Switzerland is a harbor of prosperity in the present world of uncertainty, and there is no surprise that there are many people pondering about moving to this country with a purpose of work or studying. The high quality of life of the Swiss people has been a magnet for immigrants from all over the world for many years, and this magnet works even better in such uncertain conditions.

Yet, moving to a country without knowing the most important information about the lifestyle of its citizens, work and residence conditions and requirements, its rental market and health care is equal to climbing Everest without the previous climbing experience. Our guides will help you to get to know the country in all aspects of life and be aware of the issues you might face when you land in Switzerland.

The necessity of being informed

Prior to moving to Switzerland, you should get to know about its labor market, the state of the country’s economy, and what industries are the most favorable for immigrants. On our News in Switzerland page, you will learn about the economic growth of Switzerland, the rate of its unemployment, and where the chances of employment are higher. The information on that page is being constantly updated.

Getting integrated in the Swiss society

In order to live, work, or even simply visit Switzerland, you should know something about the Swiss education and languages. It is definitely barely possible to communicate with locals without knowing at least some basic words from their language, isn’t it? Also, you cannot plan your move to Switzerland, unless you know how is the situation with education in this country is. So, the following sections  will help you to deal with these issues.

Living in a multilingual country

Regarding the question of the Swiss education and languages, if there is any country in the entire world that can be called multilingual, it is, definitely, Switzerland. Where else you will find a country with 4 official languages that are also spoken in other countries, such as Germany, France, and Italy (Catalan, Galician, and Basque languages are also official, apart from Spanish, in Spain, but they are spoken in those particular regions)? Indeed, the language situation in Switzerland is unique, but also it may make the life of foreigners a bit more difficult – but also a way more interesting. In order to deal with this matter, you should visit our Learn Languages page.

swiss education and languages

Even though it might seem a bit tough to live in Switzerland, the number of languages you are able to learn opens great opportunities for you

In particular, you will find out that the Italian, French, German, and Romansh languages are spoken in Switzerland up to the present time. However, you should be aware of the fact that this country is highly decentralized, so the fact that those four languages are official does not mean that all the citizens know all four languages or are obliged to learn at the Swiss schools and universities. French is spoken in such a city as Geneva, for example, while you will hear the Italian language in the South. In the Southern East, you will also find people speaking Romansh, but there are no more than 0.5% of the entire Swiss population of them.

German is spoken in the most regions of the country and such cosmopolitan cities like Zurich and Basel. Yet, that is not Hochdeutsch that most people learn at schools and universities, but a Swiss dialect of the German language. Therefore, it will be pretty difficult for people who don’t know German to learn the Swiss dialect right away. And, moreover, this dialect is used not only in common talks, but during business meetings, interviews, and so on. But if you will politely ask a Swiss person to talk in Hochdeutsch with you, it is very unlikely that they will refuse you.

The excellent Swiss education

When learning about the issue of Swiss education and languages, one should not miss one important fact: the Swiss education system is considered to be a model in many European countries. On our Study in Switzerland page, you will get to know about how the Swiss education system works, how it is paid for, and what opportunities it offers. Apart from it, you will find out what are the best Swiss universities – something that you might need in the case if you want to study in Switzerland or continue your studying further there.


The way of living in Switzerland

Switzerland has been a hot spot for both work immigrants and tourists for a long time, thanks to the high quality of life this country offers and great touristic opportunities. If you are planning to live in Switzerland, or even just visit this country as a tourist, you should be aware about the lifestyle of the locals and how to deal with all kinds of issues. In these sections, you will get to know more about this marvelous country and how to deal with various issues.

First of all, you will get a basic understanding of what the Swiss culture actually is, where it stems from and when it was founded, and who are the most outstanding personalities in the country’s history. For that purpose, we recommend you to visit the Swiss Culture page. You will find out about the country’s architecture, art, music, and literature. In addition to that, you will learn about the stereotypes about the Swiss people and will get to know which of them actually somewhat true and which are not.

The Housing & Rentals page will provide you with a clear understanding of the situation on the real estate market of Switzerland. Particularly, you will learn how accommodation is rented in Switzerland, what are the requirements, where to find a decent accommodation, and what documents you should collect. Also, you will get some tips about how to save your money and where it is better to look accommodation, since the situation on the Swiss housing market is quite restrained and the competition is intense.

Prior to moving to Switzerland, you have to find out many things about the lifestyle of the Swiss people

All enthusiasts of tourism will definitely fancy the Travel & Leisure page, where they can learn about the most popular destinations, ways of spending pastime in Switzerland, the most exciting kinds of sports one may go for, and simply popular tours that any tourist is able to purchase. There is also some information for tourists who dare to undertake extreme kinds of sports, such as via ferrata, parcours, or bungee jumping – you will have a look at where you can do it in Switzerland.

In order to live in Switzerland, you must be aware of its health care system, which is, so to say frankly, quite expensive. Our Health page will help you to deal with all kinds of health issues. Regarding this matter, you will find out what kind of insurance is obliged to have any person who lives and works in Switzerland, how to deal with hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies, and how to save a bit of your money when dealing with it.

If you want to live in Switzerland, you also must be aware of the country’s cuisine that has brought many delicious dishes to the entire European cuisine. On the Gastronomy page, you will learn about the Swiss cheese – a traditional attribute of this country, as well as about such meals as cheese fondue, Swiss chocolate, Birchermüesli, Biel, and even a special dish called “Cholera.”After all, you will get to know how the traditional Swiss restaurants look like and where to find them. Bon appetite!

Let’s get back to work…

The Work in Switzerland section provides you with information about the Swiss labour market, the requirements for getting a job in this country, and what industries are the best pick for foreigners. Also, you will find out about how to find a job in this country and what important intangible attributes you must possess for increasing the chances of your employment.

switzerland opportunities

After all, Switzerland remains the land of opportunities

The Employment Opportunities in Switzerland page will help you to focus on the industries that need foreign workers the most and where you have the highest chances of employment, among other industries.

But first you need to enter the country…

The Visa & Permits page will give the information about the migration policy of this country, as well as what documents and qualification you must have for being eligible to work in Switzerland. You must keep in mind that is legally prohibited to look for a job while being in the country on the basis of a simple visa for tourists! In order to get to know how to get a job in Switzerland and what you should do to enter the country’s labor market legally, visit this section.

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