What Are Macron’s Plans for France and Europe?


After having gained an astonishing victory over the far-right populist Marine Le Pen, Emmanual Macron came to power with an ambitious plan to revive the status of France as of a dominant country in Europe. One of his most ambitious goals is to make a more integrated body out of the EU. Here you can get an overview of what are Macron’s plans for the future of France and Europe.

Macron’s Views

As the newly elected French president claims, he is “neither left nor right” and believes in a combination of social conscience along with liberal economics. However, considering that Macron’s plans and economic policies include providing economic stimulus, cutting taxes and budget deficit, and boosting investment, one may claim that the French president sticks rather to the right views.

policy of Emmanuel Macron

Macron’s “big idea” is to revolutionize the Eurozone

The campaign program of Emmanuel Macron had a motto that it must “free the spirit of entrepreneurship and work.” However, left-wing think tanks have already criticized this standpoint, claiming that almost a half of all benefits of this policy will be received by the wealthiest 10 percent of the French population.

Macron also strives to meet the 3 percent budget deficit this year in order to comply with the norms of the European Union, though it may come at a cost. This has already angered many voters, and it seems that such plans will cause even more discontent among French voters as the budget cuts will continue.

Macron’s Plans for High Technology Companies

Despite his partly liberal beliefs, Macron has already caused a sort of discontent among liberal voters. He is determined to force internet giants (known as GAFA in France, which stands for Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple) to pay more taxes in the country. In particular, it may prompt a conflict between the French state and Apple, whereas the latter has an agreement with Ireland – there, the internet giant is able to pay incredibly low taxes.

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The French president has also implemented the concept of droit de regard for strategic economy sectors, making it barely possible to take over French companies that function in such sectors.

Macron’s Plans for the European Union

What has, indeed, surprised many observers – especially in view of the occurring Brexit – is Macron’s proposal to strive for a better integration of the Eurozone and EU. His program proclaims that “the Eurozone budget, which will be voted on by the Eurozone parliament and supervised by the minister of the finance and economy of the Eurozone, will allow us to invest much more than we do today.”

However, very few European politicians have met such proposals with enthusiasm. Rather, the majority of them have been quite leery of those proposals. In view of the oncoming parliamentary elections in Germany, Angela Merkel did not want to give up her pro-Euro stance to her rival, Martin Schulz, the former president of the European Parliament. This prompted her to agree to consider the proposals of Macron about the government of the Eurozone. Yet, there has been not that much progress until now.


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