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Walmart has been an American retail giant for decades, and it also had been the largest American company during quite a solid period of time. More than 1 million 400 thousand people are employed by Walmart in the United States alone – and that is without counting the people whom the company employed in the other 27 countries in which this giant retailer is present. And despite the fact that the company is often criticized for underpaying (while, in fact, paying the market wages) its employees, more and more people strive to get a work at Walmart.

And even though Walmart is not the world’s largest company in terms of market capitalization anymore, the Fortune magazine reported that it was the world’s largest company in terms of revenues in 2016, whereas the revenues amounted to almost $486 billion. The company has also heavily invested abroad, though with somewhat ambiguous results. Besides, Walmart is a company that especially favors militaries and has developed several programs for the employment of former soldiers.

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Walmart appears to be one of the largest employees in the United States

A clear advantage of getting employed at Walmart is that actually almost everyone is able to enter the organization – regardless of your background, education, age and sex. This makes the giant retailer attractive for large groups of people, who use basic positions in the company’s hierarchy in order to kick start an outstanding career further. And it is not going solely about low-position jobs, but also managerial positions as well.

Walmart is characterized by the inclusion of its employees, whereas many of them succeed to grow to managerial positions. Indeed, it cannot boast as high inclusion as the companies like Google or Apple, but this caused by the specificity of this industry and a high turnover of employees on low positions. Yet, the corporate culture of Walmart is something extraordinary and well known in the United States and abroad. So, given the specificity of this industry and all the company’s inherent features, it would not be wrong for sure to start a career within its hierarchy. And below, you can see a few reasons why you should consider to seek a work at Walmart.

Reasons to Consider Getting a Work at Walmart

Despite being heavily criticized for underpaying its employees, Walmart is actually a great place to start (and continue?) your career. So if you are currently looking for a job, you should seriously consider taking up a work at Walmart due to the following reasons:

Walmart hiring

Employees at Walmart get opportunities for further training, personal and career development

  1. Walmart offers a stable income to all of its employees, as well as it provides 401k, medical benefits, and all other benefits. Indeed, while the company is criticized for paying low salaries to many of its workers, it provides all benefits (medical, 401k, etc.) and a guaranteed, stable income. Besides, despite the fact that sometimes salaries of low-position workers are lower than $12 per hour, the company often doesn’t require any special education, training, skills, qualifications, or knowledge before actually hiring that person. What other company would agree to provide such benefits and payroll, considering such a “lack of demands?” Besides, many of the jobs imply just carrying out various routines, such as putting items on the shelves.
  2. Corporate culture is not an empty word at Walmart. Walmart does its best at engaging its employees to collaborate in teams and has a long established corporate culture tradition. It can be surely said that Walmart is an organization with a strong culture, where a corporate culture helps its massive engine to work properly, without failures.
  3. Walmart is a corporation that wants you to develop personally and stay loyal towards the company. Of course, Walmart hires a large number of employees with questionable background, without higher education, or who do not possess specific skills that are required in order to succeed in a corporation. Yet, this company is the one that truly cares about its employees, whereas it often providers lectures, seminars, and training. Walmart seeks the workers to develop personally further and built a great career while staying within the company.
  4. This company has a clear hierarchy and stringent subordination. Indeed, it is not one of the tech companies – like the above mentioned Google or Apple – that barely have any strong hierarchy. The specificity of this industry implies that you have got to have a strong hierarchy that will be clear to all the employees in order to excel. And even though many people refer to this aspect as a drawback, it could barely be named so. When you know what are your duties, what you are responsible for, and who is your manager is something that makes your work easier and more understandable.
  5. Walmart is a socially responsible corporation. In the United States, for example, Walmart is a company that has a certain quota of workplaces, dedicated to the retired soldiers. This way, the company helps the former soldiers to reintegrate back into the normal life, providing them with opportunities for career growth and clear work duties.
  6. There are really lots of Walmart stores in various places. This makes it easier to find a job not far from your living place. There is no need to say that it will cut your fare expenses and time you spend on reaching the workplace, right?

How to Apply at Walmart: Getting Walmart Employment Explained Step-By-Step

Once you have got a wish to get a work at Walmart, you should complete a simple set of actions in order to be considered as a candidate. So if you want to get hired by Walmart, you should follow these guidelines:

  1. First of all, you should fill a job application. Walmart accepts solely online applications, and you can fill the application either from your home or at any Walmart kiosk. The kiosks are located at the back part of the stores and near the Customer Service offices. Though, doing it at home will be easier for you, since you will do it in a comfortable environment – the entire process of filling an application may last up to an hour.
  2. In order to fill a job application at home, you need to go to this page, create an account by providing your email address and password, log in to your newly created account, and fill the job application form out. Don’t forget to provide your availability hours, jobs you are applying for, and work experience.
  3. Right after submitting an application, you will have to pass the so-called assessment test. It consists of 65 questions similar to “It is unacceptable to come late to a job.” You can choose answers ranging from “Strongly Disagree” to “Strongle Agree.” Based on the results of your test, you will be placed either in “Tier 1” or in “Tier 2” – applicants from the first tier have a preferred position than applicants from the second tier. By the way, always choose either “Strong Agree” or “Strongly Disagree” and never something in the middle – then, your test results will be better.
  4. After that, you will be invited to a first interview. There will be three interviewers, and each of them will question you (below, you can see frequently asked questions during Walmart interviews). If the company will be interested in you, they will contact you again and invite for a second interview. The interview is almost same as the first, yet you will be asked to pass a drug test upon the interview completion.
  5. The last stage of the Walmart hiring process is orientation, and it will take three days for you to complete it. During the first and second days, you will be busy with paperwork, getting to know more about the company, educational videos, etc. Yet, you will have to spend the third day of your orientation on passing a number of computer modules, called CBLs. They will teach about the things you need to know, and upon the end of each module you will have to pass a test. If you don’t make it, just repeat it again.
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Walmart Hiring Process: What Are Frequently Asked Questions During Interviews

If you have been invited to an interview at Walmart, you should not expect it to be easy. But if you are serious about getting a work at Walmart, be ready to answer the following questions:

  • Do you plan to work at Walmart for a long period? When you are asked such a question, the interviewer wants to get a clear answer of why would you stay at the company for a long period. At this point, you should explain that you know that Walmart tries to promote the upward mobility within the company and that a large number of its top-rank managers started as ordinary employees, and so you expect to unleash your potential and also build a successful career at Walmart.

Jobs at Walmart

In order to get employed by Walmart, you need to be well-prepared for the interviews

  • What is your knowledge about Walmart? You should show to the interviewer that you know about the company, its history and corporate structure, and so you are a suitable person to be hired. For instance, don’t forget that Walmart is the largest retailer in the world, that it, along with Sam’s Club, was founded by Sam Walton, who strived to deliver extra value to the company’s customers. Also, point out the company’s ability to make its employees move forward (see the above written question and answer).
  • You are aware that there are rules in every company. When you didn’t follow the rules, why it happened, and how it ended? At this point, you should point out that you are conscious that rules are important for every organization, as they are created for the sake and safety of all workers. You can mention that once you did not follow a protocol due to being in a hurry, but that it was a single mistake.
  • Can you name your weak points? If you answer something like “I don’t have weak points,” you will barely be hired. You should mention one or a few drawbacks of yours, but also add that you are aware of them and you know how to deal with that. For instance, your answer may sound something like: “I have a tendency to criticize others, dislike what others do, and so I frequently end up completing numerous projects on my own because I simply didn’t like the way others did their job. But now I know how to communicate effectively and share my expectations with others the way that a project will be completed in a right way.”

Tips That Will Help You Get a Job at Walmart

Here are a few additional tips that may help you to get a work at Walmart. Don’t neglect them, as some of them might be really essential.

You are more likely to be hired if you are able 24/7. It occurs very often that HR managers choose unqualified workers over trained ones because of their availability: it is far easier to hire a new employee, train him, and fill a schedule, instead of hiring someone who is unavailable half of the time.

You are able to apply for a job in more than one store. When you fill the job application out, there is not only work at Walmart available, but also Distribution Centers, Neighborhood Markets, and Sam’s Clubs.

Don’t set limits in a number of jobs. Walmart trains all its employees, so you should not limit yourself when looking for a work at Walmart. Of course, you can exclude some of the job positions you prefer not to take up, but try to keep your limits as little as possible.

Get referrals from other employees at Walmart. Walmart supermarkets are just everywhere, so you should stroll around, talk with cashiers, stockers, and other workers in order to find out whether they may give a recommendation or suggest to an HR manager to hire you.

Be persistent. When you come to an interview at Walmart, you should ask about how often should you call to the HR manager in order to find out whether they have checked your job application. Persistence does not always mean something bad.

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