10 Best Canadian Theaters


Canada is, indeed, a land of theaters, and the Canadian culture has been heavily influenced by the development of theaters throughout the country’s history. Even though it is, without any doubt, hard to determine what are the best Canadian theaters, we have attempted to collect the theaters that it would be irremissible to miss during your stay in Canada.

The Centaur Theatre, housed in the building of the Old Stock Exchange Building that was constructed in 1903 in Montreal, is definitely one of the best Canadian theaters. The theater was founded in 1969 and features 2 halls with 250 and 440 seats. Actually, it is one of the few English-speaking theaters in Montreal. Another popular theater in Montreal is the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde, which was founded back in 1951. The theater has mostly a classic European repertoire.

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Théâtre du Nouveau Monde appears to be one of the best in Montreal

In Ontario, you should definitely visit the Magnus Theater, housed in the old school built back in 1884. The design of the school has been completely preserved in its initial state, and so the visitors are able to relish in the amazing, authentic appearance of this building. The theater is mostly focused on developing new plays and bringing innovations to the theater. The Grand Theater was founded back in 1901 and is located in the city of London – not the UK, but in Ontario. Over the last several decades, many outstanding actors have performed in this theater. Moreover, the company has founded the High School Project, which led to more than 20 plays written by scholars to be played on the stage of the Grand Theater.

The Theater Kingston is another theater in Ontario, located in the city of Kingston. It was founded in the 1990s and now appears to be the largest theater company in the city. The theater is best renowned for its unusual performances, including bilingual plays. The Windsor Light Music Theater was founded as amateur theater and offers “Broadway-style” performances to its viewers.

In British Columbia, you might encounter an outdoor theater called the Caravan Farm Theater. All of its plays are staged in the open air and feature many unique attributes, as for a theater. In particular, all the theater’s plays take place 11 kilometers away from the city of Armstrong, which allows to find the environment suitable for each play. Don’t doubt whether it’s comfortable to get that far or not, because between 13,000 and 16,000 visitors go to this location to have a look at the marvelous plays. The Arts Club Theater Company is among the most popular in Vancouver, offering new plays in the following genres: dramas, revues, musicals, and comedies.

The Theater Calgary in the region of Alberta was founded back in 1944 and offers classic European plays to its visitors. And the last theater to be included in this list of the best Canadian theaters is the Ship’s Company Theater from Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, which mostly offers new plays.

However, it is impossible to place all worthy Canadian theaters in one single list. And it has been nothing said about the famous Canadian festivals, dozens and dozens of which take place in the country every year.


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