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During the last decade, Germany has repeated its Wirtschaftswunder after being known as as the sick man of Europe at the end of the 1990s. Indeed, even the global economic crisis and the following Eurozone crisis had not forced the German economy to stumble, as it has continued to grow further. Even at the present time, there are no signs (or any news in Germany) that the German economy will fade.

While being as a powerhouse of Europe and one of the world’s top exporters, Germany offers wonderful opportunities for immigrants from all over the world. With its rapidly aging population, the country is striving to attract as many specialists as possible, offering quite favorable conditions for their migration. In particular, the country is in an urgent need for scientists, experts in technology and IT, experts with vocational qualifications, innovative engineers, and doctors.

Apart from the opportunities offered to work immigrants, Germany is a real education hub in Europe. One of the reasons why the country attracts so many young people is not just the high quality of the education, but the fact that education is free of charge. That’s right, you are able to enrolled in a German university for no cost (apart from living costs and so on). Moreover, the German government often provides grants and scholarship, covering all the costs.

news in germany

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 After all, Germany is just a nice country to pay a visit to, whereas it is able to boast lots of impressive historical sights and unbelievable beautiful buildings (such as the Cathedral in Cologne). So with the help of our website, you will be able to discover the most inspiring and impressive places in this country.

In this section of news in Germany, you will be able to get the relevant, newest information about the German economy, changes in various industries, work opportunities, and Germany’s economic interactions with other countries. These news in Germany will help you to analyze the overall situation on the job market and take advantage of the opportunities that open up.

After all, this page will let you know about the new scholarships and grants offered by the German government. Changes in the German education system and new opportunities in this field will also be posted in this section. Just do not forget to track the latest events on this page and take advantage of the opportunities in this amazing country.