Opportunities in the Spanish Tourism Industry


If you are pondering about moving to Spain and wondering about what industries are the most friendly to expats, you can be sure to find plenty of opportunities in the Spanish tourism industry. As the news reveal, more than 75 million people visited Spain in 2016, and that figure is expected to grow even further in the coming years. That is to say nothing about the fact that the tourism industry offers workplaces for both highly-qualified and low-qualified workers. Over 80,000 new workplaces were generated in this industry – that accounts for more than 11% of the Spanish GDP – in 2016, so you can expect to benefit from it.

Tourism in Spain

The Spanish industry of tourism offers lots of workplaces for professionals with narrow specialization

Jobs in the Spanish tourism industry for low-qualified workers

As it was said above, there are plenty of opportunities in the Spanish tourism industry even for low-qualified workers. Some of such jobs include:

  • Waiters and waitresses;
  • Porters and cleaners at hotels;
  • Assistants of cookers;
  • Resort representatives;
  • Ramp agents;
  • Passenger service agents;
  • Resort team leaders.

When applying for such a job, however, you should not think that you will get landed on that workplace forever and ever. Make such a job be your jumping-off ground and kick start a great career. Working on one of such jobs allows you to get integrated better in the Spanish society, develop your communication skills, gain necessary work experience, and practice the Spanish language.

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Jobs for highly-qualified workers

Any business needs highly-qualified workers, who can run companies, organize the process, and check whether everything is going smoothly. The tourism industry in Spain is not that different. In particular, companies may have a need in:

  • Managers and executives;
  • Qualified accountants;
  • Cooks and chief-cooks;
  • Business analysts;
  • Companies’ representatives who work with VIP clients.

In order to get started on such a job, you indeed should have a respective work experience (it is recommended to have it in Spain, but abroad is okay as well) and corresponding qualifications. If you are applying for a job of a senior manager, for example, having an MBA diploma is a must.

Jobs for narrowly skilled professionals

There are professions that might in certain cases be needed, but it is not something ordinary, which can be in demand, for example, in Madrid or Paris. People with such professions will definitely find enough opportunities in the Spanish tourism industry, whereas Spanish companies usually look for:

  • Surfing instructors;
  • Climbing instructors;
  • Guides;
  • Trekking guides;
  • Field instructors;
  • Course directors.

Such and similar job vacancies abound in Spain during the hot season. So if you are one of such specialists, Spain must be a great destination for you.

Places to look for jobs in the tourism industry

Apart from the sources where you can find all types of jobs (you can find them here), there are also specialized websites, where you can look for vacancies in the tourism industry of Spain in particular. Here are a handful of such websites:


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