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Switzerland is, without any doubt, one of the top European countries of destination for tourists, and there are pretty solid arguments for it. First of all, going on a Switzerland travel is so popular thanks to the country’s perfect location: whereas the country is nestled between Germany, Italy, France, and Austria, a large part of its territory is covered by the picturesque, impressive, beautiful Alps. There is no need to say that it prompts many tourists, fans of ski and snowboard sports, alpinists to come to the country and take advantage of its gorgeous mountains.

Considering that country’s location is advantageous, it should not be something surprising that Switzerland is one of the Europe’s cleanest and least polluted countries, and the fresh, clean air and preserved nature are a good ground for the recreational tourism.

Indeed, it is impossible not to mention the country’s architecture and cultural heritage, which is something that prompts the tourists from all over the world to flock to the major Swiss cities. Apart from it, there are many Switzerland travel operators that offer quite comfortable and appealing tours. All in all, these Switzerland travel tips will help you to make up your mind about what cities and places to visit, as well as what tours and leisure activities you might undertake. Enjoy your stay in Switzerland!

Best destinations for a Switzerland travel

Despite the relatively small size of the country, there are quite many Switzerland travel destinations tourists flock to. In particular, we recommend you to have a look at the following cities and places:

Bern. The country’s nominal capital was founded back in the 11th century. This cozy Swiss city boasts a diverse and extremely appealing architecture of all styles: from the Gothic to the Renaissance styles. In particular, we highly recommend you to visit such places like the Old Town, the Federal Palace, and the City Bear Park. Also, you can find the Museum of Fine Arts (Kunstmuseum), the Natural History Museum, and the City’s Historical Museum in the city. Don’t miss to take a look at Bernmunster, the cathedral of the city, and Rosengarten (the garden of roses).

Zurich. Zurich is one of the economic centers and most developed cities of Switzerland, so it is not something surprising that this city attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The top attractions you cannot miss are the Old Town, the Zurich City Hall, Fraumünster, Lake Zürich, and Bürkliplatz. If you are a fan of museums, we highly recommend you to visit the Rietberg Museum, Bellerive Museum, and the Swiss National Museum.

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The area around the Lake of Geneva is undescribingly marvelous and breathtaking

The Lake of Geneva and the French-speaking part of Switzerland. While being able to boast of the most scenic views in the entire country, the French-speaking regions also attract tourists with the help of their architecture. It is definitely recommended to visit such outstanding cities like Geneva and Lausanne. Chateau de Chillon, one of the most picturesque water fortresses that were preserved in Europe, is located in Monreaux and accessible by foot, bus, or boat from this town.

Lugano and the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. If you have made up your mind to visit the Italian-speaking cantons during your Switzerland travel, you should definitely take a look at the Monte San Salvatore mountain, encircled by the Lake of Lugano. Lugano is, indeed, a very green city, so we suggest you to stroll through its lakeside parks and promenade. The Bellinzona Castles – namely, it is going about three castles – are included in the UNESCO World Heritage list and offer a great scenery. All three castles were constructed in the period between the 13th and 15th centuries. Don’t miss to pay a visit to the Lugano Old Town, Madonna del Sasso, and Santa Maria degli Angioli. After all, taking a train that goes through Centovalli, one of the most beautiful railway areas, will be an unforgettable experience for you.

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The Jungfrau Region is popular among both skiers and alpinists

The Jungfrau Region is another attraction for tourists, skiers and alpinists from the entire continent. The view that opens up from this place is just as breathtaking and wonderful as it can be – three huge mountains (Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau) tower over this tiny town. All of those mountains are higher than 3,900 meters above the sea level. Starting from this town, there are routes that lead to other wonderland towns, such as Lauterbrunnen, Wengen, Murren, and Grindelwald. Moreover, you can reach the peaks of the Schilthorn, Schynigge Platte, Grindelwald-First, and Kleine Scheidegg, starting from this town.

Most popular tours for a Switzerland travel

Those people who are a bit lazier might prefer not to bother themselves with planning a trip and opt to choose to buy some Switzerland travel tours. Here, we have collected the best Switzerland travel tours that are offered by tourist companies:

The Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe 12-hour long tour starts from Zurich, and during these 12 hours you will be able to view at the previously mentioned triple peaks, arrive to the highest railway station in Europe, and stroll through unforgettable ice tunnels.

Simplon pass travel switzerland

Simplon Pass, a high-mountain route between Italy and Switzerland, is a popular destination for tourists passionate about trekking and climbing

If you want something more hasteless and calmer, you might find it better to take the Zurich and Surroundings City Tour, The Best of Zurich City Tour, Lucerne – Most Charming Swiss Town, or Berne – Capital & Countryside Tour.

If you want to dig deeper and find something unusual, we can recommend you such tours like Jewels of the Alps, Highlights of Central Switzerland, Top of Switzerland, Lucerne with the Swiss Folklore Show, Rhine Falls – Europe’s Biggest Waterfalls, and Into the Alps – Swiss Mountain Passes.

Pastime and leisure activities in Switzerland

The geography of the country could not make it any different than prompt many of the Swiss people to fancying such sports like alpinism, skiing, snowboarding, hiking and mountain trekking, mountain cycling, etc. Moreover, the Alps are highly favorable even for such types of sports like mountain cycling.

Apart from it, there are a large number of festivals that take place every year and attended by lots of the locals and tourists. Also, there are many music bands (including folk ones) and drama theatres that rejoice their visitors throughout the country and that are popular in Switzerland.

Movies are not as popular as in other countries, but, indeed, there are also many cinemas, and many movies are dubbed and subtitled with other languages (English, French, Italian). Keep in mind that smoking in restaurants and pubs in Switzerland is banned.

Useful sources

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