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Without any doubt, it would be mistaken to say that Switzerland is not a country that is one of the most desired to live in. And if you have plans to emigrate from your country and Switzerland is one of the options to consider, you will barely succeed without knowing the actual, real situation in this country regarding all matters – but primarily, on the labor market and in the country’s economy. Thus, it is, actually, important to get informed about the recent, freshest news in Switzerland.

Our News in Switzerland page is created with a purpose to deliver the most actual, up-to-date information about the country’s labor market, the state of its economy, and how the economic growth is delivered by various industries. For instance, it would be a great mistake to try to enter this country and get employed in the manufacturing sector, which has been in decline for at least a couple of years. At the same time, the country’s companies welcome high-qualified workers in various spheres, including pharmaceutical, insurance, health care, and education sectors.

news in Switzerland

This section of news in Switzerland will help you to keep updated about the work opportunities in this country

As for the present time, the country’s economy is vulnerable due to the falling exports of the manufacturing and banking sectors and a strong franc, which causes the reduction of workplaces and sends the rate of unemployment – as for Switzerland – to a quite high mark of 3.3%. Therefore, we highly recommend you not to seek a job in the manufacturing industry or in large-sized banks, such as UBS or Credit Suisse. If you are a banker, it would be more reasonable to look for a job in middle-sized banks or regulators (don’t forget that this country occupies an extremely important place in the financial world), such as BIS.

However, the rate of employment is steadily growing in such industries like tourism, pharmaceuticals, insurance, health care, education, corporate consultancy, communication technologies, and science. Moreover, the Swiss authorities imposed even more restrictions on poorly qualified immigrants in 2015 in the wake of the immigration crisis. But if you are well-qualified and able to prove your skills in one of those industries, we suggest you to try your luck and search a job in Swiss companies.

Even though the country’s recovery is still feeble, the economy growth is, after all, pretty decent, if one compares it with other European countries and, particularly, the Eurozone countries. Analysts predict that the economic growth in Switzerland will be as high as 1.6%, whereas the country’s exports of services will grow by 2.2%. There is no need to say that the opportunities are obvious.