10 Best American Universities


When it comes to the issue of high-quality higher education, the first country many people think of is the United States. Indeed, American higher education establishments tend to dominate all well-known rankings of the world’s best universities, and this prompts many people to seek an enrollment into one of those establishments. This ranking of the 10 best American universities clearly shows why the United States remain a desirable place for receiving higher education. Make use of this list and choose a university that suits your needs best!

10 top american universities

MIT appears to be the world’s best university

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). MIT has been ranked as the best university in the world for at least 5 years during the last decade, and so the university keeps occupying the position of the world’s best higher educational establishment even now. This university was founded back in 1861 in order to cope with the challenges brought by the industrialization of America. Initially, the Massachusetts institute followed the European model of polytechnic universities and focused mostly on engineering and physical sciences. Now, however, MIT is also known for its high-quality education and a large number of Nobel Prize laureates in such fields like management, linguistics, economics, and biology. In a large number of various rankings, this university achieved maximum points in every category, including inclusiveness, specialist criteria, innovation, internationalization, teaching facilities, employability, and research. So it shouldn’t be that much surprising that MIT remains one of the most desirable places to study at.
  2. Stanford University. Stanford is another heavyweight university in the United States, the name of which is often associated with education in America. It was founded by Leland Stanford, the governor of California then, and his wife Jane, yet the university had frequently experienced financial troubles after the governor’s death. During the last decade, the Stanford University has always been included in the list of the top 5 universities in the world. In particular, the university provides education of the highest quality in the areas like natural sciences, social sciences and management, life sciences and medicine, engineering and technologies, art and humanities. Such people like Larry Page, John Kennedy, Sergei Brin, Peter Thiel, and Elon Mask have either studied in or graduated from Stanford University.
  3. Harvard University. This higher educational establishment, which is also a member of the Ivy League, has been included in the list of 10 best American universities (and the world’s as well) during the last several decades. Yet, it surpasses even the already mentioned MIT and Stanford in such areas like social sciences and management as well as life sciences and medicine. Considering that this university was founded back in 1636, Harvard appears to be the oldest higher educational establishment in the United States.
  4. California Institute of Technology. Known simply as Caltech, this university is frequently included in the list of the 10 best American universities. It was founded back in 1891 and is ranked highly for its facilities, innovation, research, and specialist criteria. When it comes to the issue of subjects the university excels in, it would be best to study in one of the following areas: earth and marine sciences, chemistry, biological sciences, chemical engineering, and natural sciences.
  5. University of Chicago. The university of Chicago closes the list of the world’s top 10 universities, yet appears to be noticeably higher in the American ranking. It was founded back in 1890 and the number of students studying there exceeds 15,000 nowadays. The university is distinguished thanks to its huge printing press (the largest in the United States), many research centers (over 140), and prominent affiliated research institutes.
  6. Princeton University. This is just another old higher educational establishment in this list of the 10 best American universities. Princeton was founded back in 1746 and had been a place of studying of two American presidents. This university can boast to have as many as 41 Nobel Prize laureates associated with it, and now Princeton appears to be 11th in the list of the world’s best universities. The university can boast to “have five stars” in the following criteria: innovation, facilities, research, internationalization, and specialist criteria.
  7. Cornell University. This Ivy League university was founded back in 1865 by Andrew Dickson White and Ezra Cornell with the purpose to provide education in any field for any person. This university, based in the New York State, can boast to have a huge campus, 7 science labs, museums, a chapel, and athletics facilities. The university is particularly good in training students in the following areas: English language and literature, biological sciences, management of hospitality and leisure, agriculture and forestry, and veterinary sciences.
  8. Yale University. This Ivy League higher educational establishment is often regarded as one of the world’s most prominent universities, so it is natural that it was included in this list of the 10 best American universities. It was founded back in 1701 and can boast to have as many as 57 Nobel Prize laureates to be affiliated with this university. When it comes to education, the university is especially great in training students in the areas like arts and humanities, politics, history, English language and literature, legal studies and law.
  9. Johns Hopkins University. Named after the wealthy philanthropist, this university is based in Maryland and is considered to be the first research university in the United States. Daniel Coit Gilman, the first president of this institution, revolutionized the American education by adopting the educational concept of Germany’s Heidelberg University, which implied research. The university is best at training students in medicine, anatomy and physiology, nursing, and life sciences.
  10. Columbia University. Columbia University was established back in 1754 in New York and appears to be another Ivy League university in this list of the 10 best American universities. It is often regarded as the world’s most prestigious university to study in, which is also associated with 98 Nobel Prize winners and many other notable personalities in the American history (including the 5 Founding Fathers). Thus, only Harvard University can boast to have a higher number of Nobel Prize laureates associated with it.
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