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Subway is a popular global chain of fast food restaurants, scattered across the world. Up to the present time, the number of Subway restaurants amounts to almost 45 thousand in more than 110 countries, making it the largest fast food restaurant chain in the world. Given the availability of this company in many countries (though many restaurants function according to the franchise), it makes it really comfortable to seek a part-time or full-time work at Subway.

There is no need to say that such a large number of the company’s restaurants in many locations makes it extremely comfortable to seek a work at Subway – you will barely have to spend much time for getting to your job. Besides, many present and former Subway employees report that working at Subway is quite easy and you can learn everything really fast. Besides, you can also have free snacks and sandwiches – though, only at the times when there are no customers, as you have to service them.

Subway Hiring Tips

You may be quite busy during the peak hours and see such kind of queues

On the other hand, you should be aware that the company operates according to the franchise, and a large share of the Subway stores don’t actually belong to the company (even in the United States). So while many things may appear to be similar (as it is provided in the franchise contract), you may face a situation that many aspects of work at Subway may appear somewhat different from what you have heard. So you should check how the exact restaurant where you want to get a job functions in order not to get frustrated.

In the majority of Subway restaurants, employees get paid not on monthly, but on bi-weekly basis. Also, many former employees fret about unprofessional, rude mid-level management – yet, this matter varies across different Subway restaurants (once again, this is a matter of the franchise). Another matter to be aware of is that Subway is a kind of restaurants where you can experience completely busy days, which means that you will barely have a break during such busy days. But if ready to deal with that, go ahead and apply for a work at Subway. Though before doing so, have a look at what Subway perks you can take advantage of after securing a job at this chain of fast food restaurants!

Why Workers Tend to Seek Work at Subway

Before you apply for a work at Subway, you should get to know what you will actually get from working there in the first place. Subway is, indeed, not a company like Google or Apple, which can offer enormously generous packages to its employees, top-class training, and similar stuff. On the other hand, it is obvious that there are certain benefits you may take advantage of while working at Subway.

Subway Job Application

It is fairly easy to apply for the Subway franchise

So, these are the most noticeable, “tangible” perks you can obtain when working at Subway:

  1. Subway provides you with a decent, stable income, 401k, health insurance, and other benefits. Despite frequent criticisms, wages at Subway are the market’s average, and, moreover, the employees receive their payrolls twice per month. And while the company’s employees are loaded with hard work, they receive a pretty good compensation, transformed into all these benefits. You can be sure that you will not be underpaid at this restaurant chain.
  2. Subway restaurants are scattered across the entire world. Do you want to work at a Subway restaurant in your home country? There is no problem about that, as the restaurants of this chain are available in almost every country! Of course, those restaurants mostly function on the basis of the franchise, but that ensures that they must stick to certain rules, provided in the franchise contract.
  3. If you want to become a small entrepreneur, you can get a franchise from Subway in your home country! Subway is able to boast such a huge number of fast food restaurants across the world exactly thanks to its franchise policy. You can open your own Subway fast food restaurant by applying for a franchise (you can do it on this page). Getting a franchise from the world-famous chain of fast food restaurants is an easy way of becoming an entrepreneur.
  4. Working at Subway means that you have got an opportunity to have a flexible schedule. Do you need to combine your job with studying or you want to have just a second part-time job? No problem, as the work at Subway is perfectly suitable for these purposes! Typically, the management at restaurants approaches such issues with understanding, and your co-workers, in case if something goes wrong, will also be able to change shifts with you.
  5. Subway provides its employees with free drinks and food during work hours and 50% discounts in the rest of the time. And even though not all Subway restaurants provide its employees with this perk, the rough majority of them provide free drinks and food during the work shifts (though, sometimes it’s hard to deal with flows of clients and there is barely any time for a break). On the other hand, many employees enjoy 50% discounts for the restaurant’s food in all other time.

Subway Job Application: How to Apply for a Job at Subway

If you want to get hired by Subway, you need to submit a Subway job application. First of all, you should decide where you want to work: in the corporate offices or in the company’s regional restaurants. If you choose the latter one, the list of occupations you can apply for includes:

  • Sandwich artist;
  • Senior sandwich artist;
  • Shift manager;
  • Assistant manager;
  • Multi-unit manager.

You can submit a Subway job application in two different ways: filling it out in one of the company’s restaurants or submitting the application online. However, you should be aware that not every Subway restaurant accepts applications – this also depends on the restaurant owner who purchased the franchise.

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Job at Subway

In order to get a job at Subway, you need to be oriented towards providing a great customer service experience

You can submit a Subway job application by following these guidelines:

  1. The first step is, indeed, accessing this webpage, owned by Subway.
  2. There, select your country and language and click on “OK.”
  3. On the next page, click on the “APPLY NOW” button.
  4. By using the search box and the map, find the store where you want to work, select its address (just under the map), and click on “Continue.”
  5. In the next window, provide your email address and enter the Captcha code. Click on “”
  6. Fill the Subway job application out. The application includes 6 sections: personal information, questionnaire information, availability, education information, employment history, and references. As you can see, it may take quite a lot of time. After filling the Subway job application out, just click to send it over. You will be called within a few weeks, but it would better if you call to the restaurant on your own.

Subway Hiring Process: Getting Ready for Interview Questions

Once you have submitted your Subway job application, you should prepare well for the oncoming interview, if you truly want to obtain a work at Subway. Generally, the interviewer will ask you about your background, education, work history, whether you know how to cook, and similar questions. Most employees report that their interviews have been a quite easy part of the overall Subway hiring process. At the end, however, you should be prepared to answer some questions that are common during Subway interviews.

So, these are the questions you might hear during your interview at Subway:

  • What prompted you to seek a work at Subway? Every interviewer who asks this question wants to hear an honest, sincere answer from you. However, you can barely expect to get a work at Subway if your answer will be something like “I’ve got here just to make some dough.” You should know some true facts about the company, its features and corporate culture, and so it’s a pretty good chance to show it:

“What I love about Subway the most is that you treat your employees and your customers in the same way. I truly want to find a job at the company that focuses on the customer service experience so much in the first place. Besides, I’ve also heard that you reward talented and hard-working employees, and I hope to unleash my potential at your company.”

  • What are the three words that would describe you in the most exact way? By asking this question, the interviewer wants to find out more about you, as well as this is a good chance for you to show how you can deal with explaining your opinion. Your answer may sound something similar to:

“Considering that I am given only three words to pick, I would select goal-oriented, motivated, and fast-learning. I’m goal-oriented because I always focus on the final result and do whatever it takes to reach it. Motivated means that I’m not going just to do my job. My ambitions are higher than that, and I will do my job in a best possible way and, hopefully, will later get a promotion. And the ability to learn fast allows me to quickly master new skills, necessary for the new job.”

  • What is your favorite food item from the menu at Subway? It may seem as quite an unusual question for a job interview, right? Well, the interviewer simply wants to get to know whether you are aware of the menu at Subway restaurants, so you can better understand the needs of customers. For example:

“I frequently drop in one of the Subway restaurants to snack something on my way home. Also, we frequently meet up with my friends in one of the restaurants of your company. So I know the menu of your restaurants pretty well. But when it comes to me, I prefer the Black Forest Ham sandwich more than anything.”

  • Have you ever had a job at a restaurant or any experience of work with food? Be aware of this question, but answer sincerely. The interviewer wants to know whether you have ever had to work with food, since it would be easier for the company to train you in such a case. If you don’t have any experience of work in a restaurant, tell about any experience of work with food you have ever had:

“Unfortunately, I have never had an opportunity to work in a restaurant. However, I have gained experience of cooking at home, since my parents had frequently left with my younger siblings at home, for whom I had to cook.”

  • What job do you plan to occupy within 5 years? The manager will obviously try to find out whether you plan to stay within the organization for long. Also, he/she aims to assess your ambitions – try to be neither too ambitious nor low-ambitious. For example:

“I am sure of my abilities to learn, bring tangible results, and cooperate with my co-workers, and so I plan to have a job of an assistant manager at one of the Subway restaurants in 5 years. I am determined to make as much of an effort as needed in order to provide a great customer service experience.”

Subway Hiring Tips

Prior to heading for your interview, you should also think about whether you have taken into account all details. In particular, some of these tips might help you to get a work at Subway:

  • Don’t wear too casual clothing.
  • Don’t be nervous in front of the interviewer and answer all the questions sincerely.
  • Be persistent – this quality will definitely help you to get hired.
  • It is recommended to call back to the restaurant a week or two weeks after the interview and ask about the management’s decision.
  • Show yourself as a suitable person to be hired, i.e. try to express that you always stick to the work ethic, that providing a great customer service experience is a key thing for you, etc.

In case if you want to try your luck and get hired elsewhere, you may also look for a job at Aldi and Starbucks.


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