Adventure Activities in Spain


Do you still think of Spain as of a country with hundred kilometers of sandy beaches, sea, and sun? Try to rethink it again. There are definitely more exciting activities you can undertake in Spain than just chilling out near the sea. This article will give you a few ideas what adventure activities in Spain you are able to undertake.

Spanish adventures

Spain remains a desired destination for many climbers, whereas it offers amazing opportunities for technical climbing of any difficulty

Spain is not a great destination for mountaineering or alpinism – such mountain ranges like the Himalayas, Karakoram, Tian Shan, Fann Mountains, or Andes are far more suitable for that. Even in the Alps, located not so far from Spain, there are better opportunities for alpinists. Yet, there are many worthy mountains and cliffs within Spain (especially in the south), a few of which have even routes of 9A difficulties. So, even though the Spanish mountains are not that great for alpinism (as the highest mountain – or better to say, volcano – is 3,718 meters high), climbers will find plenty of opportunities for their technical training in climbing.

One of the most exhausting adventure activities in Spain – especially during the hot season – is cycling. You will find out what kind of fun is to discover this Mediterranean country with your 2-wheeled friend. The cycling route from Jerez to Cádiz allows you to discover the life and picturesque views of Andalucia, the southern region of Spain. If you prefer to opt a more popular route among cyclists, it is recommended to head to Majorca, which has become, indeed, a paradise for riders.

Given all those numerous beaches, seashores, as well as the sea that almost encircles Spain, it should not be that much surprising that surfing must be included in the list of adventure activities in Spain as well. You have got plenty of room for your surfing activities in this country. Nowadays, however, the majority of surfers tend to go to Santander. In 1991, a school of surfing was founded there, and that place will be a perfect choice for a surfer of any level. So, no matter whether you are a professional surfer or someone who wants to take up his/her first wave, this place will definitely suit you in a great way.

Trekking is also an activity that requires lots of efforts, stamina, dedication, and focus on the goal. So if you think in a way like “That’s just walking with trekking poles, what’s that much difficult in doing so?”, try to think again. A typical trekking route spans more than 200 kilometers. You have to walk each day, no matter what kind of weather you got – whether you are exposed to the burning sunshine, or a strong, cold wind discourages you completely. After all, the terrain you step on is never as smooth as trottoires in cities – you have to pass by sandy beaches, go up in the mountains, and overcome streams. But an exchange is pretty worth it – you will get to see unforgettable views and you will gain experience that will remain with you forever. Most popular trekking routes in Spain include Camino de Santiago, as well as walking through the Picos de Europa National Park and Cami de Ronda.


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