Germany is, indeed, a genuine land of opportunities that attracts tens of thousands of immigrants from all around the world. Nowadays, we can surely say that Germany is one of top top destinations for immigrants from all the continents.

And it does not come as a surprise, because this country from a sick man of Europe has turned into a real powerhouse of the continent. In order to keep the economy growing with its aging population, Germany needs to attract more and more young talents from everywhere – this country is to be considered the one with the fastest aging population in the continent.


More and more people are arriving to Germany every year

Apart from work immigration, Deutschland, as the Germans call their country, is also an attractive place for young people thanks to its system of higher education. Of course, some critics would refute this statement, saying that the universities of the United Kingdom and the United States offer a far better education, if one believes those rankings of the world university. Well, without saying anything about those rankings, one should consider one simple fact: the higher education in Germany is free of cost (for international students too).

If those arguments are strong enough for you to think about moving to this country, or if you have pondered about emigrating there earlier, you might find it useful to get information about living in Germany. This short guide will show you how this website works and where you can find a particular information about this country.

Get constantly informed

You cannot correctly analyze the situation and estimate your chances adequately without knowing a real situation.

visiting Germany

It would be better for you to take advantage of our German News section in order to avoid miscalculations

In order to avoid mistakes and miscalculations, we recommend you to visit our German News page from time to time. On that page, you will be able to find out the recent news from this country, get to know about the situation on the German market, and so on. The posts in this section are being regularly updated.

Do not forget about learning

On the website’s Resources page, you will be able to find all necessary information for studying and learning. To make it easier and more comfortable for you, we divided this page into two categories: Learn Languages and Study in Germany.

Both of those matters are, indeed, very important, especially if you plan to work in Germany in the future. But if you are just a student yet, you might be interested and willing to get to know more about the German education with its tuition-fee higher education.

Start learning the German language

You will be able to find important information about German language and resources for studying it in our first section – Learning Languages. Even though the number of people who speak English is quite high in Germany, it is still far from being the highest in Europe. In regards to this matter, Germany lags behind Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

And no matter what people usually say, it is impossible to live in any country without knowing the mother tongue of its citizens for a long time. You will deal with the Germans every day: at work, at university, in shops and cafes, in theatres and cinemas, in public transports and taxis. Basically, everywhere. So don’t expect that each German will speak in English with you or will show something by gestures.


Without knowing the German language, you basically have not that many opportunities in this country

Apart from saying that the German language is necessary for your job and successful career in this country, it will help to develop your personality. There is a common belief that it is impossible to translate the works of Georg Hegel, a philosopher, from German correctly, without losing anything. And no matter what language is it going about – French, English, Spanish, or Russian. And once you start learning German, you get to understand what a unique language it is and you keep learning this language further, despite all the difficulties it brings.

In our section for German language learning, you will be able to find useful and just interesting information about German language, its dialects and peculiarities. Also, there you will find useful internet resources for getting started with the German language.

Education in Germany

Another section available in this category is Studying in Germany. At first, it has to be said that the higher education is free – even for foreigners – in Germany, and so you can take advantage of it and head to Germany to get one of diplomas, recognized by every university in the world. The only thing you will need is the knowledge of the German language. Besides, the German government often grants scholarships to foreigners for studying in Germany.

A completely different issue is if you are an expat with little kids, who needs to know about how kindergartens and schools function in Germany. All in all, in this section you will be able to find out about all peculiarities and aspects of studying in Germany. You will also discover what are the most recognized and prestigious universities in this country. In brief, you will find lots of useful resources in the given category. Just get to read it and enjoy!

What if you started living in Germany…

No matter what country you were born in, living in Germany means that you will have to adjust to a different lifestyle than you were used to before. At the same time, it means that you get more opportunities to explore new cities, regions, attractions, and sights. If you live in Germany, you get a chance to taste a completely different cuisine with its unique dishes. After all, you will be able to get acquainted with a completely different culture, its philosophy, music, arts, and all other kinds of masterpieces.

On this page, for instance, you will learn a bit about the undoubtedly rich German culture. First of all, you will be able to answer the questions of where the Germans do come from and how the German state was formed. Also, you will learn about German philosophy, music, art, and famous writers, as well as about what an impact they have had on the world. Reformation of the church is another important deed of the German people in general and Martin Luther in particular. After all, you will become a bit closer to the German nation by finding out how both the Germans are perceived and how they perceive the surrounding world.

On the Housing & Rentals section, you will learn how to deal with more relevant and material matters, and it is impossible to live in Germany without being aware of those aspects. Apart from learning about the real situation on the real estate market in Germany, you will find out about what types of accommodations are rented in Germany, how to find an accommodation, and how actually to live with the accordance of German law and the habits of the Germans.

live in germany

The resources that have been provided on this page will help you to get an understanding of how to live in Germany

The Travel & Leisure page will provide you with an information how the Germans spend their free time. In addition to that, you will learn about the most attractive touristic sights as well as about the major German cities and their attractiveness for tourists. The guide with an information about most popular tours in Germany comes as a bonus.

In order to live in Germany, you need also to care of your health and know what to do in the case of emergency. The Health page will help you to deal with this issue. Keep in mind that, perhaps, the health care system works in Germany quite in a different way than in your country. Apart from the compulsory insurance, German pharmacies quite differ from the drugstores of other countries as well: you may be unable to buy those medicines you could freely buy in your country without a recipe in Germany.

And the last section – Gastronomy – provides you with the most sweet and “delicious” information. You will learn what are the traditional German foods and drinks, what are the peculiarities of the German cuisine, as well as what are the traditional German restaurants and where to find them. At the bottom of the page, you will find a link to the recipes of authentic German dishes and so you will be able to prepare them on your own. Bon appetite!

living in Germany

You actually need to discover a lot prior to getting to live in Germany

Did you forget why you came?

Indeed, most of the people arrive to Deutschland because of work, and you can find all the information connected with work, jobs, labor market, where to find jobs, and etc. on Work in Germany page. You will be able to find out what opportunities you can take advantage of in various industries – especially those industries that are a driving force of the German economy.

Wait, first enter the country

And the last page in the section of this country is called Visas & Permits. Indeed, that is what you basically need in the first place in order to arrive to the country. There, you can learn what documents you need to collect, what kind of a permit or visa you are eligible to apply for, and find useful sources for completing all the required procedures.

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