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If you have just arrived to Germany and decided to look for accommodation, you might need to look for real estate agents in Germany (or Immobilienhändler, as they are known in this country). Indeed, resorting to using the services of real estate agents in Germany means that you will have to pay quite a fee, yet you will be able to find accommodation sooner or without having much headache. Below, you can see the list of the most respectable real estate agents in Germany with links to their websites.

  • Adhoc Immobilien. This company operates mostly in Berlin, though it is able to find accommodation beyond Berlin too. All in all, you will be able to seek the property of any type and class, including exclusive residential property within the limits of the country’s capital. The website of the company is available in 8 languages.


  • City Residence. This real estate company with the main office located in the center of Frankfurt operates since 1988. With the help of this broker, you can easily find a suitable apartment in Frankfurt. There are more than 25 highly skilled employees working in the company and, apart from German, they also speak in other languages, including Italian, Spanish, English, French, and Polish. The website is available in five languages: German, English, Spanish, Italian, French.

real estate agencies in Germany

Even though Knight Knox is a British developer and consultancy, it also appears to be one of the best real estate agents in Germany (or better to say, in Hamburg)

  • PERERA Real Estate. Even though the company is located in Bonn, you can find its office in Munchen too. With the help of this broker, you are able to find accommodation in such regions (Länder) like Bonn, Munich, Berlin, and Frankfurt. The website is available only in German and English languages.


  • Aigner Immobilien. This real estate company is headquartered in Munich, yet you will find no English version of its website. Basically, there are only a few real estate companies from Munich with English versions of their websites. The company has 6 offices and three of them are located in Munich. However, you can find the company’s offices also in Frankfurt, Starnberg, and Pullach. All in all, there is a large set of real estate objects available.


  • INRES-International. Founded in 1998, this Hamburg-based company has quickly expanded beyond the country. Now, it has offices not only in Frankfurt, Rosenheim, and actually Hamburg, but also in Lugano (Switzerland), Salzburg and Innsbruck (Austria), Meran and Valpolicella (Italy). Also, the company partners with other firms in Spain, USA, Brazil, Egypt, and the UAE, so you will be able to find suitable accommodation not solely in Hamburg, but also in any other country, if it is needed.


  • Knight Knox. This British company that also operates in Harmubg closes our list of real estate agents. Even though the company is an “outsider” on the market, you can be sure that you will get the desired accommodation within a short period of time, though the fees might be a bit high as well. Apart from brokerage services, the company offers lots of other services, including property development, mortgage consultations, investment management, and so on.

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