Health Tips to Consider Before Heading to Germany


If you are getting ready or you just plan to go working or studying to Germany, one of the key priorities you should have is arranging an issue with your health and know how to deal with the German health care system. These health tips will give you an understanding how the German health care system works, what should you do before arriving to Germany, and how to deal with arising health issues.

So, the first thing you should be aware of is that health insurance is compulsory for all permanent foreign residents in Germany. Actually, you can find more information about the compulsory health insurance and other health tips on this page. In order to comply with German laws, your health insurance must include: compulsory nursing insurance (in German it is called as Pflegeflichtversicherung), reserves that should be no less than 10% of the insurance for the stabilization of retirement premiums, an assurance about impossibility to cancel the insurance once the patient is sick, and representation of you in Germany by your company. If you fail to get a health insurance complying with the German law in time, then you might be penalized with severe fines.

However, you are able to get only private health insurance (which is typically more expensive) if you are a self-employed person with an opened business or a freelancer. The same stands for you if you are a pensioner from another country who decided to settle in Germany.

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In Germany, there are two types of health insurances: the compulsory state insurance and the private health insurance

Actually, one of the key issues connected with insurance is getting a private insurance if you are a foreigner (it often happens that the foreigners are refused). In order to have the best chances to get a private health insurance, you will need to provide lots of information. So, the first thing you must think about is to collect the following information: your medical history (the diseases you have suffered from), when, where and who treated those your diseases. It is already proved that it would be far easier to get such reports and documents prior to moving to Germany. Also, be aware that if those documents and medical records are written in another language than German, it is very likely that you will have to translate them.

One of the other health tips includes an advice to finish a dental or medical treatment in your home country, if you are undergoing any, than to do it in Germany. It will be a way more expensive and your health insurance bill will grow respectively.

After all, there is one more thing you should before heading to Germany. You should get a confirmation from the current insurance company, the services of which you are using, that you are their client. Another document you must obtain from them is the details of what expenses have been covered by this insurance company. Even though it may be seem bothering and even unfair to you, but you need to comply with the German law and provide all this information, unless you want to cancel your trip.


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