Mentality of Swiss People


Mentality, which is defined as a pattern of behavior for a certain group of people, is an inherent part of a culture of any country, and Switzerland is not different in this regard. In this short article, we will strive to uncover the mentality of Swiss people. Indeed, personalities and individuals are different, yet there are some common traits that can be noticed in all Swiss people.


The strictness and rigidity of the Swiss people have already become known to the entire continent. How it works? Let’s suppose the a Swiss person saves a life of a person. But a typical Swiss citizen will not be happy that he/she saved a life, but regret about being late at work. The same situation you may face when your colleague got sick: you will find little compassion about his sickness in other colleagues, yet you will notice an obvious discontent about the bigger amounts of work.


Many people from all over the world judge the Swiss people and call them introvert just because they find it hard to invite the people they barely know to their homes. Actually, it is just the nature of the Swiss people, since they are struggling to deal with questions how to approach a person, what to talk about with people of different cultures, etc.


Despite being introvert the way noted above, the Swiss citizens are really hospitable. Moreover, if the Swiss were not that much hospitable, then why such organizations like the International Red Cross appeared exactly in Switzerland? Moreover, you will not notice anything similar to ghetto within the country, and the country is doing well with integrating the immigrants into society. The Swiss education system only helps the immigrants to get integrated.


The Swiss are really highly conservative and they hardly accept innovations and novelties. Moreover, they barely borrow anything from the cultures of other countries, though this might be connected with the fact that Switzerland is encircled by such countries like Germany, France, Italy, and Austria. So this kind of conservatism is a natural attempt to preserve the identity and culture of the Swiss people.


swiss mentality

Punctuality is a common trait of the Swiss people

The country, which is renowned for producing premium-quality wristwatches, may barely be not punctual. Only God knows whether it is the Germans who borrowed that punctuality from the Swiss, or whether it is vice versa, but one can be said for sure: do not be late for a meeting with a Swiss. And you should come earlier either – it would make the other person feel guilty, as if he/she was late. You have to come just in time.


Indeed, the typical Swiss people are incredibly calm and, sometimes, it feels so that the whole nation does not have a single person with choleric temperament. All in all, you will barely find any Swiss shouting at someone.


Once again, barely anyone will ever know whether thriftiness started with the Germans or with the Swiss, but it is something that these two nations have in common. Maybe such thriftiness is caused by the cost of living in general and accommodation as well as health care in particular?


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