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Canada is not only a marvelous, even desired place to live in due to the quality of life in this country, but also one of the top destinations for tourists from all over the world. Indeed, this country cannot boast as long and rich history as many European countries, along with their ancient edifices and captivating architecture, do. Yet, there are many reasons to go on a Canada travel.

Canada represents a country with a mix of different cultures from Europe and Asia, where various identities and nationalities overlap. In addition to that, Canada is a land with amazing and well-preserved nature, where you can relish skiing, mountaineering, mountain biking, and many other sport activities. On the top of it, the Canadian people managed to build a country with many tourist attractions, gorgeous edifices, and impressive architecture. Is it possible to miss and not to have a look at all this?

The most popular Canadian cities and regions for tourists

There are myriads of attractions and, actually, wonders that you may discover while being on a Canada travel, and even a decade will not be enough to traverse the entire country and explore it completely. This list contains top regions that gather tourists from all over the world, and it would be a crime to travel to Canada without seeing these places.

Toronto, the country’s largest metropolitan city, is not the capital of Canada, indeed, yet it is a city that must not be avoided during a Canada travel. Have you ever thought that New York may look cleaner, more civilized, with more arranged and thought-out architecture? If the answer is “no”, then you should rush to Ontario. The city’s towering skyscrapers will not leave the tourists unaffected, and large shopping malls in Yorkville will allow shoppers to relish in their favorite activity. Besides, the city is also renowned for its achievements in sport – the famous hockey and NBA teams are based exactly here.

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Yorkville is a genuine paradise for shoppers from the entire world

Montreal is another major destination in Canada and appears to be France beyond France. More than a half of the city’s population speaks in French, and the majority of hotels, restaurants, and bars have their signboards written in French. The downtown of this city can boast the modern, present-day architecture. Yet, there is a special atmosphere in this city, created by the street art, street music performers, as well as the district of Old Montreal and numerous city’s museums.

Vancouver has been named several times as the best city to live in, and this city, cozily nestled between
mountains, proves it to all tourists from the entire world over and over. Particularly, you should a walk across a canyon on the prolonged, yet scary Capilano Suspension Bridge, hanging 70 meters over the Capilano River. Also, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Vancouver Aquarium, Stanley Park with its horse-drawn tours, and the Classical Chinese Garden. If you are interested more in knowledge and science, you should definitely visit the Vancouver Art Gallery and Science World. However, finish your meeting with Vancouver on a major, impressive note: get to the Grouse Moutain by using aerial tramway and get an amazing view on the entire city from the mountain’s peak.

Quebec is another major city in Canada, recommended for a visit during a Canada travel. Old Quebeck was included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO, and there is no surprise why it happened – even a hotel in this area looks like it had been built at least 4 centuries ago and has been perfectly preserved. Other must-see attractions include the city’s fortifications, Place Royale, Port de Quebec, Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre Shrine, and Montmorency Falls Park. Definitely, this city is able to boast, perhaps, the best architecture within the country.

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Mount Logan is the second-highest mountain in North America

However, not all must-see destinations are simply the cities you have to visit. For instance, we would highly recommend you to travel to Niagara Falls, the largest waterfall in the world, located not far from Toronto, on the country’s border with the United States. The Canadian Rockies are another must-see attraction, with a large system of mountains spanning from the Pacific Coast up to the Canadian Prairies, from British Columbia up to Alberta. The highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies is Mount Robson with the height of 3,954 meters. Fans of mountaineering shouldn’t miss the region of Yukon either, where they can find Mount Logan, the second-highest mountain in North America, lagging behind only the famous McKinley. The region is scarcely populated and offers you a great time in a loneliness with the nature.

Most popular tours in Canada

If you don’t want to explore the country on your own during your Canada travel, you might consider buying some Canadian tours. For example, the 13-hour long Vancouver to Victoria and Butchard Garden Tour always tops the lists of the most popular Canadian tours. In the course of the tour, you will have a look at the beautiful Canadian nature and mountains, after which you will stop at the famous Butchard Gardens with more than 22 hectares of pure nature.

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Is it possible to visit Canada and not to witness the marvelous Niagara Falls?

Another recommended tour for a Canada travel is Best of Niagara Falls Tour, which allows you to have a look at the famous attraction as close as it can be. Whistler Small-Group Day Tour gives you an opportunity to visit the alpine village called Whistler, which is a famous ski resort with captivating, towering mountains. If you want to discover the cities of Canada with the help of guides, we would recommend you to buy Montreal City Guided Sightseeing Tour, Toronto CityPass, Quebec City and Montmorency Falls Day Trip, Vancouver City Tour, and Montreal Attraction Pass.

Leisure activities of the Canadian people

While witnessing such an unbelievable nature during your Canada travel, you might wonder what kind of sport activities do the Canadian people prefer. Well, the sport Canada is best known for is ice hockey, whereas the country leads the world’s ratings in this sport. Not surprisingly, curling, a sport which is not very different from hockey for most Europeans, is also incredibly popular in Canada. Along with football (don’t confuse it with soccer!), these three sport activities are the most popular among the Canadians.

However, the whole list of sport activities the Canadians undertake is far bigger and includes golf, sailing, hunting, mountain biking, mountaineering, trekking, skiing, and snowboarding. All in all, you will have no time of boredom in this country.

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