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Nordstrom appears to be a popular American chain of luxury clothing stores, which was founded back in the beginning of the 20th century by the Swedish emigrant John Nordstrom and his friend Carl Wallin. Nowadays, the chain can boast a huge popularity among customers in North America and quite an impressive number of stores, having almost 350 stores in Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United States. So the fact that many people seek to get a work at Nordstrom shouldn’t surprise anyone.

If you are considering to look for a work at Nordstrom, you should get to know at least some basic facts about the company and the corporation’s perception of its employees. Let’s begin with the wages the Nordstrom employees receive by saying that the average salary at the company is $42,661 for salespeople and $59,780 for store managers. Workers who get a full Nordstrom employment can enjoy 22 days of holidays in a year, while part-time workers can dedicate 19 days to their vacations in a year.

It is worth to note, however, that a large share of workers have a part-time employment at Nordstrom, amounting to 44% of the company’s employees overall. The majority of employees tend to be female, though 30% are men and there are worthy opportunities at this company, no matter of what gender you are.

working at Nordstrom

Bountiful employee perks from the company prompt many people to seek a work at Nordstrom

Surprisingly enough, the majority of job-seekers tend to look for a work at Nordstrom because of the great pride for their companies (95% of the respondents answered so). Among other reasons that prompt people to work for Nordstrom, there are such reasons like cool atmosphere (93%), good communication (92%), tough challenges they have to face (91%), good bosses and good rewards (90% for both). In general, 83% of employees confess that they are satisfied with their jobs at Nordstrom.

Indeed, the Nordstrom perks are really numerous and prompt many people to search a job at this company. Yet, you should be aware of the fact that the schedule is quite tough at Nordstrom and you may feel that you lack a sort of a flexible schedule or an ability to work from home. By keeping this in mind, you will surely make no mistake about seeking employment an Nordstrom.

Advantages of Working at Nordstrom

Surely, Nordstrom is a company that offers really bountiful and generous benefits to its workers, which is one of the main reasons that prompters job-seekers to look for a job at this company. For instance, Nordstrom pays to its employees the average wage of $20 per hour, while the average wage at the stores of its competitors barely exceeds $12 per hour. In this section, we will uncover more aspects that might give you a reason to look for a work at Nordstrom.

nordstrom hiring process

A variety of internship programs at Nordstrom are a good opportunity for kick starting your career at this company

  1. Nordstrom is one of the companies that offer top-notch health insurance. Even though there are a few negative reviews of the former Nordstrom employees about this matter, the majority of workers stick to the opinion that the health insurance, provided by this company to its workers, is one of the top benefits of working for this company. The health insurance package covers all aspects of medical care, including dental care, vision care, fertility treatments, subsidies of prescription drugs, and many more. So, you can be calm about the health insurance if you have secured a job at Nordstrom.
  2. Nordstrom offers generous discounts to all its employees. Since the very first day of your work at Nordstrom, you will receive – as all other employees as well – a discount of 20% on all products bought at,,, Rack stores, and Nordstrom stores. Besides, managers and workers who have received a recognition from Nordstrom can enjoy a discount of 33%! Apart from that, all Nordstrom employees enjoy a 20% discount for the company’s spa from Monday to Wednesday and a discount (all-time) on the company’s cafés, restaurants, and coffee bars. There are also three days in a year when all the workers receive a 40% discount on all of the company’s products – a great opportunity to take advantage of!
  3. Employees at Nordstrom can boast the wage that is significantly higher than the market average and the 401k plan benefits. It was already stated above that the Nordstrom employees receive the wages that are pretty higher than the market average. But apart from that, the company also co-finances (up to 50%) the 401k plans of its workers. Though, keep in mind that you are eligible to get a co-financing of your 401k plan only after having worked for Nordstrom for at least a year.
  4. The Nordstrom employees are able to take advantage of the company’s employee stock purchase plan (known as ESPP). Many companies tend to grant some of its shares to their workers over a certain period of time, but the ESPP plan works in a different way at Nordstrom. Basically, you are able to purchase the company’s stocks with a discount of 10% off the market price. Indeed, such an employee stock purchase plan is a subject to certain limitations, so don’t waste your chance and buy the company’s stocks up at a decent price.
  5. Nordstrom is a company that truly cares about its employees. Among important Nordstrom perks, you can find the so-called wellness incentives and programs. Basically, those are the on-site events, health screenings and assessments that encourage the company’s workers to be more attentive towards their health. As the company claims, workers tend to save over $300 per year thanks to such incentives from the company’s side. On the top of that, Nordstrom has numerous programs for new parents, paying up to $2,000 per every successful or attempted adoption. This way, the company strives to encourage its employees to become parents and helps in doing so.
  6. Salespeople get an additional incentive to strive to a better performance in the company. At the end of each year, the company’s top management defines 1% of the most successful salespeople at Nordstrom, granting them a title of Top Seller. After receiving such a title, the employees get an opportunity to spend a weekend in a cozy, nice place for rest and relaxation, and all of the expenses are covered by Nordstrom. During that weekend, the workers will get a chance to rest along with the company’s top managers and leaders, thus being able to talk to them and discuss important (as well as not important) matters.
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An Initial Step of the Nordstrom Hiring Process: How to Apply at Nordstrom

If such an abundance of benefits from Nordstrom has allured you to apply for a work at Nordstrom, then you should definitely take advantage of its Careers Page and submit your application online. Another way is applying for a job at Nordstrom through a recruiting website (such as Indeed). In order to apply for a Nordstrom job, stick to the following guidelines:

  • The first step in submitting an application to Nordstrom is opening your browser and going to the Careers Page of the company’s website.
  • The next step is creating your own profile on the website. Click on the “Create a Profile” button, complete the registration form, and log in to the website.
  • Click on the “Search Jobs” button. Sort out the open positions according to the criteria, including employee status, location, business area, and keywords.
  • Once you have found a job position that has evoken an interest in you (but don’t forget to read all the responsibilities and requirements), click on “Apply Online.”
  • Fill out the application form and send it over.

Getting Prepared for a Nordstrom Interview

Once you have submitted an application to Nordstrom, you should get prepared for an interview. In the majority of cases, potential candidates are interviewed by two managers. If the person seems unlikely to pass it successfully (or seems unsuitable to the company) but the managers want to give another chance to that candidate, they invite him/her to another interview with two other managers.

Nordstrom employment

It is important to have a clue about fashion in order to get a work at Nordstrom

So, the questions you might hear during your interview at Nordstrom may sound something like the following ones:

  • Why you have decided to seek a work at Nordstrom? The manager wants to find out the real reasons of why you are looking for a job exactly at this company. You should tell the genuine reasons of your decisions, supplemented by certain facts about the company (this would mean that you knew where you applied for, as well as you have knowledge about the company’s history and strategy). An example of such an answer:

“First of all, I want to stress that the way Nordstrom recognizes and encourages its employees is something inspiring, and one is able to achieve more in the company that motivates the workers. The fact that Nordstrom has been a successful chain of fashion stores for more than 100 years is a sign of a good management of human resources. I am sure that in such a conducive environment, I am capable of doing more for the sake of my career and the company’s common goals.”

  • What do you value in fashion the most? Considering that Nordstrom is an established brand in the fashion industry, it shouldn’t be surprising for you to answer the questions about fashion. So if you currently don’t have a clue about it, we highly suggest you to research about this matter a bit before heading to your interview. Your answer might sound something like:

“Fashion is a word that has, perhaps, a different meaning for different people. As for me, fashion is a way to express yourself in your own way, presenting yourself in a completely different light. Even a seemingly similar suit with a few details changed may look as something completely different, showing a personality in a completely different way. I am confident that my style and aesthetics will perfectly match Nordstrom.”

  • What do you think about the customer service? Does it have any meaning? The reason why many people tend to buy clothes in the Nordstrom stores is the chain’s ability to provide a memorable experience of purchasing and top-notch customer service. Therefore, the managers strive to ensure that the potential candidates match this criterion well. An example:

“I am aware of the fact that the customer service is of a key priority. But another thing about this matter is the fact that a perfect customer service can be provided only by a well-trained, united team of professionals, and so I will focus my efforts on building a thought-out process of serving customers with my co-workers.”

  • What is your way of dealing with an unsatisfied, angry customer? Considering that you have already grasped the importance of the customer service at Nordstrom, the manager wants to ensure that you will be able to deal rationally and cold-bloodedly in any stressful situation, striving to leave the customer satisfied regardless of a situation. Here is an example of an answer:

“If any problem has occurred and I can see that the customer is unhappy, I will apologize and ask if there is any problem. After the customer tells me his/her problem, I will apologize once again and find the ways to solve that issue. If dealing with that issue is not my competence but of a higher level of management, I will say so to the customer with a positive attitude, ask whether I can do anything else, and ask for the customer’s contacts in order to get in touch with him/her once the issue is resolved .”

Tips for Getting a Work at Nordstrom

Prior to going to your interview at Nordstrom, we suggest you to think about a couple of more aspects. If you take into consideration these aspects, your chances of getting a work at Nordstrom will, indeed, be higher:

  • If you are a graduate, try to take advantage of the numerous Nordstrom internship programs.
  • Keep in mind that its Rack Division is expanding at the fastest pace.
  • Even though individuals with skills in technology and engineering are highly appreciated at Nordstrom (and it will be a plus if you possess such skills), a person with almost any background may be hired.
  • A phone interview will be carried out at first.
  • Nordstrom expects potential candidates to talk about the recent news and changes within the company.
  • Prepare a question you want to ask the company’s manager during the interview.

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