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edX is another popular platform that offers a large variety of massive open online courses to the users. Though, the thing that differ edX from its counterparts (such as Coursera, Udemy, or Udacity) is the fact that this company appears to be a non-profit one. Actually, edX was created from the cooperation of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, two leading higher educational institutions of the United States. This edX review is aimed to give a basic information about this MOOC service, list its advantages, and determine the best free courses. Also, you will get to know where to get coupons for this service and how to sign up for edX with the help of this edX review.

Despite being a non-profit organization, edX mostly offers paid courses to its users. Unlike the courses offered by Coursera, some edX courses may even cost up to $1,000 (though such expensive courses are quite rare). One may find free courses on edX as well, but taking up a free course means that you won’t get a certificate of completion (unless you pay for it – a system that is very similar to Coursera).

edX Review: Basic Information About edX

Considering that edX was born out of the cooperation between two universities, it should not be surprising that edX partners with over 110 organizations and higher institutions. More than 10 million of students have taken over 1,270 courses through this platform. One of the key things about edX that has not been mentioned in our edX review before is the fact that the platform functions on the open-source software called “Open edX.” Therefore, any higher institution is able to find the source code of edX on GitHub and set up a similar platform.

The number of courses is, indeed, paramount, whereas this platform can be beaten only by Coursera and Udemy in regards to the number of top-quality courses from higher institutions. Though, one should say that the website’s catalog of courses looks somewhat messy with a large pile of categories, namely: social sciences, science, physics, philosophy & ethics, music, medicine, math, literature, law, language, humanities, history, health & safety, food & nutrition, ethics, environmental studies, engineering, energy & earth sciences, electronics, education & teacher training, economics & finance, design, data analysis & statistics, computer science, communication, chemistry, business & management, biology & life sciences, art & culture, and architecture.

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Our edX review provides you with free edX coupons and its best free courses

On the other hand, a number of filters (located on the left side of the page) make a course search really comfortable and easy. In particular, the filters include the course availability, subject, school/program, level, and language. It is noteworthy that quite a good number of courses is provided in Spanish, Mandarin, and French languages: 122, 49, and 37 respectively. Besides, each category also displays most sought-after subjects. In the computer science category, for example, it looks like this: Python / Java / Cloud Computing / App Development / Information Technology.

edX Review: Advantages of the edX Website

edX is quite a decent platform for online education, and there are some obvious, objective advantages that may prompt you (as well as other users) to enroll in the courses of this service. This section of our edX review is designed to provide you with a clear understanding of what you can expect from this MOOC service. But one may surely state that edX is one of the best companies in the realm of online education, and the reasons listen below just serve as an explanation why.

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edX is one of the best sources for online education

  1. A large number of courses in a variety of different fields from top-quality universities are placed together on one website. Now, you don’t have to browse different websites in a search of a particular course. Considering the number of available courses (and also that it keeps growing), you are likely to find a course that interests you and cover a specific field. Besides, one should note that the courses are more or less fairly distributed among various categories and there are no obvious gaps in any category. Besides, keep in mind that there are pretty many courses that appear to be tuition-free.
  2. edX offers online courses that are developed only by reputable universities. edX is not a place where anyone can submit an online course. Even though this reason that only on-campus-like courses are available is often referred to as a drawback, one may point out that the website’s courses are of a high quality. You won’t find any rubbish courses here, considering that all the courses are lectured by renowned professors.
  3. edX does its best at progressing towards further development of online education with a variety of certificate programs. In particular, edX is the only MOOC service that offers such a great variety of certificate programs, namely: MicroMasters Certificate, Professional Certificate, and XSeries Certificate. All these programs have been developed in a cooperation with many universities and appear to be a major leap towards the development of online education.
  4. The implemented system of reviews and average course marks allows the users to assess the course’s quality before purchasing it. Each user who has taken up a course and passed it is able to write a review and give a mark for the course. This is a useful feature for assessing the course’s value, considering that a large number of courses must be paid-for. However, one drawback must be noted: it is not possible to see the average mark of the course/lecturer before actually opening the page with that course.
  5. The number of the company’s partners is paramount and keeps growing. As for the present time, the number of universities and organizations edX partners with is higher than 110 and keeps growing. Once again, this is a great boost to the development of online education and ensures that one will be able to get a full higher education completely online in the nearest future.

Best Free edX Courses

edX is truly a platform that can boast a large number of top-quality courses. However, a large number of them are paid, and some users might be struggling to pay for them. This leaves such users without an opportunity to try those courses out. But one shouldn’t think that only low-quality courses are free on edX: there is a huge number of high-quality free edX courses and this section of the edX review just proves it one more time.

  1. Islamic Finance and Capital Market. This edX course actually appears to be one of the best introduction courses to Islamic finance. During 4 weeks of this course, you will learn about the types of Islamic financial markets, what are both basic and complex Islamic financial instruments and how the work, and what are the challenges that Islamic financial markets face. Considering that the Islamic financial markets have been expanding significantly during the last decades, this course appears to be very useful.
  2. Introduction to Project Management. Another worthy course in the field of management and economics. During this 6-week long course from the University of Adelaide, you will gain core knowledge about project management and learn how to apply these skills in real work.
  3. Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies. The emerging world is developing quite fast and its share in the world GDP is growing even faster, and this online course will give you an insight about opportunities that open up for business in emerging economies. The lector will also teach you the problems businesses usually face when entering emerging markets and give recommendations about how to avoid them.
  4. How to Code: Complex Data. This is a free introductory course to creating complex, sophisticated programs. The course lasts 6 weeks, during which you will learn how to make your programs shorted and better tested.
  5. Learn to Program in Java. Java is one of the most popular coding languages nowadays, and this 4-week long course introduces you to the world of the Java language, explaining you how to use basic commands in Java and utilize the industry’s tools, what are the code control structures, and how to structure your codes.
  6. Introduction to Python: Fundamentals. Python is another popular language of coding at the present time, which appears to be, however, more complex than Java. This language is characterized by a real convenience and contraction, so one is able to write complex programs with it easier. During the five weeks of this course, you will get a basic understanding of this language and learn key manipulation methods.
  7. Introduction to Cybersecurity. This is one of the most important courses in our edX review, considering the paramount amount of challenges in the present-day cyberworld. During the four weeks of this course, you will learn key concepts in the field of cyber security and master the ability of distinguishing cyber threats.
  8. International Law. This 8-week long course is aimed at professionals in law who want to learn about how the international law is created and upheld in the present-day world. Also, you will learn about what happens after the rules of the international law are breached and how to strive for justice.
  9. Robotics: Vision Intelligence and Machine Learning. It is even somewhat surprising that such a top-quality course appears to be free on edX. The course is aimed at advanced engineers and lasts for 12 weeks, giving the knowledge about the visual intelligence of robots.
  10. Basic Spanish 1: Getting Started. Kick start the process of learning Spanish with the help of this high-quality course from the Polytechnical University of Valencia. The course lasts 7 weeks and gives basic conversational skills, introduces the alphabet and numbers, and teaches how to use the equivalent of the English “to be.”
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How to Get an edX Coupon

As the previous section of this edX review has proven, there are pretty many worthy free online courses on edX. If you have a need in some course yet it appears to be a paid one, then you may seek for an edX coupon instead of paying the full price. In this section of our edX review, you can learn where to look for edX coupons, namely:

What Are edX Alternatives?

Considering that edX is a popular platform with over 10 million registered users that offers both paid and free courses, it is worth to consider what are the alternatives to edX. This section of the edX review contains a selection of the service’s main online educational competitors. Thus, you can compare them with edX and choose the best service as for your needs.

Сoursera. Coursera is not surprisingly placed first in this section of our edX review. Basically, both edX and Coursera are quite similar MOOC services in nature, though the main difference is that, unlike edX, Coursera allows users to audit all the courses for free. Besides, the numbers of registered users and courses available on Coursera are higher as well: more than 24 million registered users and more than 2,000 courses.

Udemy. Udemy has gained its popularity thanks to the abundance of courses and an opportunity to sell courses via this service in the first place. At the present time, Udemy appears to be the largest website for online education with more than 48,000 courses available. While the majority of courses are paid (around $10), you may find coupons that will discount you up to 100% off the price.

Udacity. This platform is a worthy one to consider for any IT specialist. Basically, it contains a large number of courses from renowned tech corporations (Google, Facebook, and Twitter are among them). Among the website’s courses, you will find even such ones like “Robotics” and “Introduction to Virtual Reality.” Many of them come completely free of cost, while some courses must be paid. Besides, there is also a peculiar program you can enroll in, which guarantees you employment (or money refund otherwise) within 6 months after graduation!

NovoEd. NovoEd is quite an innovative approach to online education, since the company’s founders decided to provide educational courses that require collaboration in small teams. Such an approach leads to a better understanding of the subjects, as students get an opportunity to try the skills and knowledge they have acquired. Besides, the company also offers a special software that facilitates the learning process.

Pluralsight. Pluralsight, which was created as an in-class training company for corporate clients, seized an opportunity of online education in 2007 and was among the first companies to enter the realm of online education. Given that the company utilizes the subscription-based business model, you can subscribe for a month or a few and take up any number of courses you want. Pluralsight offers more than 4,000 courses in the field of IT.

Khan Academy. Khan Academy was the first initiative to enter the field of online education in 2006. At that time, the founder of the company made short YouTube videos. Now, it is one of the most popular services of online education with an average monthly audience of 40 million students. Though, it must be said that Khan Academy doesn’t appear to be a direct competitor of edX, whereas it offers courses mostly to young students and rather a school-like education.

How to Start Using the edX Service

If you wish to take advantage of the edX’s free online courses or you want to purchase an online course, then you need to get registered on its website. With the help of the instructions provided in this section of the edX review, you can sign up for this service and start studying already within several minutes after starting this simple procedure!

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Take advantage of the best free courses on edX!

So, the guidelines are the following ones:

  • The first step of yours must be launching your browser and going to the next website: https://www.edx.org/.
  • In the right-upper part of your page, you will notice the blue “Register” button. Give it a click.
  • Then, you will be redirected to the page with a registration form. You need to provide the following information about yourself: full name, username, email, password, country, gender and birthdate (both are optional), and a few other optional things. At the end, check the box “I agree to the edX Terms…” and click on the “Create account” button.
  • Upon the completion of that form, check your email’s inbox. Open a letter sent by edX and click on the link, provided in that letter. That will lead to the confirmation of your account.
  • After confirming your account, move your mouse over “Courses” in the left-upper part of the screen. Choose a field you want to take up a course from.
  • Browse that field and choose a course that interests you. Open the page with that course.
  • On the right side, you will see the large green “Start Free Course” button. Click on it.
  • After that, you will be offered either to buy a certificate (if it’s a free course) or to audit the course. Scroll down and click on the “Audit This Course” button.
  • Start to study the course!

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