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Once you arrived in Spain, you should start learning Spanish for your own sake – despite such a great diversity of Spanish dialects and languages, the Spanish language is spoken by almost all people. Without knowing Spanish, you will not be able to get integrated in the Spanish society. So, this list of best websites for learning Spanish may help you to kick start the process of learning this beautiful language.

learning spanish websites

Mastering Spanish will help you integrate in the Spanish society faster

  1. Institute Cervantes. Named after the most famous Spanish author, this institute is an analogue of the Goethe Institute in Germany or British Council in the United Kingdom. Be sure that you will find there lots of great sources for learning Spanish, including a library, cultural materials, audios, videos, and many more.
  2. SpanishDict. SpanishDict is an irreplaceable source for anyone who is willing to learn Spanish. Basically, it provides its users – for free! – with translations of over 1 million words, conjunctions of Spanish verbs, guides of Spanish language and phrase usage, and Q&A forum for questions regarding the Spanish language. This is definitely one of the best websites for learning Spanish – you can find interactive flashcards with audios and images on the website, which allows you to learn new Spanish words and phrases faster.
  3. Spanish Proficiency Exercises from the University of Texas at Austin. As the website’s name suggests, you will find Spanish exercises of various levels of difficulty on this website. For each level of difficulty, there are up to 15 topics. Exercises are pretty simple and straightforward – videos, where a native speaker talks on a particular topic. The initial video interview is supplemented by other videos from native speakers. At the end, you are able to download the videos, get it as a podcast, and print/save the information like related vocabulary, related phrases, and related grammar.
  4. Flashcard Exchange. This website abounds with flashcards not only for Spanish, but also for other languages as well. You can find flashcards for a particular topic you want and do with them whatever you want: use them right on the website, export somewhere to your computer, or print them directly from the website. In order to make you memorize the words faster, there are such modes like “Games”, “Test”, and “Memorize,” which makes the process of learning even more pleasurable and productive.
  5. Spanishpodcast. Do you think that you perceive and understand Spanish in writing pretty okay, but still have problems with hearing Spanish talks? If yes, this website must be a paradise for you! Over 200 podcasts are available anytime! Just download them and listen them while driving your car or just chilling out at home.
  6. Spanish Listening. This is just another worthy website in our list of the best websites for learning Spanish. The website provides you with more than 400 videos on various topics in Spanish, where native speakers let you dive deep into the Spanish or Latin American culture. All Spanish speakers are ranked for different categories of difficulty, so it will be easy for you to choose suitable videos.
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