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Khan Academy, unlike many other massive open online course services listed in this section, is a non-profit organization that was founded back in 2006 by Salman Khan. Basically, it was the pioneer company in the realm of online educational coursesCoursera, Udemy, and other services were founded later. In our Khan Academy review, you will get to know about the basic and most important features of this MOOC service, find out about how it functions, what are its advantages and best free courses, get some sources for obtaining coupons, and learn how to sign up for this service.

One of the key features about this organization is that it strives to provide tuition-free classes for everyone. The classes are presented in a form of YouTube videos and cover a wide range of subjects and topics. Also, the courses on this website are even quite suitable for pupils. Though, one should be aware of the fact that even the company’s founder and CEO Salman Khan said that the academy is useful, but it doesn’t substitute the classic, standard education. The website is available in over 40 languages, though the content is available mostly in English. Also, the content in Hindi, Bangla, French, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish can be found as well.

Khan Academy Review: Basic Information About Khan Academy

As it was noted in the introduction to this Khan Academy review, the service’s courses come in a form of short YouTube videos that are typically no longer than 10 minutes. Therefore, the entire Khan Academy website is more of a supplement to those YouTube videos, whereas it offers an ability of progress tracking, some teaching tools and practical exercises. iOS and Android mobile applications allow to access the materials of courses anywhere and enjoy a comfortable progress tracking on your mobile.

Best Free Khan Academy Courses

As our Khan Academy review proves, Khan Academy is a perfect source for school-time education

After turning into quite a successful project, the service’s reach and availability started to grow enormously. Until the present time, Khan Academy has provided more than 1 million lessons across the globe. More than 40 million people use this service for learning every month, while the number of lecturers who give lessons via Khan Academy is exceeding 2 million in a month. The educational content is translated into more than 35 languages thanks to volunteers, though English remains the major language.

This MOOC service appears to be the world’s largest nowadays. If you click on the “Subjects” text button on the Khan Academy website, you will see the following categories (with further subcategories): math by subject, math by grade, science & engineering, computing, arts & humanities, economics & finance, and test preparations. The courses on the Khan Academy website come along with audio transcripts, an ability to ask questions, and provide tips and “thanks.” On the top of all that, the company provides internships for those who want to dedicate some time to volunteering for a non-profit organization.

Khan Academy Review: Advantages of Khan Academy

At this point of our Khan Academy review, we strive to give you a clear understanding of what are the best things about studying through the website of this company. Actually, any online course website can boast certain excellences, but Khan Academy has a few very distinctive features that allow this company to stand out among others. This section of the Khan Academy review provides you with a handful of advantages of this service, which will help you to determine whether it is worth to use the Khan Academy website for education or opt for another MOOC service.

Khan Academy alternatives

As it was already mentioned in this Khan Academy review, this educational service can offer the monthly audience of over 40 million users

Here are the advantages:

  1. Khan Academy, unlike many other educational websites, provides an abundance of classes for pupils. If you browse the website’s catalog of courses in particular, you will get to see that even the math subject is covered by grade and even includes lessons for children of the 1st This allows children and their parents to practice the math skills earlier (before even enrolling in a school) or repeat the things they have been taught in schools. This is an obvious advantage and a very distinctive feature that allows Khan Academy stand out among other course websites.
  2. Khan Academy appears to be the world’s most popular website that provides education courses and is translated into a large number of languages. Barely any other educational website can boast a monthly audience of 40 million students and the number of lectors who give classes via this platform of 2 million in a month. Besides, many of the Khan Academy’s lessons were distributed in rural areas of Asia, Africa, and South America, which allowed children there to get the basic education they would unlike get otherwise.
  3. There is a section of “College admissions” on the website of Khan Academy, which allows students and/or their parents to make decisions about enrolling in college less complex and more thought-out. This section on the website of Khan Academy is quite peculiar and allows children (along with their parents) to assess their skills for enrolling in college, find out what expects him during the application process, and determine what college is the most suitable for a particular child.
  4. The Khan Academy website fosters interaction of a lector with students and provides paramount opportunities for exercises and practices. As it has been mentioned in this Khan Academy review above, there is an opportunity to ask the website’s lectors questions, and they are likely to answer them gladly. Tipping (giving course recommendations) and thanking is also a fostering component of interaction. Yet, what makes this website especially valuable is the abundance of practice and exercises available in almost all subjects.
  5. Khan Academy has also developed Android and iOS apps that allow students to learn in any place with comfort. Apart from the single fact that it allows students to study anywhere, the service’s applications allow users to take advantage of progress tracking, resume videos from the places where they have been stopped last time, and download the materials for offline learning. Given all these aspects, it would be wrong not to download the service’s app and spend the time in transport with use.

Best Free Khan Academy Courses

Considering the specificity of this MOOC service, it is fairly difficult to list the best free Khan Academy courses. Khan Academy does not usually offer separate courses, but rather they come one by one in every subject in a form of short videos and text. Therefore, this section of the Khan Academy review rather contains the “must-learn” subjects that every student in every part of the world would find useful. And here the must-learn subjects on the Khan Academy website:

  1. Early math. And even though only early math course is placed first, we imply that it appears to be a foundation of more advanced math, including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and other subjects. Therefore, the first place is dedicated to all math courses. Khan Academy actually dedicated a great deal of its website and place in the catalog to math, and you are able to browse math courses either by subject or by grade.
  2. World history. Basically, world history is one of the key subjects overall, and a great structure of the course on Khan Academy makes it really logical and easy to learn this subject. In particular, you can notice that subject is structured according to periods on the left and according to regions/places/civilizations on the right. Such a logical layout ensures that the process of learning will be really easy and enjoyable.
  3. Health and medicine. This subject is a must-learn one for anyone and covers a wide range of topics. On the left, you will notice that the course is structured according to various subjects within the medicine subjects. At the same time, you will get to see the topics a particular subject includes on the right.
  4. Biology. This science is closely interconnected with the previous one and Khan Academy has structured it, once again, in a smart, thought-out way. Considering that videos sometimes feature some funny moments and/or jokes, you can be sure that you/your children will feel the effect of visualization at its fullest.
  5. Chemistry. Chemistry is typically referred to a pool of subjects that must be mastered by any young students, and so you should be surprised to see it in this list. The Khan Academy’s classes take you from the intro to chemistry up to the advanced chemistry classes. On the top of that, there are also AP Chemistry and Organic Chemistry subjects available on the website, and you are able to find them in the catalog.
  6. Cosmology and astronomy. At least the basic knowledge and skills of this subject must be acquired by every pupil, and you (or your kids) will learn about the university, stars, the history of the Earth’s climate, and life in the universe during the first lessons of this course. A number of exciting videos will surely force you to stare at the monitor of your PC or laptop.
  7. Physics. This is just one more must-learn subject, which, however, is quite lengthy and complicated – be prepared for tough challenges. Though, clear explanations in the videos and high-quality reading materials are solid reasons to believe that anyone can master the subject (with a bit of efforts of his/her own).
  8. Computer science. Specialists in the field of computer science are among the most demanded nowadays, and this quite easy and short course introduces the concepts of computer science to you. There are also such subjects like Computer Programming, Hour of Code, and Computer Animation available.
  9. Microeconomics and macroeconomics. The science of economics is often overshowed by physics, chemistry, biology and other “more important” subjects, but actually it appears to be quite important in the modern-day world. How would you be able to manage your finances without knowing what is inflation and why it is not always bad? These two subjects will help you to answer this and many other questions.
  10. Entrepreneurship. Same as leadership, entrepreneurship is not an ability people usually get born with, but rather an acquired set of skills. This course actually represents a number of interviews (actually, 50 interviews) with the most distinguished entrepreneurs of the 21st
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How to Get a Khan Academy Coupon

Considering that all courses on Khan Academy come for free and the organization is a non-profit one, there are not so many coupons you might take advantage of. But this section of our Khan Academy review will provide you with several sources where you can find coupons for this service and get some bonuses and useful benefits. Here are the sources:

What Are Khan Academy Alternatives?

Khan Academy is, indeed, the most popular educational online resource that can boast a monthly audience of over 40 million students. Considering that Khan Academy is aimed mostly at young learners, the websites provided in this part of our Khan Academy review are rather supplemental resources than alternatives. With the help of the description of this part of the Khan Academy review, you can make up your mind where you (or your children) can continue studying further. Enjoy!

Udacity. Udacity is an online resource that can deservedly state that it’s being driven by business. A number of renowned tech corporations that back and prepare the website’s courses make this educational online resource to be one of the best ones in the field of IT.

Udemy. While being a major educational hub with over 48,000 courses, Udemy provides large amounts of online courses in all fields. Even though the majority of those courses are paid, you can look for coupons and receive decent discounts (up to 100%). Also, a comfortable website’s interface and layout genuinely facilitate the learning process, making it as convenient as it can be.

Coursera. Coursera is one of the renowned brands in the realm of online education, and the number of 24 million registered users proves that it’s definitely a valuable resource. Actually, Coursera provides over 2,000 courses with an ability of free material auditing. All the courses are prepared by the world’s leading university and translated into/dubbed in many languages.

edX. This educational online resource is somewhat similar to Coursera, though it was born out of the cooperation between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University. Though, there is a difference in regards to Coursera – edX offers both courses free for auditing and only paid courses. Though, a selection of courses is somewhat scarcer than on Coursera.

NovoEd. NovoEd invaded the field of online education with a breakthrough approach of collaboration in small teams, claiming that such an approach decreases the dropout rate and improves student involvement. The company offers both free and paid online courses, and its software appears to be the best of such a kind for the facilitation of the learning process.

Pluralsight. Whereas the company was founded as an in-class training enterprise, it later shifted towards online education. Nowadays, Pluralsight offers subscriptions to both individuals and corporate clients in the sphere of IT. One of its key features is a great opportunity of class management provided to corporate managers, who can evaluate skills of their team members and gain the full, comprehensive information.

How to Get Started on the Khan Academy Website

Considering the specificity of the Khan Academy website, this service allows to view videos and all other study materials complete for free and even without a need to register on the website. However, it would be wiser to sign up for Khan Academy: being registered on the website allows you to take advantage of progress tracking, submit questions to lectors, send them course recommendations, and do a number of other useful actions.

Khan Academy coupons

As the company’s motto states, you can learn anything

Here is a guide for signing up for the service and starting to study:

  • Open the browser of yours and go to the following website:
  • In the right-upper corner, spot the “New user / Sign up” button and give it a click.
  • In the pop-up window that has just appeared, click on “Profile.”
  • Then, you will get to see the page of a “visitor learner’s profile.” Click on “Yes, please. Sign me up!” in the pop-up message.
  • Then, you will get landed on a page with a few registration options. You can sign up for Khan Academy either with the help of your Google/Facebook profile or by using your email address. If you are a teacher or a parent, click on the respective text button below.
  • Let’s suppose you are signing up with an email address. After clicking on “Sign up with email,” provide your full name, email address, and birthdate by typing them in the registration form. Click on “Sign up.”
  • Then, go your email’s inbox. Find a letter from Khan Academy, open it, and click on “Finish signing up.”
  • After confirming your email address, specify your gender, provide a username and password for your account.
  • After getting registered, click on the “Subjects” in the left-upper corner. Choose a subject that interests you, open the topic you need, and start studying!

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