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Pluralsight was founded back in 2004 as a classroom training company for corporate clients: other companies sent their workers for training sessions to Pluralsight. The company noticed an opportunity in the realm of online education only in 2007, and it was the time when Pluralsight shifted its focus towards online education. Nowadays, the company pursues a subscription model and appears to be a major educational online resource for IT professionals. This Pluralsight review will describe this educational platform, list its advantages and best courses, provide with resources for coupons, and show how to sign up for the service.

In order to gain access to over 4,000 courses on Pluralsight, one must subscribe to its services. Becoming a subscriber means that you pay only for the subscription and receive access to all the courses on the website. As for the present time, the number of subscribers on Pluralsight is more than 750,000 individuals and over 6,000 corporate subscribers. Right, companies are able to purchase subscription for their employees and train them in this simple way.

Pluralsight Review: Basic Information About Pluralsight

As you could actually read in the previous part of this Pluralsight review, the service is designed exactly for IT specialists and is lectured by practitioners in the field of IT. Over 600 IT experts provide their classes on this platform. Considering that the platform functions through a subscription business model, a monthly subscription costs $29, while annual subscription allows you to save some $49 with its price of $299.

Pluralsight coupons

Pluralsight offers a large number of online courses for IT specialists

The website’s catalog is broken up into the 8 following categories: Software Development, It Ops, Creative Professional, Data Professional, Architecture and Construction, Manufacturing and Design, Information and Cyber Security, and Business Professional. Indeed, each category also contains certain sections (or subcategories) for an easier navigation. The pages that contain lists of courses are designed quite in a thought-out way, as you are able to see the courses’ authors, required skill level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), time when the course is posted/updated, and overall duration of videos. Besides, near the text with that information there is also a number of stars (mark), given to the course by those who have taken it up, provided along with a number of reviews. Such an approach makes it easy to distinguish whether you wish to view a specific course before actually accessing the course’s page.

Though, it also must be pointed out that Pluralsight can boast one of the best offers to IT/tech teams. This service doesn’t solely give access to the courses and their materials to all the employees, but has also prepared tests for identifying the gaps within teams. Also, a team’s manager gets an ability to create and/or manage learning plans and obtains aggregate sets of data about the team’s performance of taking up those educational courses. Such thorough, exact information allows team managers to find out what their teams are best at.

Pluralsight Review: Advantages of Pluralsight

If you want to find out in short about the most obvious and hard-to-be-beaten advantages of Pluralsight, this section of the Pluralsight review is something that you need. In this part of our Pluralsight review, we list the platform’s excellenses that you should not miss out, and this will help you to make up your mind regarding whether it is worth to purchase a subscription on Pluralsight. The advantages of this MOOC platform are the following:

  1. Pluralsight offers the largest selection of courses for specialists in IT field on the entire web. Pluralsight can be a serious competitor to Udacity not only in terms of the quantity of IT online courses, but also in their quality. An especially great selection of courses is dedicated to such subjects like JavaScript, C#, Java, Angular, Python, and MySQL. A comfortable way of displaying the lists of courses makes it easy to make up one’s mind about whether to take up a particular course or not.
  2. There is barely a better platform for providing corporate training for IT teams than Pluralsight. And the reason for this is the simple fact that its software provides a variety of supplemental educational features, such as quizzes and tests, course management, and obtaining complete sets of information about the performance of trainees. This all ensures that you will be able to maximize ROI in regards to the money the company has invested in the employee training.
  3. The subscription business model of this company allows you to enroll in as many courses as you are able to study. If you are an invidiual, you can subscribe for the service for just $29 per month. During the time when your subscription is active, you can take up as many courses as you want. This allows you to save quite a lot of money by simply devoting a few months to education and self-development. Besides, being able to choose among many similar courses is something good as well, since you will be able to choose truly valuable courses (with the help of other users’ feedback, indeed).
  4. Before purchasing a subscription for this service, you can be given a 10-day long trial period. The trial period is a good thing when you have doubts about whether the service is worth of paying for it. On Pluralsight, you are able to get a 10-day long trial period, during which you will be able to enjoy 200 minutes of courses, participate in discussion forums, take up skill tests and guided paths, and install mobile applications. The latter ones allow you to study anytime and in any place. Besides, new courses are added to Pluralsight everyday.
  5. The subjects and lessons are taught by professionals and practitioners in the IT field, who work for renowned tech companies. What makes this service really valuable is the fact that the lessons out there are given by professionals to professionals. You will find university professors giving lectures there or random people submitting their courses. On the contrary, courses are taught by present-time practitioners from top tech companies, who learn how to deal with new complex issues everyday. This approach ensures that you will not learn outdated or unnecessary things.

Best Pluralsight Courses

Pluralsight is a MOOC service that offers a plenty of solid IT online courses. Therefore, a task to determine the best courses on Pluralsight is a pretty tough one. In this section of our Pluralsight review, we have listed top 10 Pluralsight courses for developed programmers. By taking into consideration that the courses of this website are suitable for a narrow row of subjects, coders with basic or mid-level coding skills are more likely to come to this website than complete beginners. So, the website’s best courses are:

  1. Unity Multiplayer Game Development with Node. During this course that lasts a bit more than 5 hours, you will learn how to create multiplayer games without facing significant obstacles. For the game development, you will use NodeJs-driven servers. Actually, this course can be a good introduction to developing your first multiplayer game. Prior to taking up the course, make sure that you have the following software: Brackets 1.6, Node 5.1.0, Unity 5.3.1.
  2. Advanced Node.js. This advanced Node.js course lasts almost 4 hours and is aimed to prepare a top Node developer out of you. Basically, you will learn the key concepts of Node.js and API models, including fairly simple utility modules and complex clusters along with streams. As the course’s lector promises, you will be have advanced skills of coding in Node by the end of this course.
  3. VMware vSphere Advanced Networking. This comprehensive course on administration of vSphere and its troubleshooting is a key component in mastering the science of virtualization. The course lasts more than 8 hours and introduced new and complex vSphere technologies to you, including vSphere security considerations, load based teaming, port mirroring, and vSwitch components. It is required to have some experience of working with vSphere and have at least basic knowledge of virtualization for enrolling in this course.
  4. Advanced Malware Analysis: Combating Exploit Kits. This advanced cybersecurity course lasts 2.5 hours and teaches you how to deal with exploit kits, an advanced type of malware, in the modern-day cyberworld. By the end of the course, you will be able to answer the questions like the following ones: what are exploit kits, how to detect them, and how they work.
  5. Building Data-Centric Single Page Apps with Breeze. With the help of this course, you will learn how to build data-centric HTML apps (single page ones) by using the Breeze.js library in JavaScript. The course lasts for over 6 hours and gives valuable information about how to work with Breeze effectively.
  6. Advanced Python. Python is a complex coding language on its own, yet a very comfortable one that lets coders create sophisticated programs with much less coding than in other languages. After the end of this 4-hour long course, you will know the advanced methods of using Python and will be capable of implementing sophisticated frameworks.
  7. Introduction to Firewalls. Prior to getting enrolled in this course, you should have a basic understanding of networking: this course is a mid milestone in the subject of networking. Through this fairly short course, you will get to know about how firewalls function in a network and how do they operate at all.
  8. C++ Advanced Topics. For more than three decades, C++ has been a dominating language in the sphere of web development. This 6-hour long course will ensure that you are able to write codes securely, fast, readably and expressively in C++. This course is, indeed, among the most useful ones that have been mentioned in this Pluralsight review.
  9. Designing a Character for Mobile Games in ZBrush. This short yet advanced course will teach you how to design and create poly characters for mobile games. Though, having the following software installed is required: Photoshop CS6, 3ds Max 2016, and ZBrush 4R7.
  10. Mastering Microsoft Azure Resource Manager. This is the last course in our Pluralsight review and it will be useful for any professional in the field of cloud computing. Upon the end of this course, you will know how to use the latest techniques and tools in Microsoft Azure.
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How to Get a Pluralsight Coupon

If you want to save your money when subscribing for the Pluralsight service, then you may take advantage of Pluralsight coupons. You may find them in this section of our Pluralsight review.

Pluralsight alternatives

An entrance to the headquarters of Pluralsight

Namely, some of the coupon sources are:

What Are Pluralsight Alternatives?

This section of our Pluralsight review – no matter how surprising and even somewhat weird it may be – is dedicated to Pluralsight competitors. This is made with an aim to give you a better understanding of what exactly you need and make up your mind by choosing the best service. So, the alternatives are the following:

Coursera. Coursera has become one of the most renowned and popular online education companies with more than 24 million of registered users. The number of courses that are available to users is exceeding 2,000, and all of them are prepared by the world’s leading universities and their materials are available to everyone for free.

edX. This service is an outgrowth of cooperation between two prominent universities, and nowadays it offers over 1,300 both online and paid courses. edX is a bright example of an ability to turn such a course as “Robotics” into an online version.

Udemy. Udemy is perhaps the largest platform of online courses, whereas their number exceeds 48,000! A comfortable system of reviews and average course marks fosters a comfortable, easy navigation in the wilds of this platform. Besides, this service is a really good spot for both students and lecturers – lecturers on Udemy receive around $8,000 for their courses on the average. Besides, such a vast audience will definitely help you to grow your audience!

Udacity. Udacity is a not just a platform for online education, but an entire hub for workers in the IT field. This service offers both free and paid services. But what differs this service from others is the fact that the majority of these courses were developed either in cooperation with or by large corporations, such Google, Mercedes, Twitter, and Facebook. This way, you will learn not only some theoretical stuff from professors, but also present-day problems and how renowned IT specialists deal with them.

Khan Academy. Khan Academy is often – and deservedly – referred to as a pioneer in the realm of online education. The company was launched back in 2006 and concentrated mostly on providing basic education to pupils in a form of short YouTube videos. However, the website offers a large variety of courses in all subjects nowadays, including economics, computer science, and history. Though, one should definitely point out that Khan Academy has significantly improved its website, which now offers practical tasks and exercises, allowing students to practice the skills and knowledge they have acquired.

NovoEd. This company was launched by a professor and his PhD student, both of who worked/studied at Stanford University. The idea that prompted them to launch this company was the following: collaboration in small teams ensures a better understanding and remembering of knowledge and skills that students acquire during the learning process. Nowadays, the company’s services appear to be quite in demand. The content-rich website that offers both paid and online courses prompts more and more people to take up those courses and try whether the collaboration approach really works.

How to Get Started on the Pluralsight Website

As it has previously been mentioned in our Pluralsight review, you are able not to pay for the subscription immediately. Actually, you can get at least 10 days (or 200 minutes of videos) of free trial subscription.

Pluralsight free trial

Pluralsight utilizes the subscription business model

This section of the Pluralsight review shows you how to sign up for a free trial period on this service:

  • Launch your browser and go to the next website:
  • There, find the “Sign up” button in the right-upper corner. Click on it.
  • Under the “Get started” button beneath the “Individual” or “Professional” plans, click on “FREE trial.”
  • On the next page, you will get to see the registration form. Provide your full name, your email, the email of your company, company name, and country. Check the box near “By checking here and continuing, I…” Click on “Continue.”
  • Then, choose what payment option you want to provide: PayPal or a credit card. Click on “Purchase.”
  • You will get to see the fields you need to fill out. Do it and click on “Purchase” once again (in case of opting PayPal, you will be redirected).
  • After having done with it, go the inbox of your email address and confirm your registration on Pluralsight by setting up a password.
  • After that, use your email address and the newly set password for logging in. Choose a category in the catalog, choose a course you want to learn, and start learning!

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