Leisure in Switzerland for Active People


If you are a really active, energetic person, the so-called thrill-seeker, then you may look for the equally active leisure in Switzerland. The country’s geography, without any doubt, perfectly suits your needs. In this short article, we have gathered the most active and even extreme leisure activities you might undertake in this country.

It would be reasonable to begin with via ferrata, which is basically the form of mountaineering by climbing a mountain while being secured to a steel cable that runs along the mountain route. Even though this sport is claimed to be safe even for inexperienced climbers, we highly suggest you to know the basics of safety techniques. The best locations for this activity are the Swiss borders with Italy and France. In particular, there is a great mountain with a highly secure via ferrata route near Gruyéres, a town in the Western part of the country. There is a 1,300 meter long route with various difficulty sections. After starting your climbing at 1,580 (though, usually it starts at 1,660) meters high, you will eventually reach the peak at 2,002 meters.

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Via ferrata is one of the most popular extreme sports in the Alpine regions

Another active way of leisure in Switzerland is parcours, which you can find in the park of Charmey Aventures. There are six levels of difficulty and the height varies from 2 up to 25 meters. If you want to dare going there with your children, no problem – the children aged 7 and more are allowed in the park and these activities. The park also provides other kinds of sports activities, so you can be sure that you will not get bored.

If you are not scared of heights and strolling on a quite shaky bridge, it would be a nice option to head to the Trift Bridge, one of the most spectacular and scenic bridges in the world. It is located in the region of Trift Glacier and will be a real adventure for everyone: the height of the bridge is 100 meters high, and the distance you should walk is more than 170 meters long.

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Visiting the Trift Bridge is an amazing and memorable experience

If you are in need for rush of adrenaline, bungee jumping would be most suitable to satisfy it. In order to reach the most emotion-providing place for bungee jumping, you should head to the country’s border with Italy, to the Contra Dam. 220 meters high or 7.5 seconds of a free fall – this is all you should know about this exciting place.

Fans of aquaparks can also be satisfied: Le Bouveret, a town located near the border with France and on the coasts of Geneva Lake, features a water park of more than 15,000 square meters. The water park is divided into three sections and has lots of attractions for your entire family, which is an amazing alternative of leisure in Switzerland. In particular, you may relish the following attractions: 7 different water slides, grottos, waterfalls, and exotic plants at the Jungle-Land. The Captain-Kids section will surely distract your children. And the last section – Paradise-Land – offers a large number of both outdoor and indoor pools, heated up to 28-30 degrees of Celsium. Also, there you can find whirlpools, wellness baths, restaurants, and beaches of the Geneva Lake.


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