5 Best Swiss Universities


Switzerland is well-known for its great model of the school system, which allows the pupils to advance extremely fast as well as gives the opportunity to the children of immigrants to integrate in the Swiss society without significant problems. Apart from it, however, the quality of its higher education does not lag that much behind, and this list of 5 best Swiss universities just proves it.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. The university, which is located in Zurich and which was founded back in 1855, tops the list of the best Swiss universities deservedly. It also occupies the 9th place in the world ranking of universities, thus being one of the Europe’s top universities. More than 18,000 people study, work, and carry out researches here. The university is particularly great in teaching natural sciences, mathematics, system-oriented sciences, architecture, and engineering sciences. One of the key goals of the university is to transfer knowledge to the companies and the private sector.

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University of Basel, included in this list, is the oldest university of Switzerland

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (or simply EPFL). Founded two years earlier than the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, EPFL is located in the scenic area overlooking the Alps. Nowadays, this is the world-renowned institution that is ranked 30th in the world ranking of universities. Apart from ideally designed master’s and PhD programs, the university can boast cutting-edge, innovative labs where the students can test their findings. Overall, the students of more than 70 nationalities study at this university.

University of Basel. Another internationally renowned institution that was included in this ranking of the best Swiss universities. However, it was founded back in the year of 1460 and is considered to be the oldest Swiss university. The modern infrastructure, academic excellence, and innovative, world-leading researchers have helped this institution to gain its deserved fame. Besides, the university maintains strong ties with several private companies and international organizations in order to turn the findings of its researchers and students into practice, and some of those companies are located just a few kilometers away from the university.

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University of Zurich. One more leading educational institution is based in this German-speaking region, where study more than 26,000 students annually. The university is divided into more than 160 institutes, clinics, and seminars, along with 7 faculties. 12 laureates of the Nobel Prize have been graduated from or worked at this university. The year of its foundation is 1833. At the present time, however, the university educates students of more than 100 different fields and areas and offers a large choice of studying programs for Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD degrees.

University of Bern. And the university based in the country’s capital closes this list of the renowned Swiss universities. It was founded in the 16th century during the period of the Reformation. The choice of various educational programs is really huge: 83 Master’s programs and 60 Bachelor’s programs. If you want to pursue a PhD degree at this institution, there is no problem: you can do it in any field you wish. The seekers of the MBA can rejoice at the number of over 200 executive programs offered at the University of Bern.


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