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Anyone who wants to move in to a certain country must also think about the education, provided by the state and private educational institutions out there. In this section, you can find out more about what and how to study in Germany, what educational opportunities this country offers (a hint: amazing opportunities!), how its system of education functions and so on.

When speaking about the education in Germany, one should begin with its school system and mention that school attendance is mandatory in this country. There is no way to skip classes at school, like in Switzerland, and opt to study at home. Parents whose kids skip the classes at school may even be fined.

The country’s school system appears to be three-class, i.e. students can enroll in one of the types of school, depending on their achievements and abilities. Of course, the prospects of your kid will be more promising if he or she enrolls to a Gymnasium. Even though Gesamtschule, or schools for everyone, exist as well after a reform had been carried out, they can be found not in all regions. All in all, you can learn more about this issue here.

study in germany

Germany is one of the very few developed countries that offers tuition-free higher education

When it comes to education, lots of students from all over the world strive to study in Germany. The reason for that is quite simple – Germany offers education of a high quality free of cost. Completely. Unlike the United States, where you have to pay up to $70,000 per year of studying, you can enroll and study in a German university completely or almost for free. Of course, you will barely have an opportunity to study at Humboldt University free of cost, but all universities in Germany provide educational services of an indeed high quality.

But before you will head to Germany with a purpose of studying, you should obtain a good command of the German language. Without it, you cannot study in a German university. At least, for free. This blog post about the education system of Germany may help you to get a clear understanding of how this system works.

If you it does not matter as much to you what a sum you have to pay for your education, but the quality stands on the first place for you, this article features a list of the universities you may have a wish to enroll in. Germany is a country with old universities, the country that has a tradition of providing high-quality, prospective education, and you may definitely take advantage of it.

Do not leave unnoticed the fact that a large number of inventions, innovations, and breakthroughs in many fields have been made by the Germans, and so the reason of it may lie exactly in the quality of German education. Particularly, this country is a “must” destination for anyone who wants to take up the career of engineer. Apart from the quality of German education in engineering, study in Germany means that you will definitely get a lot of practice and job prospects with the real giants in this field, such as Siemens, Bosch, Nordex, Neuman & Esser, and many others.

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