Private Health Insurance in Spain: Basic Things You Have to Know


Even though the Spanish public health care is among the best in Europe, sometimes it is worth to consider purchasing one of plans of private health insurance in Spain. There are may be different reasons for buying a private health insurance. For instance, you may be not eligible to use the services of public health care, thus you are required to purchase a private health insurance (or take advantage of Convenio Especial, where you have to pay a monthly fee for receiving medical services of public health care).

Prior to rushing to purchase a private health insurance in Spain, it is recommended to research about this matter as much as possible. Perhaps, you should ask your friends and colleagues about what insurance companies they might suggest and what tariff plans (packages) might be better for you. By the way, anyone is eligible for purchasing a private health insurance – there are no limitations regarding this issue.

Private health insurance in Spain, indeed, offers a number of advantages to its users. Spaniards who don’t have a problem in purchasing a private health insurance package typically do so in order not to wait in long week-long or more queues, when they are forwarded to a specialist because of a non-emergency treatment. If you purchase a private health insurance package, you won’t have to wait that much time to get treated by a specialist.

Spain and medical insurance

If you resort to private health care in Spain, you are likely to avoid long queues for non-emergency treatments

Another reason why both Spaniards and foreigners who live in Spain buy private health insurance plans is numerous offers of combined packages, which include medical treatments by all specialists that can be accessed with a public health care plan (but without having to wait in a queue) and dental treatment. Dental treatment is available only in private clinics in Spain, so you have to either pay directly to a stomatologist for the services you receive or purchase a private health insurance.

Various packages, offered by Spanish insurance companies, give you an opportunity to pick a tariff plan, tailored for your age, health state, and other factors. Indeed, the price of private health insurance may significantly vary, depending on the state of your health, your age, your gender, your activities and job, as well as other aspects of your life.

Purchasing a private health insurance also increases your chances of getting an English-speaker general practitioner, which may be important for a foreigner. Especially, it will be easier to stay in touch with such a doc beyond the work hours of his (or in other time than during the appointments). You are able to find a list of English-speaking GPs in Spain at embassies and tourist offices.

Private insurance companies also offer family packages, allowing people to save money when buying a package of medical service coverage for the entire family. Keep in mind that EHIC card covers expenses on medical treatment only within the EU. So if you are a frequenter in outside-the-EU countries, you should definitely consider looking for a suitable package of private health insurance, which will cover the costs of getting treated outside the European Union.


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