ambitious, hard-working people. Basically, the job of the company’s management implies bringing smart, talented people together and making them create something great in teams. But once you enter this company, you feel that the place is empowered with energy and passion of the employees. In particular, there is a thing called “Testing On The Toilet.” For instance, the company’s employees place pages on the walls in the restrooms, and those papers teach about the latest developments in coding languages in quite an entertaining way, as they are stuffed with jokes and humor. Each week, a new “series” of such a toilet mini-magazine is released. So yeah, the company is innovative in regards even towards such minor matters.
  3. Google is a socially responsible company. Indeed, despite a large wave of criticism because of data collection by Google, this company appears to be socially responsible. In particular, it allocates billions of dollars for the charity purposes every year, funding green initiatives, education initiatives for children, and an initiative for making internet available for every person in the world. Yes, Google is a company that makes a difference.
  4. Work at Google means that the scale of your activities will be immense. Working at Google means that your decisions are likely to impact millions (if not billions) of users across the world, as the services of this company are used by a large number of people. It’s not going about only the Google Search, but also Gmail, Android platform, or YouTube. Each of these services enjoys myriads of users utilizing them every day, and so your developments and introductions are likely to impact many of those users.
  5. This company is a perfect place for “small people,” where they can do great things. The key thing about working at Google is an ability to take advantage of the empowerment of employees by the company, and those are not just empty words. At this company, you might find a person who graduated from the college not so long ago and managed to rewrite one of the most complex codes. Google is not a company where you will be hanging around for a year while learning what folder where to place. Here, you get a real job done.
  6. The number of talented and even genius employees working at Google is astounding. Indeed, not everyone who has got to work at Google is genius. But there are many outstanding employees whose work have changed the way the giant search machine functions, and they can share their opinion and stories over a lunch!
  7. If you are looking for bright career prospects and “expansion of your brain”, Google is a right place. If you want to work for Google, you need to be constantly developing. Otherwise, you won’t be competitive enough in order to work there. Once you have secured a workplace at Google, you will notice that a lot of people – including professors, politicians, businessmen, venture capitalists, Nobel prize winners, and authors of various books – come to Google and have lectures there. The company’s ability to gather bright minds in one single place makes it a perfect place for personal development.
  8. This company really cares about its employees. And it’s not going only about the conditions of work – many corporations are able to provide that. This company “buys” the loyalty of its employees by real care about their needs. For instance, the cases when the company provides its employees who live in the earthquake belt with earthquake kits are not rare.
  9. Microefficiency at Google is at its best. If you have ever had to make a presentation at a company, you might have faced an issue that there are no Ethernet cables, power bricks, or certain adapters. That’s not an issue at Google for sure. Every conference room at Google is provided with all possible adapters that might be needed. Moreover, the company also has the tech stop office and hardwear depot. If you need to fix anything, just walk in the tech stop office and tech geeks will fix any issue. In the hardwear depot, you can get any device or peripheral (mouse, keyboard, etc.) you might have a need in.
  10. Bonus: food is always amazing at Google! Cafés at Google provide the company’s employees with organic, healthy food, which is incredibly delicious! Moreover, you can never get bored of that food, since there is everyday something new that you will be barely able to find in top-notch restaurants. Moreover, the entire atmosphere at Google’s cafés is quite relaxing, soothing, and those are the perfect places for relaxation and small talks with your colleagues during an hour-long lunch.
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How to Work for Google: The Application Process Explained Step-By-Step

If the above listed advantages of work at Google are a worthy reason for you to try your luck and apply for a job at Google, you should do the following steps:

  1. Seek for a job you might be interested in at the Google Company. In particular, work at Google is available in more than 40 countries across the world (view here). Students are also able to apply. On this page, you need just to enter the profession or location in the search box and find a suitable vacancy by narrowing the search results according to the criteria you wish.
  2. After finding a suitable vacancy, find the “Apply Now” button, placed at the job description’s bottom.
  3. Sign in to your Google account.
  4. Once you have logged in, you can apply for a job by sending a resume and filling out an application form.
  5. Moreover, Google provides applicants with the following guidelines:
  • Your CV must be no larger than 2 megabytes.
  • You are able to apply for no more than 10 vacancies within the period of 24 hours.
  • If you want to reapply for the same vacancy, you must wait for a period of 90 days (though, Google points out that workers who have gained from 12 to 18 months of work experience succeed in getting a job more often).
  • You are able to make changes to your CV and all other information before submitting it, but, once you have submitted, you cannot do it anymore.
  • Cover letter, work history, and education are not mandatory.

If you want to have a look at all your Google job applications, you should go to this page. Here is a guide from Google how to apply for a job.

How to Get a Work at Google: What Questions You May Be Asked During an Interview?

If you eventually have been invited for an interview, you should get seriously prepared for it, if you really want to get a work at Google. Show that you are an  extraordinary (in a good way) person, you are passionate about what you do, and you can bring real value to the company. But the chances are very high that you will be asked the following five questions.

Working for google from home

Passing an interview at Google may be quite a tough task

  1. Have you ever done something really well in the past? If your answer will be just “yes,” then you will barely be hired. As the HR manager at Google explained, experts typically say: “I’ve done this thing a hundred of times, let me show you how to do it.” On the other hand, novices, despite failing regularly, seek for new ways of solving the same issue, which in the end is more beneficial. The HR manager explained that “employees are better at something when they are not aware of what they are doing.”
  2. Are “lazy” and “incompetent” are your attributes? If you are, then your chances of getting hired grow. It is far worse to be incompetent, get engaged in the tasks, and then cause a fail of the entire time. Though, “active” and “clever” is also quite a good mix.
  3. What prompted you to read the last five articles? If you won’t reply to this question or will answer something like “I don’t know, just found in the feed on Facebook,” don’t expect to get a work at Google. While working at Google, you must be able to work with data and information all the time and you are barely competent for this job if you can’t explain why you have got to read the last articles and why you needed to read them.
  4. What dishes should we order this evening? Basically, many of us would answer “I don’t mind, I’m up to all” or something similar. But don’t forget that you are having an interview in order to get a work at Google. Google wants its employees to stand up and take a role of a leader when it’s needed, thus bearing the entire responsibility. So, stand up and make your choice.
  5. Is your IQ level 130 or higher? If you answer “yes” to this question, it would be a complete failure. This shows that you care more about the IQ level than actual achievements – people who focus on real things don’t even have time to pass those IQ tests and know their mark. As the company’s HR manager says, “such kind of people always have the following thinking: something good happened because I’m smart. But if something bad occurred, that’s because someone else is an idiot.” Naturally, Google wants to stay away from such people.

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