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The French language is one of the world’s most widespread languages – Francophonie, an international organization, comprises many countries from America, Africa, and Asia, where people speak French and where French has been the dominant language for many years. Apart from that, French is also typically regarded as the “language of diplomacy,” making it one of the world’s most important languages. This article contains a list of the best websites for learning French, meaning that you will get to know about a large number of high-quality (and free) resources for your self-learning process.

  1. Bonjour de France. This website is a perfect resource for anyone who is interested in starting to learn the French language or improving his/her knowledge. First of all, this website contains exercises for all levels of language knowledge, starting from A1 and ending with C1. In addition to that, there is an abundance of materials for language learning, broken up into different categories (like “Idiomatic Expressions,” “World News,” “Civilisation,” “Games to Learn French,” etc.). Deservedly, this portal can be named as one of the best websites for learning French.
  2. Le Point du FLE. Even though this website is a genuine treasure for teachers where they can get materials for their lessons, it would also be pretty suitable for self-taught students. Le Point du FLE offers quite many various exercises, activities, and materials, which means that you will not get bored by doing the same routine work everyday. The website’s activities engage you from the very first moment, and a large number as well as rich diversity of them ensure that you will come back to this website again.
  3. Learn French Lab. This website is considered among the best website for learning French, and that does not come accidentally. It actually contains useful lessons on French grammar, and this is the place where you can find the most complicated structures in the French grammar and refresh your knowledge. Yet, keep in mind that the website doesn’t offer any grammar exercising – the idea of this portal is providing a variety of grammar topics, so you can click on a certain topic and refresh your knowledge within minutes. The website is suitable for all levels of French learners. While beginners and intermediate learners will be able to acquire new knowledge about the French grammar, advanced learners get an opportunity to look through all the structures in the French language within minutes.
  4. Le Canard enchainé. This website belongs to the most popular French satirical newspaper and is a perfect source of reads for advanced learners. Even though you can’t read the entire newspaper online, the publishers allow you to view the first page of every issue. Typically, it is more than enough for anyone who wants to enrich his/her knowledge of French. Though, you can also pay for a subscription directly on the website and get access to all the materials of this newspaper.
  5. French Resources. This is just another website which is aimed at teachers of French, but will be perfectly suitable for anyone who studies French on his/her own. Basically, the French Resources is an El Dorado of various materials in French. The website is broken up into four categories: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. When you open any of those categories, you see that each category is also divided into certain themes and subjects, which makes it easy to browse the website. All in all, this website appears to be among the best websites for learning French.
  6. Tout Canadien. Once it was a website for all those who want to learn the Canadian French, but not anymore. Since 2017, the founders of this portal have decided to change the strategy – now, you are able to find their materials on social media and Dropbox. In particular, this document (this link you can also obtain on the former website of Tout Canadien) contains everything that has been published on the website before. All in all, this is a perfect resource for those learners who plan to settle in Canada or move in this country for some time.
  7. French Language House. French Language House is actually a blog, run by Fuman University. This blog is aimed to improve reading and writing skills of students with the intermediate level of the language knowledge, though everyone may find something useful here.
  8. French Crazy. French Crazy is a rich portal of materials for learners of the French language and is deservedly placed on this list of the best websites for learning French. The materials in this portal cover not only grammar or vocabulary exercises, but provide everything that is anyhow connected with France. So if you will use this website, you can be sure that you will learn more about the French culture, aspects of living in France, and a number of other useful resources you might need for mastering the language.
  9. The Francophone Research & Resource Center of the University of Southern California. The website of this Californian research center contains a large amount of educational materials, including vocabulary and grammar exercises, suggestions for activities in class, music and audio resources, and many others. Even though a large share of those materials are used mostly by teachers, they will be perfectly okay even for self-learning of the French language. So if you are in lack of French reads or exercising, discovering this website is one of the things to do for you.
  10. Forvo. French is a language that has pretty tough pronunciation rules. This website helps users to find out how words in other languages are pronounced. The French dictionary here contains more than 100,000 words, so you can be sure that the word you are seeking will be found there. Besides, there are also lists of words that need someone’s help with pronunciation. So if you feel thankful for what this website has provided to you, you can pronounce the lacking words in your native language or a language you know very well.
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