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Travelling across Germany and discovering its wonderful attractions is always a good idea, yet you might need some basic information prior to venturing such a trip. The Germany travel tips which are provided in this article will help you to make your journey across Germany as smooth and exciting as it can be.

First of all, the Germany travel tips should include transportation. If you are going to go on a journey to Germany, it would be not bad at all to take advantage of air travel. Typically, low-cost tickets cost from 15 Euros up to 70 Euros, whereas Lufthansa is the largest flight operator in Germany and has flights to both Canada and the United States. It is usually possible to give the tickets back to the operator, yet the flight operator will take some fees. Though, low-cost fares are typically not refundable. All major German cities are covered with air flight connections and geography of the country actually allows you to arrive from one city to another within an hour.

Travel tips for Germany

Deutsche Bahn is considered to be a budget, yet comfortable transport throughout the country

Bus travels are also very popular among the Germans and other people who come to visit this country. There are several reasons for such a popularity of the bus connection: many local and long-distance routes, it’s cheap, and you can have some rest while travelling by bus. At the same time, you will be able to see the country’s views while sitting back in the bus. Each of the German towns has local buses. Most of the routes are serviced by the German companies MeinFernBus and BerlinLinien Bus.

Another popular way of travelling is Deutsche Bahn, i.e. railway. If you want to find the information about routes, buy tickets and so on, you can visit the company’s website with its amazing English version: If you need to leave your baggage somewhere, you can do it right at the railway station, where you will be charged a fee from 2 Euros up to 5 Euros for your luggage.

Then, the Germany travel tips include finding budget restaurants and places where you can take a snack. First of all, you can find Gaststätte almost on every German street. That is something between restaurants and pubs, where you can find quite simple German food with moderate prices. Also, you can pay a visit to the pubs (Bierstube) as well, since you can find there quite tasty snacks. Another way to find budget food is to buy snack (Imbiss) on shopping streets, where street traders sell German sausages and Turkish Doner Kebab – the prices vary from 1,5 up to 3 Euros. Greek, Balkan, Italian, or Chinese restaurants are usually inexpensive too.

By the way, let’s not miss the topic of tipping. Usually, theater ushers don’t expect you to leave some tips. At the same time, it is highly recommended to leave tips to taxi drivers, bartenders, tour guides, and waiters. Be careful about this matter: if you are leaving the tips in a restaurant, you should not leave the money right on the table. On the contrary, you should hand it to the waitstaff while paying for the bill; otherwise, it is considered to be rude.


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