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NovoEd is a for-profit educational company that offers MOOC courses and small private online courses (known as SPOCs), which was created back in 2013 by a professor from Stanford University and his PhD student. Actually, you can immediately notice what differs NovoEd from other MOOC services: it also offers small courses to particular companies that want to train their employees. By reading this NovoEd review, you will get to know about the main features and advantages of this educational service, what are the best free courses on NovoEd, where you can find NovoEd coupons, and how to start using this service.

Yet, another feature that positively distinguishes NovoEd from other educational services is its idea to prompt the users to collaborate in small teams. It was proven by a number of researches that knowledge and skills are acquired better when students apply them right away and put into practice, and such a collaborative approach leads to a better understanding of the materials.

NovoEd Review: Basic Information About NovoEd

As it has been noted above, the company is focused on forcing collaboration between the students, and its slogan “Learn, Collaborate, Innovate” is just quite an obvious mark of how the education process occurs on NovoEd. This educational service offers both paid and free courses, and the largest investors of NovoEd appear to be the Stanford University and Costanoa Venture Capital.

best free novoed courses

As this NovoEd review proves, this service has gained its popularity due to its decision to prompt collaboration between learners

NovoEd partners with a number of renowned universities, including Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Darden School of Business (University of Virginia), and Princeton University. One of the most ambitious things that have ever occurred in the online education sphere is NovoEd’s launch of the LEAD certificate program in cooperation with Graduate School of Business (Stanford University), which occurred in 2014. All graduates of this program, which involves up to 15 faculty staff members, will receive certificates in the sphere of corporate innovation.

What must be definitely pointed out in this NovoEd review is the fact that the company offers both public (MOOC) and private (corporate) courses, whereas the latter ones are not available to the wide audience. There is also a special program, developed by the company’s team of programmers, which fosters collaboration between students and is aimed for the corporate learners at NovoEd. Typically, this tech tool is offered to both small and large corporations for training their employees.

In regards to the public courses, there is an abundance of both free and paid courses, which are allocated in the following categories: math & science, humanities, education, social impact, finance, business strategy, entrepreneurship, design & innovation, development, and leadership. The courses can be available for enrollment all the time (without the time aspect) or taking place during a certain period of time. If a course will be open for enrollment later (and thus, start later), you will see the text “Starting Soon” near them. On the left side of the course page, you will see a couple of filters with the help of which you can sort the courses out, namely: course topic (listed above), enrollment (open or starting soon), price (paid or free), and length (shorter or longer than 8 weeks).

NovoEd Review: Advantages of the NovoEd Service

Considering that there are a pretty good number of educational online services, there are must be some things that differentiate NovoEd from other resources. This section of the NovoEd review gives you an insight about what things are best at NovoEd and what may prompt you to sign up for this service. Also, it shows in which instances you might consider resorting to NovoEd’s services. Enjoy!

  1. NovoEd is, perhaps, one of the best services that offer small private online courses. Apart from the fact that there is an abundance of free massive open online courses, NovoEd’s key feature is its ability to serve corporate clients. Typically, companies strive to train their employees as effectively as possible, and NovoEd’s approach with a special program is a great solution for both small- and medium-sized businesses as well as large corporations.
  2. NovoEd’s approach to education with its fostering of collaboration between students is one of the most effective approaches. This company has created all necessary conditions for making the students work in small teams. In this way, the work together over the tasks they have received and submit them together as well. As the company states, such an approach has made the studying process more effective and decreased the dropout rate.
  3. NovoEd offers an abundance of top-quality free courses that are necessary for launching a business or a start-up. While there are, indeed, a lot of free (though, there are paid courses as well) online courses available in many fields, one could spot that NovoEd has strived to offer all the courses necessary for launching a business. In particular, it is going about such sections like social impact, finances, business strategy, entrepreneurship, design & innovation, development, and leadership. Thus, one can state that NovoEd is aimed to cover all fields of business and appears to be among top online educational services for soon-to-be entrepreneurs.
  4. Stanford University appears to be among the company’s major investors and course developers. Considering that Stanford University, one of the world’s leading universities, appears to be both the place where NovoEd was born and a major investor of this company, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this prime university appears to be one of the major course contributors. Indeed, NovoEd is the place where you can find a great selection of Stanford University courses, and a large share of them come for free! So if you have ever wanted to view the courses of this university, you should definitely sign up for NovoEd.
  5. NovoEd has launched one of the most ambitious programs in the realm of online education. It has also been pointed out in our NovoEd review before, as this educational service launched the LEAD program on corporate innovation. Upon the completion of this course (and a large number of lectors contributed to it), each of the graduates receives a certificate about passing the course. At the present time, LEAD appears to be the world’s most comprehensive online education program in the field of corporate innovation.

Best Free NovoEd Courses

This section of our NovoEd review contains the list of the 10 best free NovoEd courses. It was already said that there are both paid and free courses on NovoEd, but a large share of them come really free. Therefore, anyone can take up such a free course and pass it for free. Due to such a huge number of free courses, it was pretty difficult to select only 10 for this list. So, don’t consider this list as the authority in the first instance, but try to look for something that interests you. Also, don’t be surprised that there are so many courses developed by Stanford University (the reasons for this are started above).

NovoEd Coupons

A team of NovoEd employees

So, the best free NovoEd courses are:

  1. Social Entrepreneurship 101: Discovering Your Passion and Path to Change the World. This 4-week long course prepared by Acumen, a global learning community, helps you get an understanding of how to realize your entrepreneurial potential and make a positive impact on the overall society. The course will provide you with an information about the social sector of entrepreneurship and give you recommendations about how to apply your passion and skills in this field.
  2. The Active Citizen in a Digital Age. This course, which was created and prepared by Stanford University, gives an insight about the role of individuals in the present-day life and how communication between such individuals shapes the public life. Also, the course uncovers the relationship between democracy and digital network infrastructure, whereas the latter one has significantly influenced democratic processes around the globe.
  3. Venture Deals. This course is aimed to all those soon-to-be entrepreneurs, who need to gain some understanding of how venture funding functions. Apart from demystifying stereotypes about venture funding, the renowned venture capitalists reveal how the system of venture financing is really organized and how you can find a suitable way of getting venture capital.
  4. Cognitive Technologies: The Real Opportunities for Business. This course touches the field of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and introduces a variety of cognitive technologies to the students. This course is recommended for everyone, who works in the sphere of IT, strategy, operations, business, or similar fields.
  5. Strategic Thinking for Growing Your Entreprise. As another course created and brought by Stanford University, it appears to stand out among other courses on NovoEd. You will basically learn from the renowned economics professors how to identify opportunities in your business and avoid failures with a set of core strategy concepts, which will be revealed through the course.
  6. Financing New Ventures. During this course, you will learn about the ways of financing enterprises in the early life stages. In this regards, you will get to know about what are venture capital, seed capital, angels, grants, crowdfunding, and other non-traditional ways of attracting necessary funds.
  7. The Finance of Retirement & Pensions. This course lasts for the overwhelming period of eight weeks, during which you will learn about pension fund management and retirement plan investment. After the completing of the course, you will be able to develop different retirement strategies for a successful allocation of assets.
  8. Practice Based Research in the Arts. This course is not solely an online course that is very similar to on-campus courses, but rather appears to be somewhat an example of forum of art scholars, where students have to connect creativity with scientific research and share their results with others.
  9. A Crash Course on Creativity. In this crash course, Stanford’s lecturer Tina Seelig uncovers different variables that are related to creativity, teaching the students about the way of boosting creativity and unleashing creative potential. At the end of the course, you will receive a 2-week long project, and that will be a good opportunity for you to apply the knowledge and skills you will have acquired through this course.
  10. Adaptive Leadership: Mobilizing for Change. As the course’s description points out, effective leadership typically ruins the status quo and creates opportunities for growth and development. Through this course, you will acquire tools and skills of adaptive leadership, which will help you both to manage a business and improve your ordinary life.
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How to Get a NovoEd Coupon

If you want to take up a course on NovoEd yet it appears too expensive for you, then you might look for NovoEd coupons that will cut some perfect off the course price. This part of the NovoEd review presents a list of sources where you can find coupons for NovoEd:

What Are NovoEd Alternatives?

NovoEd is a service that was designed for those students who want to improve the way they are studying, gain a better understanding of the knowledge and skills they acquire, and participate in the studying process by solving real-time problems. However, this section of our NovoEd review will give you an insight about alternative services of online education. This may help you to get a better understanding of what you really need and/or want.

Khan Academy. This educational online resource was the first company to enter the realm of online education. While the company initially provided only short YouTube videos on various matters, now the website appears to be a source for comprehensive education. One is able to find lots of exercises and practice tasks there. Though, one thing that must be pointed out is that the majority of Khan Academy’s courses are aimed at young learners and basically supplement (or replace) the school education program.

Pluralsight. Considering that this alternative to NovoEd is placed second in this part of our NovoEd review, it must be pointed out that Pluralsight is the only company (among other ones listed here) that utilizes the subscription business model. That means that you pay for a month or a year and get access to all the courses during that period of time. Pluralsight offers courses only in the sphere of IT and their number amounts to over 4,000, making it one of the best educational websites for IT specialists.

Udemy. Udemy is often – and deservedly – referred to as the world’s largest educational online resource. The reason for that is simple: this platform is a home to over 48,000 courses. A peculiar thing about Udemy is the fact that anyone is able to publish a course on Udemy and receive money for that. However, one must be aware of the fact that the majority of the courses here must be paid for, though coupons provide pretty huge discounts.

Udacity. Udacity is another website dedicated only to IT specialists. Unlike Pluralsight, Udacity offers a variety of free courses as well. But a peculiar and important thing about Udacity is the fact that almost all of its courses are created in cooperation with large tech corporations, such as Google, Twitter, or Facebook.

edX. This educational online resource provides more than 1,300 courses in all fields and disciplines. Though, it offers both paid and free online courses. Taking up a free online course on edX means that you are able only to view the course’s materials, but will not obtain any certificate of completion.

Coursera. Coursera is sometimes viewed as an established brand in the realm of online education. More than 2,000 courses have been taken up by over 24 million registered users.What makes Coursera stand out among other educational online resources is the fact that it offers free auditing of all courses (unlike edX, for example).

How to Start Using the NovoEd Service

At the end of our NovoEd review, you get a set of instructions for getting started on this educational service. Actually, there is nothing difficult in doing so, but you might get confused about the location of some page on the website at first.

Novoed alternatives

NovoEd offers both free and paid online courses

This section of the NovoEd review provides clear guidelines for signing up:

  • Open your browser and go to the next website:
  • Then, you should click on the “Log In” button in the right-upper corner.
  • Below the sign in form, you will see the “Create a New Account” text button. Click on it.
  • On the page of the registration form, provide your first and last name, your email address, repeat your email address, and type your password in. Click on “Sign Up.”
  • Then, go to the inbox of your email address. Find a letter from NovoEd, open it, and confirm your email address.
  • After confirming your account, click on the “or browse our course catalog” text button.
  • Check the “Free” option below the “Price” section on the left.
  • Find a course that interests you and open it.
  • On the course’s page, click on the “Sign Up” button.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the course. After doing so, you will get to see the course’s dashboard.

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