Tips for Tenants: How to Avoid Unnecessary Problems


If you are a good tenant with a decent, unspotted background, you deserve the equally good landlord. However, it does not appear to be always so in this world, and you might meet bad landowners who, then and later on, may cause a lot of mess in your life, too. However, there are several important rules you should know before trying to look for an accommodation, and these tips for tenants will help you guard yourself against potential problems.

Knowing your rights is essential while looking for an accommodation. Prior to looking for a potential apartment or house, you should learn the legal base of the country or region you live in! And actually, it is one of the most important tips for tenants, which is being neglected a way too often by many people. For instance, it is normal to ask for a security deposit in some European countries, yet in several Canadian provinces – such as Ontario – it is completely illegal. Equally illegal is to ask for post-dated cheques there. But without knowing the legal base of your region or country, you will be unaware of it and will listen only to what your landlord has told you.

You should avoid paying in cash, no matter what. Different situations take place, yet paying with cash is always a very bad idea. If there is no other way than to pay with cash, you should demand a receipt from your landlord outright. The fact is that every financial transaction of yours must have a paper trail. Otherwise, it will be impossible to prove in court that you have paid anything at all. And one of other important tips for tenants, directed connected with this tip: don’t ever make an installment or payment to so-called “landlords” online. Unless you want to be scammed.

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Check the accommodation and make sure there is nothing broken before signing a contract

Papers always matter, even when it is going about repairs. You have told the landowner that a pile in the bath has got broken and he told you he’ll fix, yet no result for more than a month? The case is that you should demand a paper, a written promise of what and when should be done by your landowner. Otherwise, you will be unable to prove in court that you have communicated with your landowner regarding this matter at all.

Taking your friend to look at a potential apartment/house is never a bad idea. When you meet a landowner, he/she might say one kind of things, yet it might be completely different later. The chances that the landowner will renounce his/her words, after your friend has heard the entire talk, are much lower.

Inspect the house or apartment before signing the contract and moving in. Don’t forget to take photos and notes, if anything is broken or spoiled out there. So if the landowner will try to blame you for it later, you will have enough proofs to show that he/she is lying.

Don’t hover. 24 hours are a pretty decent time in the Canadian housing market, and the desired apartment can be taken in a matter of hours. So don’t waste your time and rush for an attractive offer.


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