5 Best Online Websites for Learning German


German, is indeed, a quite complicated yet incredibly exciting language, and it is worth to dare to plunge into the wonderful culture of this country. Thankfully, there are lots of various websites that will help you in learning German online. In this article, we have tried to gather the best free resources for learning German on the web. Enjoy!

  • Deutsche Welle. Deutsche Welle is a famous German broadcasting service, which somewhat reminds the British BBC. If you click on the link, you will get to see a really great content for learning German. There, you will find be able to actually choose what kind of content you currently need: A1, A2, B1, B2, and C. In particular, you will get to listen audios and get pdf files with transcriptions, watch videos on the current events, find out about peculiarities of German dialects, watch specifically created movies for language learning, and so on. All in all, this is an irreplaceable source for German learners.

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DW, a German analogue of BBC, is one of the best free sources for learning German online


  • Deutsch-lernen.com. This website gives all the important information for beginners to German language, as well as there are exercises that will help you to master this language. If you want to get a free access to the content for beginners, however, you will need to get registered on the website.


  • German.net. This website is another treasure on the vastness of the web. Here, you can find exercises for any grammar theme and practice the topics you have just learnt. It will help you to master various topics in German and advance further in your language learning. Apart from it, there is a vocabulary section where you can enrich your word power, allowing yourself to speak in German more clearly. The section “Conjunction” will bring you through the foundations of German grammar and will show you how sentences in German are built. And after all, the “Reading” section has a large number of short texts that you might find useful and at the end of which there are exercises.
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  • GermanPod101.com. If you are a fan of learning a foreign language through the way of listening to podcasts, then this website is a real finding for you. I think that the following list says about this website more than anything else: more than 1,200 free audios, detailed notes in pdf files, various available tools, and phone applications that allow you to learn German in any place. All you have to do is to get registered on this website and just start learning German language. Enjoy!


  • http://lang-8.com/. No matter how long you have been listening to podcasts and watching various videos in German, you may have a need to speak and write in this language. The best way to begin with is to sign up for lang-8. On that website, you upload your writings and get them corrected by native speakers, and the same you do for others in your native language. This kind of an exchange allows you to start writing in German really in a great way already in a few months!

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