Canada is not accidentally claimed to be a land of immigrants and opportunities, whereas it has given a chance for the other life for representatives of different European nations throughout centuries. Indeed, this country can boast many opportunities for immigrants, such as the high quality of life, wonderful, well-preserved nature, and amazing cities that perfectly suit for a calm, enjoyable life.

Yet, you cannot rush to Canada at your own sweet will, while knowing nothing about the visa regulations, work conditions and how to get a job, and the overall lifestyle of an ordinary Canadian. Moreover, you should also speak the language the people you meet on the streets and at your work speak. And with the purpose of helping you to solve these issues, we have created this page, where you can find all necessary information about immigrating to Canada.

Know about the latest developments in the country

Prior to arriving in Canada, you should find employment or a place for studying. Otherwise, you are eligible to come to this country only with a purpose of tourism. You should stay informed about the recent developments in the country if you want to start studying or working there, and this is the time when our News in Canada section will help.

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Primarily, the news published in this section will focus on the Canadian labor market and state of the Canadian economy, whereas both these issues are crucial when it comes to arriving in the country.

Get to know about the Canadian education and language situation

Once you have made up your mind about settling in any other country than your home, you should be ready for getting integrated in its society. Naturally, Canada is no exception, and these sections will help you to deal with such issues like language or studying.

The diversity of Canada

Indeed, Canada is quite a diverse country when it comes to languages. Considering that the country had been under the colonial rule of the French and British empires for quite a long time, it is not a surprise that both of these languages are widely spoken within the country. However, there are certain dialects of both English and French, and you must be ready to encounter such a situation that, even if you know any of these languages perfectly, you might misunderstand some Canadian citizens.

However, Canada is truly a land of immigrants and opportunities, and there are large ethnic minorities living within the country. In particular, the list includes a large number of European diaspora, such as Italian, Spanish, Irish, German, Ukrainian, Polish, and Russian. So it should not be surprising for you that the state also protects the rights of the minorities.

After all, there are also Canadian citizens who adhere to their roots and speak languages that have been spoken throughout those territories before the colonial rule appeared. At the present time, the state promised to protect the rights of those citizens to speak their native languages, and you can find out more about it by visiting the Learn Languages in Canada page.

Studying in Canada

Another page in the Canadian section – named as “Study in Canada” – is dedicated to all issues concerning the education system of Canada. It does not matter whether you are planning to immigrate to Canada and need to find out what education your children are able to get or whether you want to start your life in Canada by enrolling in one of the Canadian universities, this page will definitely be useful for you.


Starting your life in Canada by studying at one of its top-notch universities is a promising prospect

In particular, you will get to know about how the Canadian education system is financed and structured. As well, you will learn about when the children go to kindergartens and schools in Canada and how long the studying lasts.

Yet, this page will be especially interesting for those people who want to pursue a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD diploma in Canada. You will find out about what are the average tuition fees for undergraduate and Master’s programs, as well as you will get to know how the system of higher education functions in Canada. On the top of that, you will be given a ranking of the best Canadian universities, where you can enroll in and start your career from such a major step.

Get used to the Canadian lifestyle

In case if you plan to move to Canada for the purpose of either studying or working, you need to get integrated in the Canadian society as soon as possible. Even though it might seem an easy thing to do, you have to acquire a lot of knowledge about different aspects of life in Canada. The following sections are aimed to help you to deal with this issue.

Learn about the Canadian culture

Prior to moving to any land, you should find out about the history of its foundation, as well as notable personalities of this country. Therefore, the Canadian Culture page contains an important piece of information, which you will need upon your arrival in the country. Apart from the story of the foundation of the present-day Canada and its history, you will learn about its music, arts, architecture, and literature, as well as you will find out about the stereotypes of the Canadian people and will learn how to deal with them.

Renting or purchasing an apartment in Canada

In order to live in Canada, you should also deal with more practical issues, such as the issue of your accommodation. The Housing & Rentals page contains an informative guide about the real estate market of Canada, as well as its specialties out there. You will learn about how to rent an accommodation, where you can find accommodation for rental, and what are the most usual types of housing in Canada.

Traveling across the marvelous country of Canada

Living in the country is not limited solely to solving material and practical issues, but also provides lots of various opportunities. One of such opportunities is the opportunity of tourism, about which you can learn more on our Travel & Leisure page. This page will actually inform you about the most notable cities and places to visit, as well as what are the most popular tours purchased by “lazy” tourists.

live in canada

You need to learn about many aspects of living in Canada before settling in this country

Yet, you will find out more about leisure activities of the Canadians as well, and you will definitely like our post about extreme sports in Canada in case if you are a fan of such sports.

Staying in Canada and staying healthy

The Health page is, actually, a clear guide of how to deal with the medical issues during your stay in Canada. All in all, you will be told about how the Canadian health care system functions with public funding, where you can buy drugs and at what cost, how to deal with the Canadian hospitals, and, on the top of it, how to save your money on the provision of some medical services.

Yummy in my tummy

The Gastronomy page is a real El Dorado for those people who love tasting something new in every country. It will narrate you not only about the traditional dishes – many of which are also borrowed from other cuisines – of the Canadians and their traditional restaurants, yet you will also get to know what the Canadians prefer to drink on holidays and every day.

Find out what you need to start working

The Work in Canada section provides you with the information about the state of the Canadian labor market, which is a very important issue if you plan to work in Canada anytime soon. Apart from it, there is provided also other information, concerning such issues as the types of employment in Canada and what are the best ways of finding employment in this country.

canada health care

The Canadian health care industry is among the industries that provide the biggest number of workplaces

You will be able to find out about what professions are most demanded and sought-after in this country.

Visa regulations and work permits

The last section is Visa & Permits, which appears to be of a significant importance to any immigrant. It provides you with information about types of Canadian visas, how to get a permit for studying and working in Canada, as well as what conditions you should satisfy in order to become a Canadian citizen. Another article on that page will help you to obtain a Canadian visa for the purpose of tourism.

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