Opportunities in the French Tourism Industry


France is the only European country that beats Spain by the number of tourists that visit the country every year. Yet, France is not only the most visited country in Europe, but even the most desired destination for travelling in the world! And even though recent terracts in Paris and Nice has scared off a large number of tourists, France still occupies the place of the country No. 1 in terms of the largest number of visitors per year. In this article, you will get to know about job opportunities in the French tourism industry for expats and immigrants.

Overview of the French Tourism Industry

More than 86 million tourists come to France every year. Even though the biggest number of tourists tend to go to Paris, popular French destinations also include Lyon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Toulouse, and Nice. The French tourism industry is of a paramount importance to the country’s economy, considering that its share in the overall GDP of France is equal roughly to 9.7%. Moreover, the tourism industry supports more than 2.9 million jobs in the country, which is almost 11% of the overall employment within the country.

The majority of visitors come from the European Union, while Swiss (over 6 million tourists), American (over 3 million tourists), Chinese (over 1.5 million tourists), Brazilian (over 1.2 million tourists), and Canadian (over 1 million tourists) visitors also largely come to this country. When it comes to visitors from the EU, the majority of them appear to be Germans, Brits, Belgians, Dutch, Italians, and Spanish.

Tourism industry in france

The easiest way to find a job in France is seeking a job of a waiter/waitress in some cafe in August

In terms of attractiveness for expats, the best season to look for job opportunities in the French tourism industry is summer. It is typically recommended to look for a seasonal job in cities like Paris at the end of July and in August – locals also tend to travel at that time, and so it will be easier for an expat to find a job. The most common places for employment are restaurants, cafes, and food services, as well as hotels. Most sought-after professions include: receptionist, cashier, cook, waiter or waitress, and cleaner.

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In such a season, the easiest way to find work in France is seeking a job in some global fast-food chain, as they are starving for employees. If you speak also another language than French, it may be your competitive advantage over the locals.

Other popular options include working on campsites in France, which is, indeed, especially popular among young people. Though, it is recommended to contact French companies that provide such services and negotiate with them directly. This may help you to avoid unnecessary red tape, insurance and contracting issues on the site. Also, a good way to seek a job in the French tourism industry is to try to get employed in the Pyrenees and the Alps. However, you have more chances to get employed there in winter – only alpinists and climbers tend to go to such places in summer, yet the number of skiers and snowboarders coming to those places is significantly higher.

Where to Find Job Opportunities in the French Tourism Industry

If you want to find a job in the French tourism industry, these websites may stand in good stead for you:


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