Opportunities in the Aerospace Industry


The German aerospace industry offers really amazing opportunities for job-seekers in Germany. In fact, this industry may appear as a bonanza for all kinds of engineers and technicians, since German companies quite advance in this sphere during the last two decades. As for the present time, the aerospace industry is one of the largest sectors in Germany, employing over 100,000 workers.

The German aerospace industry is divided into three main sectors: space, military aerospace, and civil aerospace. A bright example of a large German aerospace company is Lufthansa that services lots of flights across the world. As for the present time, revenues of this industry will soon exceed 33 billion Euros. Even though the civil aerospace sector is growing, military aerospace is experiencing a quite sluggish, if any, growth. In the last year, revenues of of the companies of the civil aerospace sector grew by a whopping number of 71%.

The aerospace industry attracts not only engineers and technicians, but all types of scientists and innovators – the industry spends from 15% to 17% of its total revenues on R&D (research and development). The organization known as BDLI (the abbreviation of the German Aerospace Industries Association) lobbies the interests of the German aerospace companies, representing more than 192 enterprises in this sphere.

Where can I find vacancies in the aerospace industry?

In our work section, you can find out what websites should you use for looking for job offers. At the same time, this particular website offers you to have a look at free vacancies in the aerospace industry not only in Germany, but across the world. Another nice website for jobseekers in the aerospace industry is FlightJobs. The information on those websites is being constantly updated and, therefore, that information is always relevant.

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The German aerospace industry in the global context

Finding a work in the aerospace industry of Germany will actually be great for you, as long as this country tops the rankings of its attractiveness for the aerospace industry. In particular, a global research carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers showed that Germany is one of the world’s most attractive countries for aviation manufacturing, lagging behind only the Netherlands.

Aerospace industry

Lufthansa is a clear leader of the German aerospace market

From the other point of view, the following factors prompt investors to move their funds to the German aerospace industry: a large number of young and talented engineers (both native Germans and immigrants), cost efficiency, and powerful base for manufacturing. At the same time, the country’s logistical attractiveness also plays an important role during the decision-making process.

What German companies operating in the aerospace industry are the most attractive for workers?

Well, the majority of employees strives to work in such German aerospace companies like Airbus Deutschland GmbH, Rolls-Royce Deutschland LTD & Co. KG (operates as a subsidiary of the British company), Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH, and MTU Aero Engines GmbH (which is the leader aero engine producer in Germany).

Unfortunately, the reputation of Lufthansa has been quite damaged by a series of strikes by its workers. Yet, you can give a try to get employed by Kaefer Aerospace GmbH, Premium Aerotec GmbH, Diehl Aerospace GmbH, and Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH.


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