Best Places in Canada for Extreme Sport Activities

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Canada, with its amazing, almost untouched by the human hand nature, is an ideal country for extreme sport activities. However, all this great diversity of regions and places makes a choice of picking a right destination for extreme sports somewhat harder. In this short article, we will list the best places in Canada for extreme sport activities.

Quebec and Mountain Biking. Many sport observers claim Canada to be the best destination for mountain biking, implying that the British Columbia region perfectly suits for this activity. Yet, one should pay attention to the region of Quebec, the place to which you can take a flight from New York and get for just 90 minutes. It offers all that mountain bikers need: no crowded places, forests with hard terrain, and lots of downhill tracks. In fact, the best places for mountain biking in this region are the famous ski resorts: Ski Bromont and Mont-Sainte-Anne.

extreme sport activities in Canada

The Willmore Wilderness Park is an ideal place for trekking

Alberta and Trekking. Alberta is one of the best places in Canada for viewing the authentic nature with its Willmore Wilderness Park, and that’s exactly the place you should head to. Of course, it is not the Annapurna Circuit Trek or Trek to the Base Camp of Everest in Nepal, but genuine trekkers will definitely love this place. Lots of impressive peaks, dramatic slopes, and deep torrents that you have to go through will not leave you unaffected by this beauty.

Nova Scotia and Riding Tidal Bores. A tidal bore, or simply a bore, is a kind of waves formed in narrow parts of rivers, which usually runs against the streams of the rivers. And indeed, Nova Scotia is one of the best places in Canada for this type of an extreme sport activity. Well, actually it’s the only place in the world for such an activity. Just find a guide who works for a specific travel company in the region of Shubenacadie River and you will get an opportunity to ride such a “wild” wave.

British Columbia and Rock Climbing. Genuine thrill-seekers should head to the border of Canada with the United States, and namely – the Okanagan Valley. If you get over the mountains, you may reach Washington, yet it is a barely possible task to do. There are three outrageous canyons in the area of Skaha Bluffs, and this place is considered to be the best area for sport climbing. However, you might find pretty amazing opportunities for traditional climbing too, yet the place is really a hardcore one.

Ontario and Paddling. Ontario and its Missinaibi river suit you perfectly, if you cannot live without paddling. Just reach this river with more than 350 kilometers of routes, get into your canoe, and enjoy one of the best routes for paddling. Even though the routes are not that simple, they are not overly complicated either: most of the routes are of the Classic II-III classes, which means that their difficulty is average. There is barely any other place in the world where you can find such a large distance of paddling routes with an average difficulty. Enjoy it!


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