Spain is one of the countries that suffered the most in the economic crisis of 2008 and the following Eurozone crisis. Yet, the country is back on track of recovery now, and it starts alluring immigrants again, the way it did some 10 years ago.

When deciding to move to any country, it is important to stay informed about all aspects of life in that country. And here comes the moment when you can take advantage of our website and discover about Spain a little bit more. Indeed, you will not receive the golden ticket to this Mediterranean country right away, but you will definitely know what ways you can take for coming to Spain.

Considering that the Spanish economy is heating up and appears to be among the fastest-developing ones in the entire EU, it would be reasonable to expect that more and more immigrants from other countries (especially from within the EU) will venture to go to Spain. The process of moving to and settling in another country is a long one, so you should not waste too much time.

News from the Iberian Peninsula

Once you have moved to the other country (in this case, Spain), you should get the information about the economic situation within the country and the most important events. The section of news in Spain will keep you constantly informed about the recent developments in the Spanish labor market, certain industries, and anything else that can be related to the lives of expats. You will definitely get only relevant information and no white noise out there.

Education and language learning in Spain? No problem!

In order to integrate into a new society, which naturally takes quite a lot time, one has to master the language, spoken by the people who live there in such a country. Spanish is, indeed, the dominant language in this country, yet you may find yourself puzzled and barely understanding anything in the regions of Catalonia or Basque Country.

studying in Spain

A lot of students come to Spain for the purpose of studying

In addition to the linguistic issues of Spain, the learn languages in Spain page will provide you with valuable, high-quality sources for mastering Spanish. Indeed, some efforts from your side are required, but you will find it even entertaining to learn a language in so many different ways.

But apart from the issue of the Spanish language, you should consider the matter of education in Spain. The study in Spain section will show you how the Spanish education and school system functions, what are its drawbacks and advantages, and what are the best institution of higher education in Spain.

Things you have to know about living in Spain

Settling in a new country is never simple. Indeed, it may be exciting in the first several weeks, but later… Have you ever heard of the culture shock? So, that’s the thing that may likely happen to you. In order to minimize its effect, you should attempt to integrate in the Spanish society faster and find out about the lives of ordinary Spanish beforehand.

The page about Spanish culture will teach you a bit about the history of the Spanish state, its most important, recognized personalities, and achievements in all kinds of arts. You will also find out about the stereotypes – which are an important part of any culture – about the Spaniards, as well as what stereotypes are true and what stereotypes are just an exaggeration.

spain journeys

This country is a perfect destination for traveling and journeys

The section of housing & rentals will serve as a guide in the world of accommodation and rentals. It provides with the information about most expensive and most affordable types of accommodations and locations, where to find accommodation for renting, and what aspects to consider before signing a contract.

Yet, living in a new country is always fun because of travelling! How exciting is to explore a new country, and especially such a country like Spain, which was tailored for rest, active rest, and again rest. The travel & leisure in Spain page will definitely stand in good stead for making up your mind about where to go on your first journey.

Health care is also an important matter to consider before settling in a new country, and the page about the Spanish health care system will explain you how health care is provided in Spain, when you should purchase a private health insurance, how to deal with hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies, and what is covered by the public health care.

Spanish cuisine

Spanish cuisine is deservedly considered to be one of the best in the world

Last but not least, the Spanish gastronomy section is perhaps the most pleasant part of this guide, as you will get to discover one of the world’s best cuisines. Be sure that you will immediately have a wish to cook some of the dishes, mentioned in the article. At the end, you will also find out about the traditional Spanish restaurants that you can visit and rejoice at any time.

Job prospects in Spain

Pessimism vanishes both in the minds of ordinary Spaniards and economic observers, who seem to be sure of the sustainable recovery of the Spanish economy. Along with the increase of the Spanish GDP, the number of immigrants is also increasing. The page about work in Spain will give you an insight about the present state of the Spanish labor market (which is slightly recovering), what industries are the most friendly to foreigners, where the chances of finding a job are higher, and where you can find vacancies. Also, you will be provided with a large number of useful sources that will definitely help you in seeking a job.

Spain and border control

Before you will be able to take advantage of all the opportunities mentioned above and deal with all the issues (also mentioned above), you should make sure that you have your documents alright and legally enter the country. The page about Spanish visas and permits provides users with the information about who needs a Spanish visa for a short-term visit, who needs work permit in order to get a job in Spain, how to obtain a work permit, how to reunite with your family, and how to obtain the Spanish nationality. That seems to be useful enough, isn’t it?

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