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As our article about the language situation in the United States showed, English is the dominant language in the United States and you barely can get employed anywhere without knowing it. But basic knowledge of English is often not enough in order to integrate in the society, and this article provides you with the best websites for polishing your English skills. By taking advantage of those resources, you will be able to improve your knowledge of the English language and understand better the American version of English. Enjoy!

  1. Ello. When it comes to training your English listening skills, Ello appears to be one of the best websites for polishing your English skills. While the website offers a wide variety of courses and other products at a pretty moderate price (from $15 to $20), there is an abundance of short audio and video materials, designed to train your English listening skills. Typically, audios last around 4 minutes on the average and videos last about 2 minutes on the average. Every audio and video comes with a quiz, so you can check whether you have understood all what has been said correctly.
  2. English Central. English Central is a great portal that specializes in providing short high-quality videos, so it would be a perfect choice to anyone who truly wants to improve his/her English listening skills. English Central is definitely one of the best websites for polishing your English skills, as every video on this website comes with a transcript. Moreover, this website appears to be a great source for expanding your vocabulary, given the fact that you can click on any word in the transcript and its meaning will immediately be displayed on your screen.
  3. Lyrics Training. This source for learning English is also aimed at those learners who want to improve their listening skills and recognize various accents better. On this website, you actually have to listen to the songs of your favorite performers and musicians. Then, the website provides you with various exercises that are connected with songs and will help you to reinforce your knowledge of the English language. You can choose videos from more than 30 genres, and you can choose a certain level of difficulty for every video. There are the following levels of difficulty available: beginner (10% of the words to fill), intermediate (25%), advanced (50%), and expert (all the words).
  4. Oxford English Grammar Course Online. If you have a need to brush up your English grammar, there is no better source than this one. Oxford English Grammar Course allows you to pick a suitable level of difficulty (basic, intermediate, or advanced) and complete exercises on every topic of grammar. Thus, without providing information necessary for obtaining the knowledge of English grammar, this website allows you to improve your skills with pretty demanding exercises.
  5. Oxford Word Skills Online. This appears to be just another worthy online course from Oxford we highly recommend to pay attention to. Similar as in the previous one, Oxford offers you to choose one out of three levels of difficulty. Then, you will be provided with various materials for expanding your vocabulary, including flash cards, mini-phrasebook, learning records, vocabulary calendars, tests, practice exercises, and many other materials. In addition to that, Oxford has also published its other books out there, such as Idioms and Phrasal Verbs (Intermediate and Advanced), Oxford Learner’s Pocket Word Skills, and Oxford Learner’s Pocket Phrasal Verbs and Idioms.
  6. English File Online. And again, Oxford truly proves to offer one of the best websites for polishing your English skills, since this website is brought to you by Oxford as well. First of all, you are given to select one of the levels of difficulty among: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Intermediate Plus, Upper-Intermediate, and Advanced. There, you have really got a great abundance of resources for mastering English. In particular, the website includes the following sections: learning record, test maker, mini phrasebook, games, weblinks, text builder, practical English, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.
  7. BBC Learning English. This weekly podcast from BBC is also a worthy source for learning English to consider. Actually, the website provides you with 6-minute long audios and transcripts from them, where two hosts talk on different topics. The benefits from such a method of learning English are not just the improvement of English listening skills, but also expansion of vocabulary.
  8. Voice of America. The American state broadcaster can offer a large variety of materials that will be useful for mastering English, which makes it one of the best websites for polishing your English skills. The entire section is broken up into different levels of difficulty, which impacts the content’s vocabulary and reading speed. Every text there comes with an audio – which, by the way, is sounded in a very moderate, unhurried way – and makes the learning process really easy and joyful.
  9. News in Levels. This is just another resource that allows you to learn English by reading the news. Every news comes with three levels of difficulty: level 1, level 2, and level 3. The higher the difficulty level is, the more words you will have to read and listen to and the more complex words will be given in the article. If you have always fancied reading news and want to make use of it, this source is a perfect solution for you!
  10. Talk English. This website closes our list of the best websites for polishing your English skills, yet it appears not any worse than the previous sources. The website contains a section for beginners (“English Speaking Basics”), listening and grammar lessons, idioms and phrases, as well as many other useful materials. For example, you are able to download the website’s application for Android or iOS and master your English anywhere you want. After all, the website’s blog on various matters of the English language is worth your attention as well!
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Best Websites for Learning English


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