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Perhaps, the only European country where it is harder to find accommodation than in Germany is Switzerland. Sometimes, it turns into a real audition or an exam that a potential tenant should undertake, and these Switzerland housing tips will help you to be ready for this challenge.

First of all, it must be said that one of the key Switzerland housing tips is having all the documents prepared, including:

  • A motivational letter;
  • CV;
  • Your and your family’s photos
  • Copies of passport and residence permit;
  • Copy of your job contract;
  • Betreibungsregister (you can get it by going to the Betreibung Register of your canton);
  • A reference letter from your present landlord;
  • A document proving your current local registration, signed by a real estate agency.

If you don’t have these documents yet, it would be better not to waste your time and prepare the documents first. Once you have collected the required documents, you should place them in a single PDF file on your PC/laptop. This will increase your chances of getting an accommodation, since many landlords and real estate agencies are vulnerable to look through lots of files. The same should be done for a paper version: print them by using a single PDF file. It would be nice to provide translation of the documents in German or French – not all landlords and real estate agencies have an English-speaking staff.

housing tips switzerland

In order to rent an accommodation in Switzerland, you need to collect a quite large set of documents (and these Switzerland housing tips show which exactly documents)

Your motivational letter, as the Switzerland housing tips go further, is one of the most important steps for finding accommodation. In this document, you should write why you are a right choice for tenant, what are your habits, how do you get along with the neighbors, how you solve potential conflicts between you and the neighbors, when you came to the country and for how long you plan to stay, etc. CV is also important, since it may show you in a good light: you are a hard-working person, a real professional, a right choice for tenant.

Make sure that the rental cost is lower than 1/3 of your salary – in 99.9% of the cases, seekers whose rent amounts to more than 1/3 of their salaries are rejected. So, it is a real waste of time. The same stands for the living area of accommodation per one person: it should not be lower than 20 square meters per person.

Once you have noticed a right accommodation, as you might think, you should not delay visiting this apartment, and it would be better to visit it the very same day. While seeking for an apartment in Switzerland, you must do it actively – visit at least 2-3 apartments per day.

The situation when you will not be able to find a suitable accommodation within a city is very viable. In such a case, it would be better to look around and try to find some apartment or small house outside of the city.

And the last tip: once you have found a suitable apartment, rush for it. Don’t wait till the next day to sign an application. Typically, real estate agencies choose from the first potential tenants who filled the application in, so you highly increase your chances of getting an apartment by filing it in time.


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