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If you are an undergraduate or have just recently graduated, you may consider looking for work at McDonald’s as a good opportunity to kick start your career, and it does not matter in which country you live. McDonald’s is a global chain of fast food restaurants, so you the chances that this company is present in your country are 99 percent.

On the other hand, you may often hear scepsic about taking up a job at McDonald’s. The majority of people lament that if one is planning to start working for this company, one should start from the lowest position – a cleaner. After that, one gets an opportunity to go the career stairway up. Yet, that just means that every employee starts to work at McDonald’s in the same, “equal” conditions, and all employees have equal chances of professional and career growth.

Another frequent reason for being skeptical about the work at McDonald’s is quite an intense schedule and the constant pressure that employees of this company usually face. That results in a high turnover of employees, which also discourages many of the young workers. On the other hand, an ability to stand that kind of pressure and deal with difficult clients that you can develop during the time of work at McDonald’s will serve as a good foundation for your further career growth.

Yet, getting a job at McDonald’s also offers numerous advantages. For instance, you can easily keep studying at the university while taking up a part-time or full-time job at McDonald’s. Flexible schedule ensures that you will barely face any problem with this issue. Another reason for taking up a job at this company is an ability to get a start in your career and, thus, reveal your talents in practice. Eventually, you are able to get a job at McDonald’s in almost every country in the world, as this global chain of fast food restaurants is present almost in all countries. But if you need more solid reasons for applying for a job at this restaurant, just make use of the section below.

Reasons to Seek Work at McDonald’s

As it was noticed above, there are both advantages and drawbacks of working at McDonald’s. This section provides you with the information about why getting a job at McDonald’s may be a good idea for starting your career.

job at McDonald's

Work at McDonald’s will help you to develop your accountability and stick to work ethics

  1. Working at McDonald’s helps employees to stick to work ethics. And “work ethics” is not just a loud word and something abstract, notional. Basically, it is going about how you are able to work hard, how you behave while being loaded with work, and whether you possess the skills of multi-tasking. And while working at McDonald’s, you are given an opportunity to develop such skills, and that will be a solid brick in the construction of the successful career of yours.
  2. At McDonald’s, you will learn what the words “teamwork” and “hierarchy” mean. Indeed, you might have had some tasks to complete with a team at your college, but that’s a completely different matter. If you want to succeed and make a prospective career, you should know how business functions, what are the company’s operations and structure, and what the company’s hierarchy. By securing a job at McDonald’s, you will learn about the company’s structure, hierarchy, and how to work in teams. After gaining such an experience, you can be sure it will be useful in your further career development.
  3. You will really learn what is accountability and how important it is for business. Accountability is a cornerstone of any business, and that does not come as a surprise. Each person has certain functions within the overall structure of the company and if he/she fails to perform them, accountability must take place. In regards to that issue, McDonald’s is a perfect place to learn accountability with its clear duties, structure, and hierarchy. When workers are accountable for their productive and counter-productive actions, that ensures that the work environment is “healthy” enough, so the employees can make mistakes, analyze them, and avoid them in the future.
  4. McDonald’s is a responsible company socially and corporately. McDonald’s is one of the companies that provide the most effective training for its crew. The three parts that are crucial for the success of the company’s business are: operations, quality, and service. As you could have experienced on your own (if you have ever visited a restaurant of McDonald’s), all three above mentioned elements are set well at the company’s restaurants. Considering that such training is essential for the business of McDonald’s, you can be sure that it will also be a vital part in building your career.
  5. You are likely to face a lot of challenges after getting a job at McDonald’s. You might have a thought like “Why you have placed this reason as an “advantage?!” But one thing is certain – you are unlikely to build an outstanding, successful career without being able to deal with numerous challenges and problems. And that is the time when McDonald’s comes in. By learning how to deal with less serious yet not less urgent issues, you have good chances of developing the necessary skills for your further career. But, indeed, be ready for pretty tough times. It won’t be easy.

How to Apply for a Job at McDonald’s

Up to date, McDonald’s has almost 37,000 restaurants around the globe, employing over 375,000 employees. There are barely such situations when McDonald’s restaurants don’t need employees, as the turnover is quite high. Regardless of the reason that prompted you to apply for a job at McDonald’s, you must be aware of two things.

The first thing you should know about is that McDonald’s restaurants work in two ways: while one part of the restaurants are owned by the corporation, the other part of the restaurants work according to franchises. The previously mentioned number of employed people at McDonald’s is the number of people employed only for McDonald’s restaurants, without counting the restaurants that work according to franchises. If one would count both types of McDonald’s restaurants, the number of employees amounts to around 1.8 million. The differences between the two ways of the restaurants’ functioning include: differences in requirements for potential employees and differences in rehiring policies. All other aspects are the same.

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working at McDonald's

Around 1.8 million people are employed by McDonald’s around the world

The other aspect you should be aware of is the age of people whom your local McDonald’s is seeking to hire. Prior to applying, make sure that you match the age requirements. In general, McDonald’s tends to hire younger employees, and you perhaps could have already noticed it. The age requirements also vary between the franchise restaurants and original McDonald’s restaurants.

As you are aware of the both crucial aspects now, you can proceed to the guidelines that show you how to apply for a work at McDonald’s step by step:

  1. At first, you should go to the website of McDonald’s and check the restaurants nearby and job offerings.
  2. On the company’s website, you should find the McDonald’s restaurant where you wish to work.
  3. Find out whether and what are job offerings, available in that restaurant.
  4. Fill out the application form and send it to the company.
  5. Once the application is sent, the company’s managers will process it and contact you if your candidacy is needed and/or suitable. Make sure that you have provided correct mobile phone number and email address.

Another way of looking for a job at McDonald’s is simply visiting the McDonald’s restaurant near you and check out the section “Hiring.” Also, you can have a talk with the manager of that restaurant and find out whether new employees are needed. In such a case, don’t forget to bring your CV along with you.

McDonald's restaurants

Many of the world’s McDonald’s restaurants function according to the franchise

Work at McDonald’s typically ensures that you will get all social security benefits. You will be paid on the hourly basis and you will have a free meal during your break.

What You Need to Be Aware of Before Going to an Interview at McDonald’s

Once you have sent the application form and/or CV and it has been processed, the manager should contact you and invite for an interview. Don’t be frivolous about that, as getting the work at McDonald’s may turn out to be not as simple as it might seem at a first sight. Each company wants to ensure that it has good workers who are dedicated to the common goals and mission of the company, and McDonald’s is, indeed, not an exception.

So prior you will rush to an interview with a manager at McDonald’s, we highly suggest you to have a look at the frequently asked questions during interviews at McDonald’s and come up with reasonable, solid answers beforehand. Here are the questions you are likely to hear to McDonald’s:

  • What caused your decision to seek a work at McDonald’s? Naturally, every HR manager expects a different answer than “I came to earn some money” in this place. Payroll is, indeed, partly a reason to take up a job, but you should show to the HR manager that you want to work exactly for McDonald’s, not for KFC or Burger King. And even though such a question might seem a bit sneaky, it gives you a room to present yourself as a desired employee – you need just to research a bit about the company you want to get hired by. Speak about the company’s history, mission, goals, corporate structure, as well as you can mention prospects for personal development. For example, you can also mention that taking up a work at McDonald’s is good for you (if you are a student) because you seek for a flexible schedule. The most important thing, however, is to be fair.
  • Let’s a bit fantasize and imagine yourself in 5 years. Where would you be? At this point, you must prove that you will be a loyal employee at the company. Considering that McDonald’s key feature is fostering career development within the company, you should think ahead about how fast and justified will your career growth be at McDonald’s. In result, you have to mention a noticeably higher position within the company’s hierarchy (like a general manager), explain why you think and how you are going to reach it. It would not be bad to mention that a work at McDonald’s means good prospects for career development of talented employees, thanks to the well-thought system of remuneration, evaluation, and development. Be sure that the managers will be glad to hear it.
  • How would you deal with an unhappy client? Every company wants to make sure that its employees are able to handle non-ordinary situations or deal with difficult customers. You must show to the employer a well-thought set of actions you would undertake and that your emotions and patience would not get out of your control. Also, the HR manager should notice that you don’t fall in panic in difficult situations and when asked hard questions. Show to the interviewer a clear way out of the situation: “I attentively and patiently listen to the customer while apologizing, make sure that he or she leaves satisfied by providing options to compensate or solve the issue, and, if it does not work out, I report to the management for seeking a solution.”
  • Perhaps, you may have a question for me? McDonald’s is the type of the company where interviewers seek to actually interact with the interviewees and find a real interest in the job, rather than just hear common answers. So when you hear this kind of a question, this means you are given a chance to express your interest in getting a work at McDonald’s. For instance, the questions like “What are the duties for that position of work at McDonald’s?” or “What means a high-quality service at McDonald’s?” You can also be curious about what it means to be a perfect employee for McDonald’s, so the interviewer will notice your endeavor to develop professionally and bring more value to the company.

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