5 Best Canadian Universities


Tens of thousands of students come to Canada to start their studies in the top-notch Canadian universities. There are several reasons to start your studying in Canada: it is relatively easy to get a Canadian visa, the cost of studying is noticeably lower than in such countries like the United States and the United Kingdom (while the quality of education remains high), and an immigrant-friendly environment. This article will give you a short glimpse at the 5 best Canadian universities.

McGill University. This public university deservedly tops the list of the best Canadian universities. The university was founded back in 1821 thanks to a royal charter, issued by the British monarch. As for the present time, more than 40,000 enroll in the university every year, with a share of more than 25% of them being international. McGill University is recognized as the best university of Canada by many rankings and it can be explained by simple facts: McGill University is the only Canadian university to be a member of the Global University Leaders Forum. It is one of just two universities to be a member of the Association of American Universities located outside of the US. 12 Nobel laureates are associated with this university. The university is located in Montreal.

University of Toronto. This is another Canadian public university to be included in the list of best Canadian universities. As its name suggests, it was founded in Toronto back in 1827 and it happened due to the same reason as for McGill University: thanks to a royal charter of the British monarch. It is ranked 32 among all universities of the world, carrying out researches and bringing innovations in many fields. In particular, the university is known best for the discovery of stem cells and insulin. It is ranked 3 to be among the best universities for studying nursing (in the world).

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top canadian universities

University of Toronto is considered to be one of the best university not only in Canada, but in the entire world

University of British Columbia. University of British Columbia, also known as UBC, is also a public university that was founded back in 1908. Surprisingly enough, though, it was founded as a college of McGill University, but became independent in 1915. It is ranked 45 in the tanking of the world’s best universities and 60,000 students come to Vancouver for studying at this institution every year. 7 researchers affiliated with this university received Nobel prizes. The present-day Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, is an alumni of this university.

University of Alberta. This university is located in the Canadian city of Edmonton and, at the present time, 38,700 students from more than 145 countries are enrolled in this educational institution. This university is recognized to be among the best ones for studying nursing and medicine, though there are 18 various faculties and more than 400 study programs. To let you understand the importance of this university for Alberta, it is the fourth-largest employer in the province.

Université de Montréal. Over 67,000 students study at this university, which was established in 1878. It can boast to have the largest number of the research centers in Canada (150 overall). The university also has a school of engineering and a business school, as well as it offers more than 650 undergraduate programs. The university is a member of U15, the group of the best Canadian universities that are publicly owned.


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