5 Best Universities in Spain


Spain is associated rather with resorts, tourism, and sport activities than with education, as the majority of students flock to countries like Germany. But is such an attitude justified? As this list 5 best universities in Spain proves, there are pretty decent educational institutions that provide high-quality education, implement innovations, and carry out a great research work.

5 best Spanish universities

A large number of the Spanish top-notch universities are based in Catalonia

  1. Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona. Shortly abbreviated as UAB, it was founded not so long ago, in the year of 1968. Despite it’s relatively “young age”, the university succeeded to rank #1 among all educational institutions in Spain. Surprisingly, it offers more than 300 Bachelor’s and 200 Master’s programs, a large deal of which include majors in social sciences (59 Master’s programs), medicine and health (41 Master’s programs), humanities (32 Master’s programs), and natural sciences and math (32 Master’s programs). Nowadays, the UAB is ranked as one of the best young universities in the world. In 2009, it received a recognition for being the Campus of International Excellence. English is studying language at this university, so you should have a sufficient command of English in order to study here.
  2. Pompeu Fabra University. UPF is also located in Barcelona and appears to be a challenger, the close contestant with the UAB. It was founded as a public university just in 1990, yet it appears to be in the list of top 5 fastest-developing universities in the entire world. More than 10,000 students study at this university annually. Despite a noticeably lower number of various programs (about 25 Master’s programs), the university is recognized as one of the most efficient ones in Spain. The university is included in the list of top 50 world’s universities for teaching Economics & Econometrics.
  3. University of Barcelona. This university was founded back in the year of 1450 and appears to be the largest university in Catalonia. Over 60,000 students study every year at this university. According to QS World University Rankings, the university prepares students best in such fields like Life Sciences and Biomedicine (74th place in the world), Natural Sciences (87th place in the world), and Arts and Humanities (89th place in the world). Considering the scale of this university, it appears to be not only of the best universities in Spain, but also one of the largest ones. It offers 96 programs in doctorate, 353 graduate programs, and 75 undergraduate programs.
  4. University of Navarra. This is another “young” university in the list of the best universities in Spain. This private university was founded in Pamplona in 1952, yet now it has six campuses, several institutes (including a business school and a school of administration), a teacher center, and a medical research center. The New York Times ranked the university to be among the world’s 50 best educational institutions in 2012.
  5. Autonomous University of Madrid. UAM was established in 1968 as a public university. A number of respectable newspapers and magazines ranked it as the best university of Spain many times. Nowadays, more than 36,000 students study at the university every year, and UAM offers 94 PhD programs, as well as a large number of undergraduate and graduate programs. The university is recognized as Spain’s most prestigious university for lawyers and jurists.
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