5 Best Universities in Germany


Even though the UK and France are top destinations for studying in Europe, Germany is really not lagging behind. After the country’s last region abandoned tuition fees, the wave of international students coming to Germany for studying from abroad has increased even more. Indeed, such a high-quality, tuition-free education is one of the reasons why it is unlikely that the inflow of students to the country will be decreased. In this article, we offer you to have a look at 5 best universities in Germany. Indeed, this ranking is subjective and many distinguished German institutions of higher education were not included in this list, yet you can be sure that each included university offers educational services of sterling quality.

  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München is typically named to be one of the best universities in Germany. With 34 Nobel laureates that were brought to the world by this university, it does not come as a surprise that this educational institution enjoys such a high status. Moreover, this university is one of the oldest in the country, since it was founded in 1472. Since the 19th century, LMU Munich has focused its efforts on applying research and innovations in the natural sciences. As for the present time, 13 percent of students enrolled into the university are foreigners.


  • Humboldt University of Berlin has been always considered as an elite university within the country and abroad. And that is not a surprise, as such outstanding personalities like Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Walter Benjamin, Friedrich Engels, and Karl Marx worked or attended this educational institution. 40 Nobel laureates are associated with this university, and most of them won the prize in such fields like medicine, chemistry and physics. However, the university is considered to be one of the best ones in Europe for humanities – nothing unusual since it is named after Alexander Humboldt, a renowned naturalist.
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best universities in germany

Humboldt University is, without any doubt, one of the best university in Germany, yet terribly expensive

  • Heidelberg University is claimed to be the oldest German university that has remained until the present time – the year of its establishment is 1386. This institution is, indeed, one of the best universities in Germany with a share of international students reaching 20%, who represent 130 countries. Max Weber is an outstanding alumni of this educational institution. 56 people associated with Heidelberg University have won a Nobel prize.


  • Technical University of Munich is the only state-run university that specializes in technology and engineering. Even though it was initially established as an educational institution focusing on engineering, now it offers studying also in such fields like medicine, brewing and food technology, agriculture, social sciences, and natural sciences. In the period between 1927 and the present day, 13 academics associated with this university have been awarded Nobel prizes in medicine, chemistry, and physics.


  • The RWTH Aachen University is another technical university included in this list of the best universities in Germany. Located in the Western German city of Aachen, this city benefits from the mix of German, Dutch, and Belgian cultures. It was established in 1870 when Prussia’s Prince William took a decision to set up a university of technology. Even though nowadays the university offers education in many more fields than technology, it has been always remembered for its achievements in its core field. Since 2014, the university with the city’s authorities give a prestigious Engineering Award, which is adjudged to a prominent figure in this field every year.

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