Opportunities in the Swiss Tourism Industry


Almost ¾ of the Swiss GDP comes from the sector of services, and the Swiss tourism industry plays an important role in the country’s economy. With more than 210,000 people employed in this industry and the gross revenues of more than 36 billion Euros, the industry is becoming vital for the country’s economy and the immigrants who come to Switzerland to work.

There are several factors that have helped Switzerland to become one of the Europe’s key destinations for tourism: a great geography (a large share of the country’s territory is occupied by the Alps), very diverse regions, a long history and an impressive architecture. Last year, however, the country suffered from the fall of revenues delivered by the Swiss tourism industry due to a strong franc (the country’s currency), which resulted in the outflow of tourists. Another problem might be the toughening of migration rules for non-qualified workers, whereas the tourism industry may suffer the most from such “novelties.”

However, the fiscal policy of the FED might be more favorable towards Switzerland, as the strengthening dollar will send a good impulse to the Swiss tourism industry. At the same time, the migration rules might not have that significant impact on the industry.

Where can you find opportunities in the Swiss tourism industry?

The industry of tourism covers all areas of servicing newcomers, including hospitality, restaurants, excursions, instructing and teaching techniques of safety for those who dare to try extreme sports, such as mountain climbing.

tourism in Switzerland

Even though the jobs of mountain guides are mostly seasonal, there is a high demand for such professionals in Switzerland

Regarding the industry of hospitality, typically hotels require receptionists, cleaners, and porters – the least qualified workers, for whom it has become harder now to work in Switzerland (this stands for foreigners). Swiss restaurants (the number of which exceeds 29,000) also need waiters and waitresses. If you have such a profession or you want to give it a try anyway, we highly recommend you to pick some hotels and restaurants and contact them directly for getting to know whether they need new workers.

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Also, restaurants might need cookers and chief cooks as well. Health resorts and parks of attractions may be in need of all kinds of masseurs, safety instructors, rescuers (for swimming pools and similar stuff), therapists, and so on. Many tourist companies need guides who can speak in fluent English and tell the visitors the most arcane secrets about the Swiss cities and attractions.

One of the most common reasons for coming to Switzerland is mountains, which suit great for both alpinism/mountaineering and skiing/snowboarding. Many Swiss tourist companies offer their clients to climb the most notable peaks in Switzerland and provide all necessary gear and staff. Thus, they might need mountain guides, safety instructors, and photographers. During the winter time, it is going about instructors, as well as teachers of skiing and snowboarding. Keep in mind, however, that this kind of jobs are seasonal.

Where else to look for vacancies in the tourism industry of Switzerland?

If you want to look for a job in the tourism industry of Switzerland, we highly recommend you to make use of the following websites:

The Association of Swiss Tourism Managers






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